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Baking Gear
Break out the flour and eggs—It’s time to bake!

KitchenAid Nonstick Muffin Pan

Throw away the paper baking cups people, this is the 21st century. You can also say goodbye to the grease and heavy oils that will take away from your light, delectable holiday muffins. The SlideEase technology is KitchenAid's latest innovation in bakeware, and it's your ticket to baking perfection. The non-stick muffin pan is made of heavy-gauge carbon steel, which adds lasting durability and prevents warping, while the unique resin finish allows food to literally slide right out of the pan without the need for pre-coating. Cleanup time is also reduced. Just make sure whoever does the cleaning knows that.

20" Tapered Wood French Style Rolling Pin Dowel

Get ready to roll out that dough. Fortunately, it won’t be from your wallet. This French-style rolling pin features tapered ends that make rolling thin pie crusts and pizzas into perfect circles a snap. It’s thin and lightweight so those wrists of yours won’t get tired. For those who love to bake, this rolling pin is a must have. It's constructed from hardwood maple that’s been sanded smoothed with tapered ends for easy maneuverability around the dough. Dimensions: 20" L x 1-3/4" diameter.

Double Balloon Whisk
Williams Sonoma

Beat those eggs and other ingredients into oblivion after your fifth try on grandma’s famous pie recipe. This innovative whisk-within-a-whisk whips egg whites and cream more efficiently than a standard balloon whisk. With the number of working wires doubled, it quickly aerates ingredients and yields greater volume. You’ll also find the sturdy 18/10 stainless-steel tool adept at mixing batters. Also, the handle is designed for comfort and balance. It's dishwasher safe and holds 9 1/2" long.

"The Essential Baker: The Comprehensive Guide to Baking with Chocolate, Fruit, Nuts, Spices and Other Ingredients" (Hardcover) by Carole Bloom
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

So you’ve got the tools and everyone in the family is looking at you with hungry eyes—especially your spouse who hasn’t been so ready to go since the night of your honeymoon. The Essential Baker by Carole Bloom develops a unique approach in this extensive and tantalizing look at baking. The 225-recipe book takes a different direction and categorizes the tasty treats by its primary ingredient instead of categorizing it by food type, which is helpful for a husband or wife who’s craving something specific or if you just have a lot of something in the cupboard. Bloom also gives great instruction in sections on essential ingredients, supplies and equipment.

Ateco’s 12-inch Revolving Cake Stand

You’ve been in the kitchen slaving away. What better way to show the fruits of your labor than with an awesome cake stand. This thick 1/8" aluminum top and cast iron base that's been precision-machined will insure a smooth and true rotation. Total height reaches 4 7/8 inches with a top diameter of 12 inches. Who’s the ace of cakes now!

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Over 1 million couples turn to Hitched for expert marital advice every year. Sign up now for our newsletter & get exclusive weekly content that will entertain, educate and inspire your marriage.

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