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Sexting for Adults
Feeling frisky? Text your way to a hotter and more intimate relationship with these Doís and Doníts of sexting.

Courtesty of Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz
Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz

Sexting has gotten a bad rap in the media lately for being harmful to teenagers, but what about adults in consenting, long-term relationships like marriage? Sexting, or sending sexually suggestive texts or phone pictures, is a playful way to heat things up in a marriage. In fact, digital foreplay is not only a turn on; it can also improve intimacy.

To help you get more textually active, we asked textperts Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz, authors of the new book, Flirtexting: How to Win Your Way to His Heart, to give you the Doís and Doníts of sexting your way to a hotter and more intimate relationship.

Do send him or her dirty texts when youíre feeling a little feisty; fun and playful texts when youíre thinking about your spouse throughout the day; and intimate flirtexts when you miss them.

Donít argue or express deep emotions over text; itís inconsiderate to your partner (e.g., "Are your cheating on me?," "I canít stand your parents," "I want another baby").

Do use picture texts in a clever and creative way (e.g. snap a picture of your lips and write "they miss you").

Donít be afraid to be racy. Being in a married relationship allows you the luxury to be more explorative and risquť with your flirtexts. You can use sexting to reveal fantasies and sexy thoughts to him/her while youíre at work or even across the dinner table.

Do use inside jokes or words that only the two of you are in on. For instance, say you were watching the movie Juno last night and started fooling around five minutes into it. If youíre feeling frisky today, text "Juno again tonight? I thoroughly enjoyed it last night." This ups the intimacy factor when you can't be physically close together at that moment.

Doís and doníts aside, sexting is a lighthearted way for two adults in love to stay connected and get a little frisky at the same time. Whether itís saucy or sweet, sending a sexually charged text or picture messages can add a little spice to any marriage. So have fun, be creative and above all, always sext responsibly ;)

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