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The Power of Holistic Healing for Ultimate Happiness
7 ways to drop the negative things in your life and begin living clean and simple.

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Live a happy life with these simple holistic solutions.

How you feel about yourself is another huge obstacle—the biggest one—to happiness.”
You are a truly unique and powerful being. Every day, in every area of your life, you can affect positive change that will grow your existence toward true joy and sense of purpose.

I’d like to share some truly magnificent holistic healing methods that you might not be aware of that can change everything for you… right now. Any part of your life that causes you stress or unhappiness—whether it is your personal relationships, profession, finances, emotional well-being, or physical health—is within your power to change for the better.

Your mental "footprint" determines so much about your physical existence. Your mind truly does matter in the physical plane. It is critical to sync your physical and mental existence to accomplish your goals and attain your dreams.

Living in a toxic environment, with toxic people, or going to a toxic job day after day will wear down your mind, your body, and your true potential. Consuming toxic foods, abusing alcohol or drugs, smoking, or being sedentary further break down the path to the life you are meant to live.

How you feel about yourself is another huge obstacle—the biggest one—to happiness. The way you view who you are, what skills you hold, and your ability to move up in your life are completely within your control.

You will either move yourself forward or hold yourself back. It is all about the choices you make each and every day. You are worth the commitment, the energy, and the time! That is the first true thing you must embrace.

These days, "positive thinking" is all the rage. We’ve gone back to the flower child days of the '60s! However, it is more than "thinking good thoughts" that will alter your life! Being positive in your thoughts is not going to help your physical health if you eat fast food every day.

No, a positive life is built on positive choices in every area. Feeding your body the right fuel, feeding your mind regular knowledge, and feeding your spirit with uplifting experiences will all work together to heal you, to change you, to make you happy in every way.

Live Better, Live Longer, Live Stronger

1. Quit smoking and don’t make excuses for a habit that hurts every cell in your body. You know the statistics, you know the dangers, and you know that you are better off without this habit in your life.

2. Eat foods that you’d feel good giving to a small child. Healthy growth depends on proper nutrition—for little ones and for us as adults. That means whole foods, nutritious selections, that aren’t filled with chemicals, dyes, dangerous additives, sugar, hydrogenated fats, and other garbage that give nothing and takes away so much.

3. Make sure you get eight hours of quality sleep every night. Don’t feel bad about sleeping! It’s a requirement for your health and well-being! It isn’t an "indulgence" or something that should make you feel guilty or lazy. Sleep and let your body show you what it can do!

4. Exercise every day in some way. Your body needs to move even if you choose low-impact options. Get up and take half an hour to stretch, walk, take a swim, or enjoy a yoga class. Something to break the excessive sitting that most people do too much of these days.

5. Remove negative people and situations from your life without apology. If you are in a horrible relationship, figure out how to get away from it. If you are in a toxic job, start searching for another one. If you live in a place that is not safe and clean, start saving to move. Anything is possible once you address a bad circumstance and make a plan to change it. The first step is acknowledgement, the second is acting on what you know.

6. Drink at least half an ounce of water for every pound that you weigh. Drink it every single day and add fruit to it if you aren’t a fan. Don’t make excuses. It is truly the simplest holistic healing method you will ever know. You need water to live more than you need food. Most of the world is dehydrated—a condition that makes it hard to think and alters your mood! Drink water and then drink some more. Chances are, you don’t get enough. Change that now.

7. Keep your mind open at all times to positive learning and growth. A closed mind is your greatest enemy. It clouds your ability to see opportunities, reacts in fear to possible risk, and keeps you stagnant in a life that is less than what you deserve. Embrace the universe and the possibilities that surround you!

Holistic healing begins with understanding who you are right now and determining who you would like to be in one month, six months, a year, or ten years from now. It isn’t difficult once you see the path to follow it.

Even those areas that require more work—such as weight loss or quitting tobacco—are ultimately simple in the grand scheme of your beautiful life.

You are in control. You have all the power. Use it to achieve those things you truly desire.

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, MB ChB, PhD, received a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB) and in 1970 immediately began research into controversial alternative medicine. By 1990 the press were calling him "Britain’s Number One Allergy Detective." He now writes and lectures internationally on the themes of energetic medicine. He has published over 20 groundbreaking books from antibiotic alternatives to the biggest medical breakthrough ever… and the surprising cause of most diseases. To find out more visit: Alternative-Doctor.com.

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Over 1 million couples turn to Hitched for expert marital advice every year. Sign up now for our newsletter & get exclusive weekly content that will entertain, educate and inspire your marriage.

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