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Episode 487: Talking to Your Kids About Online Responsibility
What should parents know and understand about online citizenship? Dr. Karen Sherman explains.

Episode 486: How Sleeping Next to Your Spouse Can Effects Your Health
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how and why sleeping next to your partner could be imparing your health.

Episode 485: How to Make Your Spouse Happy with 2 Easy Steps
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how a couple of habits can put a smile on your spouse's face.

Episode 484: The Science of Kissing
A lot happens to our body when we kiss. Dr. Karen Sherman breaks down the science.

Episode 483: Don't Make Your One and Only Your All and Only
Making your spouse your everything can be detrimental to your marriage. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains why.

Episode 482: Questions That Can Boost Your Marriage
The New York Times ran a story with 36 Questions that can boost your love. Dr. Karen Sherman explores a few of those questions and what they might reveal about your love and marriage.

Episode 481: Give Your Spouse the Benefit of the Doubt
It's sometimes difficult to reconcile, but our spouse is on our side and isn't trying to be vindictive in their actions. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how to give them the benefit of the doubt and how that will improve your marriage.

Episode 480: Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts in a Marriage
More men now die from suicide than women do from breast cancer. Dr. Karen Sherman breaks down what to look out for and how couples can be proactive when there are warning signs.

Episode 479: Advantages of Being in a Blended Family
A lot gets discussed about kids in a blended family, but Dr. Karen Sherman dives in on how this effects the relationship.

Episode 478: Prescriptive Remedies for a Great Marriage
Dr. Karen Sherman writes the listeners five prescriptive nuggets that will improve your marriage. Read the referenced article here.

Episode 477: 4 Critical Ways You Might Be Draining the Happiness Out of Your Marriage
These things aren't intentional, but they can and do begin to sap the happiness out of relationships. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains.

Episode 476: Holiday Hangover - You And Your Spouse Aren't Happy With Each Other
How you and your spouse can hit the reset button in the new year if you had an explosive holiday season.

Episode 475: Showing Appreciation to Your Spouse During the Holidays
Since we're so comfortable with our spouse it's easy to take them for granted. During the holidays when we're stressed it's more important than ever that we're not taking them for granted. Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips.

Episode 474: What Do You Do if You Think Your Husband Acts Inappropriately Around Other Women?
Some men are behaving badly and perhaps the closest person on the planet to them can get through to them... maybe not. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her thoughts.

Episode 473: Looking at the Negative Side of Marriage
The negative of your marriage isn't a bad thing, it's simply the part you might not be paying attention to. Dr. Karen Sherman explains.

Episode 472: The Great Divide
What do you do when you and your spouse are on completely opposite sides of an issue where you don't see a middle ground. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers her tips.

Episode 471: How to Rejuvinate Your Marriage
Just as you need to rejuvinate yourself in anything that has lasting power, you need to keep lighting that spark in your marriage too. Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips.

Episode 470: Taking Information Out of Context
It's not uncommon for a piece of information about marriage to get taken out of context in order to construct an argument whether it's true or not. Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in on a few of these out-of-context arguments.

Episode 469: How to Effectively Express Hurt in Your Marriage
There are many reasons why you hold back from expressing your hurt to your spouse, but Dr. Noelle Nelson explains why that is and how to overcome those reservations.

Episode 468: Alternative Thinking For Your Marriage
Sometimes to make progress you need to flip your thinking on an issue. This week, Dr. Karen Sherman does just that.

Episode 467: Thoughts on How Families Can Deal With Hurricane Harvey and Other Major Life-Altering Disasters
Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice on how couples and families can come together during a crisis and avoid fracturing their relationship while they try to recover.

Episode 466: Accepting Disagreement in Marriage
If you and your spouse agree on everything that's not normal. Dr. Karen Sherman explains why it's healthy to accept disagreement in marriage.

Episode 465: Balancing a Mariage and Child With Special Needs
Parents of a child with special needs face additional stress that shift responsibilities, time and attention. Dr. Karen Sherman shares advice on how to seek balance and expectation.

Episode 464: A Marriage Summer School Refresher
We have a lot of resources around us to enhance our marriages. Dr. Karen Sherman shares ideas on how you can get more out of your marriage.

Episode 463: What to do When Bumped Off Track
A couple can create an amazing plan for their future, but unexpected things can (and many times will) happen. Dr. Karen Sherman shares advice on how couples can regroup and move forward.

