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Johnnie & Crystal Moutra
Living with six other couples on "Here Come the Newlyweds" is nothing for Johnnie and Crystal Moutra, who otherwise live with Johnnie's parents and 10 other relatives.

Warner Bros. Television
Crystal and Johnnie Moutra

Married: 1 year
Kids: 0
Notable: Showing the world that young newlyweds are a force to be reckoned with, Crystal, 22, and Johnnie Moutra, 24, are about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary on March 24th. Hailing from Missouri City, Texas, Crystal and Johnnie were fixed up by his dad. Their first date was at a Houston Rockets NBA game, and a year and a half later, Johnnie proposed at another Rockets game. They currently live with Johnnie’s parents in a home with 10 other relatives and are the youngest couple on ABC’s "Here Come the Newlyweds."

[1] Why did you decide to be part of the show?
Johnnie: One of my co-workers saw it online a day before the casting call, so we decided to go ahead and take a chance. It was pouring down rain. A lot of things were telling us to not go, but something was just telling us that this was going to be our time and we’d finally be able to get on TV and showcase and prove to the whole world that there’s a couple out there that really got it going on. Nice young couple…handsome… you know. [Laughs]. Beautiful lady.

[2] What were some of the challenges of being on the show?
Johnnie: The whole thing was pretty emotional because everybody is there to win something. But we got along with the couples. Everybody was pretty cool. You’re going to have to watch it and see who we got along with and who we didn’t get along with.
Crystal: It was more like you wanted to be the best couple there, you wanted to be nice to people, and not just show your competitive side, but also want to show your funny side. But a lot of people took that for granted, so you really had mixed emotions going on through that whole thing.

[3] How would you describe how the show affected your relationship with each other? Did you learn anything new about each other on the show?
Johnnie: I learned so much. It started to make me think about why we got married. No, I’m just playing. You learn different things. First of all, you’re in a house, and there’s really nothing else to do except for the challenges, so there’s a lot more time to sit down and really get to know each other. It’s like a real long vacation for us, so we definitely enjoyed that experience. Crystal: With us [normally living] in a house with a lot of people, you really can’t just sit down and have "us time." With us being away and out of the house we really learned more about each other than we probably would’ve being at home.

[4] What have been the rewards for you, as a couple, of being on the show?
Johnnie: This is a once in a lifetime experience. We have a baby on the way, due April 27th, so this is one thing that we can look back on and show our little son. And He’ll be like, "Wow, mommy and daddy, you were on TV." Crystal: And the challenges also helped us in our marriage. With us just starting out, before we got to the show, we were only married for about three or four months, so we were really new to it.

Johnnie: And we were the youngest couple.
Crystal: and all the challenges helped give us a reality check. Like, this is what you’re going to have to deal with. This is what you’re going to have to change. This is what you’re going to have to sacrifice.

[5] Do you feel like you learned anything about marriage from any of the other couples?
Crystal: Definitely. One of the couples, I’m not going to say any names, they were having problems in the bedroom area and men are always high maintenance in that area. Women are kind of like laid back. We can go for months without, you know… Johnnie: That’s not good. I don’t want to quote that, because that’s not good. I need mine regularly.
Crystal: And that was one of the weaknesses of mine, one of the other women there, they talked to me and they gave me some good advice.

[6] Are you nervous at all about things you’ve said or done on the show, now that it’s airing?
Johnnie: There’s a lot of things that I said. Like there’s a commercial out right now where they ask me what comes out of a cow, and I say cheese and steak. [Laughs]. So okay, I’m getting embarrassed on national TV but that’s the price we pay for being on the show. And people can laugh at me, talk about me, quote me as many times as they want to and laugh at Crystal too and see how fake her hair is and so it’s going to be great.

[7] In your bio, it says that you both live with Johnnie's parents and ten relatives in one house. How are you guys able to make it work, especially in the beginning of your marriage?
Johnnie: We have a wonderful family and we all get along. And thank God, we have our own room. And especially [we have] four babies living in the house. They are aged 7, 6, 2 and 18 months. They go back and forth. My sister, her husband goes out of town a lot and so when he goes out of town, she moves back in. And my other sister, she’s in the process of getting married, so that’s why they’re at the house. So it can get rough at times, but at the same time, we’re family and we love our family. And we have a very entertaining family so we all entertain ourselves. We don’t even have to watch TV.

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Over 1 million couples turn to Hitched for expert marital advice every year. Sign up now for our newsletter & get exclusive weekly content that will entertain, educate and inspire your marriage.

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