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The value of money is relative and changes over time. Get a better understanding of your money, its value, and how to spend it.

The advertising and marketing of products may play a bigger role in your product purchasing than you think. Mr. Jacobs explains why itís time to stop and see the big picture.

When buying your first home, there's more to consider than just the price.

The banks have set rules making it tougher than ever for consumers; here's a look at the tilted playing field with a few tips to keep more of your money.

Here are a few basics every couple should know about the assets they bring, acquire and inherit during marriage.

These tips can be applied by anyone in any financial situation, especially if you're just now joining your finances.

Cooperation, among other things, is one way to get on the right track.

Having some scratch during a recession is huge. Al offers a personal story about how he and his wife prospered during a previous economic slump, and how you can too.

Use these guidelines to help you and your spouse secure a better future.

It may be a good time to buy a house, but are you really ready use your 401(k)?

Taking a step back and reviewing what you buy can make a big difference in the years to come.

Where should you be in 2009? Three tips that will put you in the right spot.

Being prepared for the absolute worst may keep you ahead.

Is it possible to get the economy back on track? A complete overview of what happened and the cure.

Understanding mutual funds and why they are a dangerous game to play.

3 ways to prosper in an unstable economy.

Mr. Jacobs alters some of his approaches on women and financial advice: "Greater consideration to the proclivities of the fairer sex."

Refusing to participate in a recession is your choice. Take these steps into consideration and find yourself on the up during down times.

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