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Get Into My Car
These top-shelf toys can make any car feel like a high-end luxury sedan.

TomTom GO 910
TomTom International

Remember those days of driving around completely lost, searching your paper map for a sign of anything familiar? Those days are over when you install the TomTom GO 910, a portable GPS car navigation system. Complete with a 4-inch wide LCD touchscreen, 64Mb of RAM and a 400 MHz CPU, this system holds detailed maps of the US, Canada and Europe in its 20Gb hard drive—leaving plenty of room to store your rocking road trip mp3s and pictures. The clear directions are spoken in 36 different languages—a famous narrator can even dictate audiobooks to you while you drive.

ModooFree BT Bluetooth Rearview Mirror
Modoo Plaza Products

No more perilous drives with a cell phone pressed to your ear. Heck, in some places this is already illegal. This Bluetooth rearview mirror is the new beacon of connectivity. The caller ID displays your caller’s 12 digit number directly on the mirror. The mirror functions as your handsfree speakerphone and is compatible with your GSM/CDMA/TDMA/WCDMA Bluetooth phone. A digital voice and echo suppression system make your calls clear so you and your honey will never be out of reach. Clipping directly onto your existing mirror, it even has an anti-glare and safety mirror function.

MFC V2 Multi-functional Controller

Whether you’re a stickler for efficiency or you’re just a bit lazy, this unit provides all-in-one control of your car’s electrical system. From unlocking the doors to rolling the windows up and down, it can even pop your door open and start the engine for you. You connect your mobile device through the Bluetooth interface, download the SoftDash software to manage all of your car functions and voila, you’re commandeering your vehicle from your cell phone. This unit is compact at 5" x 3.75" x 1", it includes 8 +/- programmable accessory outputs and a USB charger port.

JVC DVD/CD/SD Receiver

Who says only kids can watch DVDs in the car? Keep yourself, um your passenger, entertained in traffic with this 6.5-inch widescreen monitor. Play that new Norah Jones CD or your favorite Eddie Izzard comedy DVD in this handsome portable entertainment center. Satellite radio ready, you can even purchase the KS-PD100 iPod adaptor to really integrate all of your music into the car. MP3/WMA-DVD-Audio, WAV/CD/CD-R/ compatible, it also includes JPEG playback. The unit features a MOS-FET Power Amp and if you want your kids to play too, you can even add another monitor in the back for all those Disney movies you’re probably tired of.

Escort Passport 8500 X50

Is your spouse a speed demon? If so, you might want to check out this radar and laser detector to help him or her stay within the law. Obviously, this wouldn't be for you. Equipped with 360-degree laser detection, this unit can detect X-band, K-Band and Ka-band frequencies. A 280 LED matrix display is available in either bright red or blue, with three dimming levels and even a dark mode for those super stealth missions. Also able to detect the new POP mode radars, the unit has multiple laser sensors for ultimate protection—yet its AutoSensitivity mode is designed to minimize false alarms.

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Over 1 million couples turn to Hitched for expert marital advice every year. Sign up now for our newsletter & get exclusive weekly content that will entertain, educate and inspire your marriage.

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