Episode 462: Questions to Spark Conversation in Your Marriage
A fascinating study that provides a set of questions that foster closeness. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains the study and shares some of the questions. Here is a link to the article discussed, which links to the study.

Episode 461: The Art of Clear Communication
We have more communication tools at our disposal than at any time in history. Dr. Karen Sherman explains how we can best communicate in a modern marriage.

Episode 460: Enabling vs. Helping... Can Enabling Be Positive?
What role does the a spouse have in enabling or helping their husband or wife? Is there a difference? Dr. Karen Sherman discusses.

Episode 459: Should You Celebrate Your Anniversary
Dr. Karen Sherman explores the reasons you should celebrate and the level of celebration that is appropriate.

Episode 458: Choosing a Different Response In Your Marriage Story
When you know who you are and what your story is, you can shape how you respond to your spouse and the world. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains tips on how to make this happen.

Episode 457: Dealing with Anxiety from the Outside World
We live in uncertain times where the future looks uncertain. How can couples move through the world without the weight of questions pulls them down?

Episode 456: Getting Stuck on the Same Issue(s) Throughout Your Marriage
How can you overcome the small issues that creep up in marriage that bothers you, but you want to break the cycle and resolve the issue.

Episode 455: How Does Body Language Impact Marriage?
We communicate in a lot of different ways and it might be your body language isn't saying what you want. Dr. Karen Sherman joins the podcast to discuss.

Episode 454: What To Do When Love In Your Marriage Is In the Background?
Marriage requires action to keep the love alive when it fades to the background. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers tips.

Episode 453: How Do Inform Family Members of an Abuser Within the Family?
A listener reached out to say they knew of abuse in the family and told other members about it, but weren't getting the response they were hoping for. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 452: Dealing With Resentment in Marriage
Your spouse might do something you don't like, but how do you stop the resentment from taking over your marriage? Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 451: Does Sex Once a Week Boost Happiness?
A new study looks at why couples who have sex at least once a week are happier... but it's not the intercouse! Dr. Karen Sherman discusses.

Episode 450: Personality Changes in Your Marriage
The longest running personality study ever has revealed that our personality changes so much that in life that you might look like a completely different person from when you were 14 to 77 years old. What does this mean for your marriage? Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in.

Episode 449: Managing Time and Your Marriage
How can people get the most out of their limited time when they don't have an infinite amount of it. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her tips.

Episode 448: How to Improve Your Marriage With Technology
It might seem like you're not a techy, but there's probably a lot of tech around you that you can use to improve your marriage and make life in general easier. Dr. Karen Sherman and Editor Steve Cooper share their tips.

Episode 447: The Magic of Expectations
Expectations within a marriage can help the rest of your life run more smoothly. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how you can express your expectations to live the marriage you want.

Episode 446: How to Make Your Marriage Arguments Healthy for Marriage
Good marriages include disagreements. With those disagreements you can grow in your knowlege and understanding of each other. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice on how to make that happen.

Episode 445: Small Daily Habits That Will Improve Your Marriage
Marriage can be extraordinarily fun and easy when you do small things regularly. Here are 5 to consider from Dr. Karen Sherman.

Episode 444: Diane Gottsman Talks About Her New Book on Etiquette
Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman rejoins the podcast to discuss her new book, "Modern Etiquette for a Better Life: Master All Social and Business Exchanges" as well as discussing politics and more.

Episode 443: Emotional Endurance
We're familiar with physical endurance, but what does it mean to have good emotional endurance? How can that help your relationship?

Episode 442: Dealing With Setbacks in Life
Even with the best intentions plans can (and often do) go awry. Dr. Karen Sherman discusses how couples can come together to overcome adversities in life.

Episode 441: Dealing With the Bad Seed in the Family
Nearly every family or extended family has a member who they just don't bring up in conversation because they are always in trouble. Dr. Karen Sherman explains this family dynamic.

Episode 440: Having Marriage Perspective
How do you know if you're in a good marriage? What are some markers to look for? Is there a couple you could or should look at for guidance? Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 439: Planning for Death
Nobody likes to talk about death, but it's coming for us all. It's important to make plans now, while you're in good health and mind to make things easier when the time comes. Dr. Karen Sherman walks us through the steps.

Episode 438: Saying Something You Regret, How to Recover
If you're together for any amount of time you're going to have disagreements. Moreover, you're hopefully close enough to where you can be vulnerable with each other. That also means you might say something you know will hurt your spouse and regret. Dr. Karen Sherman shares advice on how to handle the situation where you say something you regret.

