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In the second installment, Lynne discusses ways to approach, discuss and resolve issues concerning money with your kids.

Lynne’s new series explores the impact of having children and what your relationship will teach them later in life.

Often overlooked, many couples considering divorce do not take into account the idea of being alone and the difficulties it brings.

Even when you promise to keep your kids "out of it," they'll still feel the repercussions of divorce.

In part 1 of this 3 part series, Lynne discusses the financial pitfalls if a couple decides to divorce.

In a new series, Lynne focuses on the consequences a divorce can bring.

Too often in a relationship, people forget about their own needs. The Tenth Commandment gives you that permission.

With one commandment to go, the Ninth Commandment states that all relationships must find shared interests in order to survive.

Rehashing past arguments will not make the current issue easier to resolve, it will in face make things more difficult.

Keep the derogatory comments to yourself and instead say something nice.

Don’t impose your pre-marital baggage on your new spouse.

Speak up, express your feelings and watch your relationship grow.

5 ways arguments can help build your relationship rather than destroy it.

Lynne’s third commandment suggests ways to get out of the house and get the alone time your relationship needs—without kids!

In an ongoing series, this second commandment offers four tips on strengthening your communication skills—including the importance of listening.

Making your spouse the first priority in your life requires your attention.

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