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Dr. Carla Marie Manly maintains her psychotherapy practice in Sonoma County, California. With her PhD in Clinical Psychology and her Master's Degree in Counseling, Dr. Manly is dedicated to working with couples and individuals who are facing life challenges. With a focus on improving personal relationships through increased self-awareness, she strives to support those who strive to create healthy, joy-filled lives. Whether working with youth in crisis, young adults on the verge of opening new doors, or couples facing relationship difficulties, Dr. Manly embraces the opportunity to aid others in surmounting life's many hurdles. In addition, her practice maintains an emphasis on addressing sexuality issues within relationships. Certified in EMDR, Dr. Manly is also skilled in working with individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, PTSD, and challenging life transitions.

Over the years, Dr. Manly has become increasingly committed to working from a body-mind-spirit paradigm. In her clinical practice, she helps clients create an awareness of how their physical and mental state, thoughts, and emotions interweave to create either balance or instability. By incorporating a holistic approach into her practice, Dr. Manly has found that many clients enjoy substantial, long-term improvement. A certified yoga instructor, Dr. Manly offers many of the balancing and restorative fundamentals of yoga to my clients, as well as to the yoga students I am fortunate to work with in the public realm. Beyond offering individual and group psychotherapy services, Dr. Manly is highly invested in writing and speaking to offer widespread educational opportunities to her local community and beyond.

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