Episode 437: Why We Rehash Arguments and Why We Shouldn't
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains why couples rehash arguments and why that isn't good for your marriage.

Episode 436: Improve Your Marriage With Optimism
How does your future look? Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how being an optimist can make big improvements in your marriage and how you can use optimism to take your relationship to the next level.

Episode 435: Marriage Resolutions for the New Year
We're coming to an end of 2016, here are some things you can do in 2017 to make your marriage better or even great in the new year. Tips courtesy of Dr. Karen Sherman.

Episode 434: Is Social Media Ruining Your Marriage?
Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses the dangers of social media and how it can creep in to the limited special time you and your spouse have together. Moreover, social media has fresh dangers that are different than other types of media.

Episode 433: Procrastination
Why do we procrastinate? How can we get over our procrastination? Is it normal? This and more questions are discussed with Dr. Karen Sherman. Oh, and Karen plays therapist to Hitched editor and host Steve Cooper.

Episode 432: A Free Holiday Gift Guide for Couples
Want to give your spouse something meaningful this year and you want it to really make an impact. Try one (or all) of these ideas from Dr. Karen Sherman that your spouse will surely appreciate.

Episode 431: 5 Holiday Sanity Tips
What are some holiday stress relievers that will help prevent couples from getting upset with each other? Dr. Karen Sherman offers five solid pieces of advice.

Episode 430: Don't Let Not Good Enough-itis Ruin Your Marriage
Do you undercut your spouse when they attempt to be helpful? For exmample, if they help you with a chore, do you complain about how they did it? If so, Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how this can be damaging to your marriage what you can do about it.

Episode 429: Understanding and Healing After the Presidential Election
A lot of hurtful things have been said and expressed by family and friends during the Presidential Election season that have torn at the fiber of close relationships. Dr. Karen Sherm and Hitched Editor, Steve Cooper, discuss how to understand, heal and move forward; including scenarios for social media and family gatherings.

Episode 428: How Mental Health Can Help Our Physical Health
Can mental health improve on our physical health? Yes! Absolutely being mentally in-shape can have a positive physical health correlation. Dr. Karen Sherman discusses a few pieces of low-hanging mental health fruit.

Episode 427: How to Move Forward When You Lose
Not everything we attempt or support is going to reach the outcome we want. So... how do you accept the results and move forward in a positive manner? Dr. Karen Sherman provides tips and insights to help.

Episode 426: How to Have a Progressive Argument
Do you know what a progressive argument is? Dr. Noelle Nelson does and she's here to share her tips on how to take issues you and your spouse have complained about for years and solve them amicably. Really!

Episode 425: Study - Is It Bad for Men to Be the Breadwinner?
A new study came out suggesting it's bad for men to be the breadwinners in a marriage. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her thoughts on why that might be, along with other aspects of the study and modern marriages.

Episode 424: Chana Levitan discusses her new book, 'That's Why I Married You'
Marriage expert and author Chana Levitan discusses her latest book, 'That's Why I Married You: How to Dance with Personality Differences' and shares a few insights on what readers can expect from the book and lessons gained.

Episode 423: Reconnecting After Baby
While it's important for new parents to bond with their new baby, it's also important for couples to not ignore the bond of their own relationship. Dr. Karen Sherman shares tips on how to keep the connection strong.

Episode 422: Dealing With Anxiety
There is a lot of anxiety in our society about a myriad of things. Dr. Karen Sherman explains the importance of anxiety, understanding it and how to deal with it.

Episode 421: Dealing With Depression in Marriage
How do you know if you or your spouse is clinically depressed? What should you do if you or your spouse is depressed? Dr. Karen Sherman explains what qualifies as depression and how couples and move forward.

Episode 420: What to Do If Spouse Too Close to Parent?
Relationship dynamics can be tough to transition to and from. This can be really tough when adult children are still leaning heavily on their parents for support when their spouse should take over the role. Dr. Karen Sherman provides insight.

Episode 419: How Mindfulness Can Help Improve Your Marriage
What is mindfulness and how can it help your marriage? How does mindfulness compare to meditation? Dr. Noelle Nelson explains all and provides some easy tips to impliment into your marriage today.

Episode 418: Keeping Your Marriage Strong During the School Year
School's in session and parents are stretched thin. Keeping an eye on your marriage is vital. Yes, it can seem tough or implossible to carve out time for you and your spouse, but Dr. Karen Sherman has some great advice for you.

