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Different Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day
7 ways to think outside the "chocolate box" this Valentine’s Day!

Think about how you can make this year a special Valentine's Day.

Every year, Valentine’s Day comes and it’s the same old thing for many couples: some flowers, maybe a card, eat some dinner and go to a movie. For even more couples, it may only be one or two of the above mentioned "things" or none at all.

If you and your spouse have run out of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, then it’s time to think outside the box of chocolates and use these seven tips to help bring back the romance.

1. Instead of following the crowd and making reservations at the local restaurant, why not pick out a new recipe you and your spouse have never tried and cook it together on Valentine’s Day? Cooking can be sexy and fun and if you’ve ever seen the film "9 ½ Weeks" you know there are some very creative ways to come up with dessert!

2. Long-term couples need to get re-familiarized with each other’s erogenous zones; hot spots often change over the years. Spice things up with a feather or something else you may have lying around that will stimulate your spouse. To get started, turn down the lights and watch their response. To further magnify this experience, incorporate a blindfold into the mix!

3. Write down five things that your husband or wife does that you absolutely love and vice versa. Exchange lists and the week of Valentine’s Day surprise one another each day with something off the list.

4. A natural aphrodisiac, it’s no wonder that chocolate is a favorite gift on Valentine’s Day. Put a playful twist on this tradition by buying a chocolate fountain and dipping strawberries, pretzels, almonds—whatever comes to mind. Be sure to take turns feeding one another.

5. Looking for a gift that’s a little sexier than chocolates and teddy bears? How about shaking things up by giving your sweetie a book that will promote added intimacy. Books like, "The Erotic Massage Book" by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D. offers a wide range of sensual massages; make it extra interesting by folding down the corners of the pages you would like to try that evening!

6. Valentine’s Day is at the height of cold season and one of the best ways to boost your immune system is through massage. Pair the Pure Romance soy-based "Burning Desire" candle with the "Hot Heart Massager" to simulate a hot stone massage in the comfort of your home. Massage has also been noted to have therapeutic qualities and helps to open the doors of communication between couples.

7. Find something fun, new and exciting to do with one another to spice things up. There are fantastic specialty places where you can go to actually create and concoct your own recipe for a bottle of wine or perfume. Research other creative outings like painting and pottery classes which stray from the routine or the norm.

Patty Brisben, is the CEO and Founder of Pure Romance www.pureromance.com. For more than two decades, Patty has been educating and empowering women all over the country about sexual health and relationship enhancement. Today, Patty speaks, lectures and writes about a wide range of issues. Drawing from extensive research in the industry and using her warm and engaging personality, Patty has become a noted expert in the fields of intimacy and relationships. Patty has been quoted in several magazines including Self, Women's Health, Glamour, Redbook, Men's Health, Details, US Weekly, In Touch and Life & Style.

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Over 1 million couples turn to Hitched for expert marital advice every year. Sign up now for our newsletter & get exclusive weekly content that will entertain, educate and inspire your marriage.

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