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Get Your Wife to Watch Porn
5 tips for turning your wife into your own little porn star, from video vixen Jesse Jane

Courtesy of Digital Playground
Jesse Jane

Fellas, this one’s for you. How many times have you hurriedly popped in your favorite porno to get in a quick one before your wife returned from the store? Or how many times have you found yourself surfing your favorite online porn site with one hand down your pants and the other hand hovering over the minimize button in case she walks in the room? Well no more hiding. It’s time to take your secret porn stash out of the closet and into your bedroom.

Impossible, you think? Believe it or not, lots of women love porn as much as you do, or are curious enough to give it a try. All it takes is a little persuasion and a few smooth moves to not only make her feel comfortable enough to try it, but to even make it a regular addition to your sex life.

The key is to make the viewing experience less about you and the girl onscreen, and all about you and your wife. Sound lame? It’s not at all, because once your wife realizes your focus is only on her, and not the naked porn star moaning in the background, she’ll feel so sexy that she’s bound to put on a performance that matches, or even beats, the one on screen.

"You can learn a lot from watching porn; it’s sort of like a how-to guide for pleasing each other," says Jesse Jane (www.jessejane.com), one of the hottest porn stars in the industry today. Jesse has been making movies a little over three years, but is already one of the most popular girls in the industry.

She knows a lot about what makes men—and women—tick, and believes watching a porno together is one of the best ways a couple can connect. "I definitely think watching porn together strengthens a relationship. Especially now that so many more movies target couples instead of the hardcore movies that tend to be degrading to women. A couple that can watch a porno together will strengthen their bond and trust."

So once you’ve convinced your wife that watching porn together will actually improve your relationship, follow Jesse Jane’s sure-fire tips for making your first porno-watching experience together something she’ll love just as much as you:
  1. Play it safe. Get a porno that’s couple’s oriented. Stay away from titles like "Ass Destroyer 3" or anything that might make your wife uncomfortable. Read the box; look for one that’ll have love scenes and definitely pick something she’s comfortable with or she’ll be too shy to enjoy it.
  2. Focus on her. When watching a porno, look at your girl. Tell her she’s beautiful and sexy. Make her feel good about herself. If you focus on her and make her feel beautiful, even with all those naked girls on screen, you’ll really make her feel special and help her get into it.
  3. Start slowly. Remember in high school when all you did was make out? That still turns us on. Start out slowly by kissing her; touch her back and her hair—all those small things that makes a girl more horny.
  4. Go for it. You’ve got your girl wound up and ready to get hot and heavy, so do something about it. Men: women aren’t all about love and romance; we’re kinky, too. She’s obviously ready to play so throw her around a bit. Pick her up and slam her against the wall. Take advantage of the kinky atmosphere and make it as intense as possible. Make it an experience she’ll never forget.
  5. Make her feel like a porn star. Compliment her at the end. Tell her ‘you’re my own little porn star’ and that she performs better than the girls on the video. If you make her feel like she performed better than ever, and you delivered one of the hottest performances she’s ever had, she’s bound to pick up a porno herself and give it to you.
Now that you have some of the best advice from one of the hottest porn stars in the business, the rest is up to you; you can either make it an awkward viewing experience or a memorable one that’ll keep her coming back for more. So God-speed young man, and remember: the couple that watches porno together stays together.

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Over 1 million couples turn to Hitched for expert marital advice every year. Sign up now for our newsletter & get exclusive weekly content that will entertain, educate and inspire your marriage.

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