Episode 417: How to Boost Your Friendship in Marriage
Do you want to be a better friend to your spouse? Dr. Karen Sherman shares information on how you and your spouse can boost your friendship and ultimately improve your marriage.

Episode 416: What is Empathy
So much has been said recently about the importance of empathy, but many people don't understand what it is and what having empathy means. Dr. Karen Sherman dives in.

Episode 415: Study On Whether Married Find Singles or Other Marrieds Attractive
A new study found that married couples who were shown pictures of attractive people found that if the married person were told the pictured individual was single they found that person less attractive than if they were told the pictured person was married. Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in. The study was published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin by Dr. Shana Cole and Dr. Emily Balcetis.

Episode 414: Travel Tips for Couples
Before you and your spouse head out the door on your next trip, be sure you listen to Dr. Karen Sherman's tips to make the planning and reacclimation process a breeze.

Episode 413: How Do You Rebuild Trust After an Affair
There are no easy answers when trust has been broken in marriage, but there is hope. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her expertise and a few annecdotal stories to help couples move forward.

Episode 412: Spouse is Having Inappropriate Communication With Old Friend
A listener has written in asking for advice regarding his wife's response to an old friend who has entered their life and is now breaking boundaries of communication. Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in.

Episode 411: Why Do We Make the Wrong Choices
If you are a regular listener, you probably know what we're going to say much of the time. Why is it, then, that you still make the wrong choice on occassion in your marriage? Dr. Karen Sherman provides insight.

Episode 410: Happy Healthy Dead
Dr. Noelle Nelson joins us this week to discuss her new book "Happy Healthy . . . Dead: Why What You Think You Know About Aging Is Wrong and How To Get It Right." What that means, why she wrote it and why you will love it! You can order the book here.

Episode 409: Rising Strong Together
Michelle Gannon, PhD & Beth Jaeger-Skigen, LCSW explain the latest research by Dr. Brene Brown, which focuses on the power of vulnerability and empathy; what "wholehearted living" means; Rising Strong Workshops and more. For more information on the workshop visit: www.risingstrongworkshop.com

Episode 408: Dealing With a Crush When Married
Is it normal to have attaction to others when you're married? Is it normal to have a crush on others? What to do if you find yourself in this situation? Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 407: Talking About Your Marriage Problems With Others
We frequently discuss how talking about marriage problems with friends and family is taboo, but this week we tackle the subject head-on with advice on how to break that taboo. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her insight.

Episode 406: A Conversation with Dr. Sue Johnson about Adult Bonding and More
Dr. Sue Johnson, the creator of Emotionally Focused Therapy, discusses the importance of adult bonding, why people should care, the research that backs it up and much, much more! For more information visit drsuejohnson.com

Episode 405: Gender Differences in Sexual Health
Men and women have biological differences when it comes to their sexual needs. Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen offers tips and information that couples can implement tonight. Text 33444 and type in "bettersex" to get your free handout.

Episode 404: The Power of Gratitude in Marriage (It's Science)
New research reveals there's more to gratitude than creating a pleasant environment. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how gratitude can be used as a tool and how to weild it.

Episode 403: Planning and Thriving During Your Retirement Years
Entering retirement is a big life change: you have a lot of free time, you have more time to spend with your spouse, you might have different aspirations. Dr. Karen Sherman explains how you and your spouse can thrive during this transition.

Episode 402: How to Give a Positive, Effective Apology
Sometimes just saying, "I'm Sorry" isn't enough to smooth over the harsh terrain that was created by an error in the past. Drs. Michelle Gannon and Sam Jinich explain how to deliver a heartfelt and effective apology.

Episode 401: A Conversation of Mental Health in America
Mental health is a huge issue in this country, but it doesn't get the attention it deserves. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her thoughts on what's happening, why it matters, and where it's going.

Episode 400: Why Low Expectations Don't Make for a Better Marriage
A new study reveals that those who don't have big expectations for their marriage are happier than those who have high expectations, but fail to reach those goals. Dr. Karen Sherman offers her perspective.

Episode 399: How to Compromise in Your Marriage
You are two different people with two backgrounds and your own thoughts, feelings and ideas. It can be difficult to find common ground sometimes. Dr. Karen Sherman explains how couples can effectively compromise.

