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If you need to understand what great marriage advice sounds like, here it is, ready to be read whenever you're ready or it's needed.

Having a lasting relationship starts with a foundation of mutual expectations.

Making intentional choices about your marriage will open up new possibilities for your happiness.

Intimacy can be fleeting, but it can also get restored with some quick, simple effort.

To generate closeness with your husband, start by getting closer to a mirror.

Men might find these reasons surprising, but it should be a wake-up call.

Being able to listen to your spouse without interruption isn't going to get the relationship results you want.

Many use Valentine's as a barometer for their relationship. Here's how to use it for aspirational measurement instead.

When high levels of appreciation, affection, kindness and intimacy exist, anything can be resolved in a marriage. Here are simple tips to get there.

Before you can make permanent changes to your marriage you need to understand a few things about it. These 5 steps will help.

Being comfortable with the whole person can be difficult, here's a slice of the process for men.

People learn in a variety of ways, and that applies to marriage skills as well.

This year, itís time to do more if youíre not feeling the love toward your spouse.

Donít let an argument about who is more "right" undermine your goal for a happy marriage. Use these tips to escape the escalation.

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