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Denise J. Charles is the author of two exciting books "How to Have Mind Blowing Sex Without Losing Your Brain" and "Your Baby is Coming Now Push."

An experienced educator, who has taught for several years at the Secondary, College and University levels, she holds a Master's Degree in Education with a focus in Psychology. She is also a qualified trainer, who has worked extensively in developing training programs for teachers and trainers.

Denise is a certified counselor and relationship coach who, for several years, has worked extensively with individuals and couples in the area of maximizing relationships. In 2008, upon recognizing the need for formal relationship education, she and with her husband Gabriel, founded Better Blends Relationship Institute, a registered counseling and training entity and an on-line forum, which focusses on issues of relationships, marriage, family, sexuality and personal development. The institute offers interactive courses, seminars and workshops and utilizes the arts and media campaigns, to promote positive sexuality and relationship education. It is currently spearheading a complete Marriage-prep programme entitled Marriage 101.

Denise's articles on sex and relationships have been featured on several relationship websites such as YourTango.com, Vivaxo.com, Digitalromance.com and, of course, Hitched, among others.

Her own blogs Red Red Apples and Better Blends Coaching both enjoy increasing popularity. Denise has also produced a number of short videos, aired on You Tube entitled "An Apple a Day: Bite Sized Tips on Love Sex and Relationships." She has been published in Shabeau and Fresh Vancouver magazines and is the weekly columnist for Sex Talk published in her local newspaper. Denise has been featured on 96.7 Wild FM, New York, CJAD 800 FM, Montreal and has also appeared on Rogers TV, Toronto, on their late-night, talk-show "Sex @ 11 With Rebecca" with Sex and Relationship Therapist, Rebecca Rosenblat.

Denise, an award winning poet and the mother of three sons, is from the beautiful island of Barbados. Her books are available online through Amazon's kindle store and she can be followed on Google+ here.

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