Episode 398: How to Effectively Set Goals In Your Marriage
Hopefully you strive to grow and improve throughout your life. So how do you set goals in life life or within your marriage and make them stick? How do you get your spouse to support your goals? How do you even approach such a thing? Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 397: What New Parents Need to Know
Before a couple has a child (or right after), Dr. Karen Sherman believes the family should do these things to be best prepared for the new baby.

Episode 396: Conflict Management
Why do couples get into conflicts and what are the general rules on how to handle conflict? Dr. Karen Sherman has answers and a fun little story to share.

Episode 395: Learn How to Speak Your Mind in Marriage
Marriage is an amazingly close relationship, but that also makes it a space of vulnerability. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers advice on how you can say what you want to your spouse to get closer than ever.

Episode 394: How Effective are Tech Tools to Communicate In Marriage?
We can connect with our spouse (and others) through the use of techonogy in more ways than ever before. Dr. Karen Sherman and Hitched editor, Steve Cooper, discuss how these new communication tools are being used and what that means for your marriage.

Episode 393: Positive Texting Turns to Communication Breakdown When Face to Face
A listener wonders why she and her husband are in a cylce of sending loving and thoughtful text messages throughout the day only to have arguments when they're face to face, following by apology texts the next morning to repeat the cycle. Dr. Karen Sherman shares advice.

Episode 392: Working On a Project Together With Your Spouse
Doing a project with your spouse can be enjoyable or a total nightmare. Dr. Karen Sherman shares tips on how to avoid the arguments and what couples should keep in mind.

Episode 391: Dealing With Post-Valentine's Day Blues
Valentine's Day is in the rearview mirror, so how can couples keep the good feelings going when there's nothing special on the horizon. Dr. Noelle Nelson shares her insight.

Episode 390: Listener Wants to Know How to Get Wife to Have More Sex
A listener wrote-in asking for advice on how to get her wife to have more sex. Dr. Karen Sherman offers a ton of insight on why this might not be a sex issue at all, and what our listener can do about it.

Episode 389: Nice Guys Finish First
Just because someone is nice doesn't mean they're a pushover. In fact, being nice is a good quality to have if you want a thriving marriage.

Episode 388: How to Admit to a Mistake
Nobody's perfect, but that doesn't mean it's easy to admit a mistake. It's often times tougher to admit mistakes to your spouse. Dr. Karen Sherman explains why and how to approach this issue.

Episode 387: Roles in Marriage, Can They Change?
Married partners will have a defined role they execute in the relationship (i.e., the fun one), but can that change? What do the roles mean? Dr. Karen Sherman offers insight.

Episode 386: How to Keep That Love and Feeling Alive
There are times in a marriage when you just aren't feeling the love in your marriage. Is this normal? How can you prevent it from happening? Dr. Noelle Nelson offers advice.

Episode 385: Getting your Marriage on Track... When Nothing is Wrong
Take your marriage from good to great. From approaching the conversation to implementing a plan. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 384: The Benefits of a Happy Marriage and How to Get There
New research has come out monitoring the effects of a happy marriage. Dr. Karen Sherman and Hitched editor, Steve Cooper, discuss; plus simple tips on how you can implement.

Episode 383: How To Be Happily Married
What are Dr. Karen Sherman's top tips to live a happily married life. Yes, we have the secrets and we're sharing them.

Episode 382: How to Support Your Spouse When They Need to Lean on You
There are certain times when your spouse can use an extra helping hand (like the holidays), but offering your help and getting your spouse to accept the help can sometimes be difficult. Dr. Karen Sherman shares tips on how you can lend your support.

Episode 381: The Differences of Introverts and Extroverts in Relationships
Are introverts and extroverts compatible? What do those terms really mean? Dr. Noelle Nelson breaks down the personalities of these two groups and what that means for your marriage.

Episode 380: Overcoming Small Mistakes in Relationships
If you're married long enough you're going to make little mistakes. Dr. Karen Sherman shares advice on how to handle these incidences.

Episode 379: Football Metaphors and Your Marriage
If you've ever had trouble getting into relationship talk, perhaps some football analogies will help. Dr. Karen Sherman and editor Steve Cooper give you the playbook.

Episode 378: How to Leverage Celebrations to Improve Your Marriage
You might not think birthdays or anniversaries or even Valentine's Day is an important occassion, but they might provide just the spark your marriage needs. Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips and explanations on how to get the most out of them.

