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In a world transitioning from free information to paying for trusted news, what should parents know about their child's interest in journalism?

You did your part in raising a college-ready student. You ensured good schools and teachers; supervised years of homework sessions; braved entrance exams and the obligatory tour of potential campuses. But now all seems lost.

Your child has just finished the freshmen year and given you news about choosing a major—journalism. Yikes! What can be done?

First—know that you are not alone. It might seem counter-intuitive with the dramatic decline the newspaper industry and mainstream media in general, but the number of undergraduate students seeking journalism degrees is actually larger today than 10 years ago and nearly 50 percent higher than 20 years ago.


The days of working for a single employer your entire career has become a quaint thought. Here are some tips for couples to consider in today's changing employment landscape.

Kick the office to the curb with these tips to make money from home.

From a soda jerk and circus roadie to an ice cream scooper and secretary; three celebrity couples share their memorable first-job stories.

Often, we allow our circumstances, routines, and self-imposed obligations to become barriers between ourselves and our dreams. Here are six ways on how you can reconnect with your power and create a more satisfying life.

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