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After the baby is born, itís best to take it slow when heading back to the sac.

Donít get mad if your spouse has sexual fantasies. It could be a new gateway to something special.

Getting on the same schedule with sex is easy by making a few simple adjustments.

Spring is coming, and with pheromones flying couples may find themselves asking: Is it possible to have too much sex?

Dr. Seibel offers tips on what to look out for when purchasing a sex toy.

Dr. Seibel separates myth from fact when it comes to having sex during a pregnancy.

Protect yourself from holiday illness with holiday sex!

5 Ways to get your spouse to try new things, some tactics could even be applied in the bedroom.

Vaginal dryness is a common problem. Here's the differences between feminine lubricating products.

Dr. Seibel ditches the obvious and gives you 12 steps on how to conceive a baby.

Does too much prep time take the spark out of sex?

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