Episode 377: How to Agree to Disagree About Politics (and Other Things)
You know what you know, but you find yourself in a conversation with someone else who denies the truth. What can you do? What should you say? Dr. Karen Sherman offers fresh information to help with these frustrating situations.

Episode 376: Navigating a Marriage With Two Quarterbacks
When you have a power couple with two strong personalities, it can be tough for them to agree or back down from a point. Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips on how they can be an all-star team.

Episode 375: Differences That Escalate Into Conflict
All people have differences, even married couples. Dr. Noelle Nelson shares her tips on how to avoid having those differences turn into full blown conflict.

Episode 374: When You're Not Feeling Loved in Your Marriage
We all want to live happily ever after, but what happens if you aren't feeling loved in your own marriage? Dr. Karen Sherman suggests it could be normal. She also shares tips on what to do about it.

Episode 373: Starting to Have Feeling for the Ex
Just because you are no longer married to your ex doesn't mean that circumstances can't change and your feelings might return. Dr. Karen Sherman shares advice on how to handle these feelings and how to interact with your current spouse.

Episode 372: How to Handle a Liar in Marriage
What to do if you or your spouse are constantly telling lies? Nothing earth rattling, but those little white lies that can slowly erode a relationship and trust. Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in.

Episode 371: Are You Choosing to Feel Hurt?
A hurtful thing will happen in your marriage, it just will. However, how you respond is your choice! Dr. Noelle Nelson offers tips on how you and your spouse can take control over your responses when things don't go your way.

Episode 370: False Rumor of Cheating at Work
Someone at your office is spreading the false rumor that you're having an affair. What should you do? Should you tell your spouse? Should you confront the rumormonger? Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 369: Tackling a New Venture
Your spouse has a new venture they want to work on, but you aren't sure what your role will be and how much involvement they expect from you. Dr. Karen Sherman offers her advice.

Episode 368: Dealing with Mixed Family Feelings After a Death
It can be tricky dealing with your own emotions and with other family members when you didn't have a positive relationship with a family member who has passed. Dr. Karen shares her very personal story and offers lots of terrific advice.

Episode 367: Don't Just Go Along in Your Marriage, Maximize Opporunities
It can be really easy to get comfortable in a marriage, only to realize you're just going along to get along. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers advice on how you can maximize your opportunities for a happier union.

Episode 366: The Relationship Between Money and Cheating
A new study came out showing a relationship between money and cheating. Dr. Karen Sherman discusses what the data means and what we can learn from it.

Episode 365: Spouse Suffering PTSD, Emotionally Unavailable
A wife wants to know what to do because her husband is emotionally unavailable due to PTSD. Dr. Karen Sherman examines the listener's situation and offers advice.

Episode 364: 5 Common Mistakes of Second Marriages
While divorce rates are dropping, divorce is still not uncommon. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her 5 common mistakes couples make when they're remarried.

Episode 363: How to Protect Your Marriage When Starting a Business
Launching a new business takes an investment of time, money, emotional resources and more. Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips on keeping your marriage solid while your new business gains its footing.

Episode 362: What Are The Warning Signs Your Marriage Needs Attention
Wouldn't it be great if your marriage had a warning light that came on when it required a little maintenance? Unfortunately that doesn't exist, but there are some warning signs you should look out for. Dr. Karen Sherman explains what those are.

Episode 361: When An Apology Isn't Enough
Unfortunately, if you are in a relationship for any amount of time you're going to have to apologize for something. Thankfully, Dr. Noelle Nelson shares her amazing tips on how to do it effectively. This is next level stuff!

Episode 360: Boosting Your Marriage During Your Vacation
What can you do during your vacation break that will improve your marriage? What should you plan for, what should you do? Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips.

Episode 359: How to Handle Opposite Sex Friends When Married?
We all have friends of the opposite sex and sometimes romantic feelings or emotions of jealousy can form cracks in a marriage. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 358: You Caught Your Spouse Cheating, They Don't Know, What Do You Do?
Your spouse has cheated and you have concrete evidence to prove it. They don't know you have found out. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice on how to handle the situation.

Episode 357: What To Do When Family Members Ask for Money
When a family member asks for money, you want to help out, but you also don't want the lending to add new strain to your family or marriage relationship. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 356: 5 Things To Do This Year for Your Marriage
What are five things couples can do in the next 12 months that will improve their marriage. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her list of five proactive items to improve your marriage.

Episode 355: What To Do When Family Life Intrudes on Couple Life
When you're getting tugged at from all sides at home, it can be difficult to appreciate what happens in your relationship. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how to bring order.

