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Adam Stipp proposed to his then girlfriend in 2005, Sara Buck, via a Nintendo GameCube game, Animal Crossing. With the help of his character in the game, he delivered a note asking for Sara’s hand. With such a novel beginning, how's it been since?


Shahab Zargari and Heela Naqshband, both 27, married in 2001 and had their first child in 2004. Since they started dating in 1999, they have been running a record label company, GC Records. Here's what they’ve learned from it all.

In 2004, these psychiatrists embarked on a one-year road trip traveling the country in a converted bus. Tim Justice and Doreen Orion are now celebrating 11 years of marriage and the upcoming release of their book, "Leave the Driving to Him."

When Andreas, 39, got laid off from his job in 2002, he and his wife, Christine Louise Hohlbaum, 37, left their home in Boston to create a new one in Paunzhausen, Germany. With two children in tow, they are now celebrating 12 years of marriage.

Julie Harrington, 35, and Ahmed Mohammed, 29, met online in 2003 and married in Syria in 2004. Ahmed lives in the United Arab Emirates and Julie in California. Even today they depend on email and phone to stay connected living countries apart.

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