Episode 354: How to Fix Marriage
The institution of marriage could use a tune-up. Dr. Karen Sherman and editor Steve Cooper tackle the big topic of how to fix marriage. No problem, right? For example, if a couple had $1,000 how would Dr. Sherman recommend you spend it?

Episode 353: An Analytical Look At Your Marriage
All good businesses understand the important data points of their venture. What are the important analytics you should look at in your marriage? Dr. Karen Sherman highlights them for you.

Episode 352: Why Couples Are Unhappily Married
A new British study discusses the top reasons couples are unhappy in their marriages. We go through the top 10 reasons and Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips and advice on how couples can overcome these issues.

Episode 351: The Danger of the Sideline Spouse
What do you do when your spouse is focused on other things beside your marriage and an attentive third-party begins to appear alluring.

Episode 350: The Tough Talk About Money
Why do couples have such a hard time being open and honest when it comes to talk about money. Dr. Karen Sherman explains, highlighting the emotional attachment to money.

Episode 349: A Rebuttal to a Viral HuffPo Article on Marriage Failure
Blogger Anthony D'Ambrosio recently posted a column titled, "5 Reasons Marriages Just Don't Work Anymore." Hitched Editor, Steve Cooper, and Dr. Karen Sherman discuss why this viral column is so off base.

Episode 348: New Data and The State of Marriage
What does marriage look like in 2015. More importantly, what does the marriage data say? Dr. Karen Sherman discusses the new data and what it says about modern marriages. And we have a serious question for helicopter parents!

Episode 347: Defeating the Same Old
Are you bored by the comfort in your marriage? Dr. Noelle Nelson explains why and how couples can have trouble with this and how to overcome it.

Episode 346: The Importance of Play in Marriage
How can couples build fun back into their relationship and make sure that their marriage stays fun for the next many decades. Dr. Karen Sherman has answers.

Episode 345: How Your Marriage Can Recover From a Public Embarrassment
From big embarrassments like an affair to small issues like posting a picture on Facebook, how should couples handle public embarrassments? Dr. Karen Sherman has answers.

Episode 344: Do You Micromanage Your Spouse?
Are you micromanaging your spouse (or feeling micromanaged)? Dr. Karen Sherman explains why we do this, how to handle it and what adjustments can be made to have a happy marriage.

Episode 343: Coping With Your Spouse's Work Stress
How are you supposed to handle your spouse's stress when they've had a rough day? Even when you're dealing with your own stress. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers advice.

Episode 342: What To Do If Marriage Therapy Isn't Working?
Dr. Karen Sherman talks about what to look for, what questions to ask, and what couples should expect in marriage therapy.

Episode 341: How to Deal with an Emotionally Unavailable Husband
Dr. Karen Sherman discusses how this issue evolves in a marriage and how couples can deal with it.

Episode 340: 5 Best Pieces of Marriage Advice
Dr. Karen Sherman shares her top 5 pieces of marriage advice for couples who are newly married or just looking to strengthen their love.

Episode 339: 3 Easy Ways to Resolve Marriage Disagreements
With all the information out there to help couples stop fighting, Dr. Noelle Nelson says she has three simple tips to stop your next argument.

Episode 338: What To Do If You Think Your Spouse is Cheating Again!
It's one thing if you think your spouse is cheating, it's another thing if you've been doing work and recovering from an affair and you're suspicious they're doing it again. Dr. Karen Sherman weights in.

Episode 337: How to Live Up to Agreements
Recent research suggest that gratitude may be the new will power. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains what this means and how it can impact your marriage.

Episode 336: Should You Demand Affection?
Affection has been shown to be immensly important in research. Dr. Karen Sherman discusses the important of affection and how you might ask for it within your marriage.

Episode 335: 5 Things Couples Can Do to Make Their Marriage Better
It's a new year and we want to offer some tips on how you can make sure you're doing the small things to have a great marriage. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her top tips.

Episode 334: The Etiquette of Dealing With an Ex
Not all marriages last, which means old relationships and your new one can collide. Here's how you (and your new spouse) can more productively deal with an ex.

Episode 333: How to Deal with Passive Aggressive Arguments?
Whether you and/or your spouse exhibits passive aggressive behavior, Dr. Noelle Nelson explains why and how you can instead have more productive interactions.

Episode 332: Loving Your Spouse is a Decision
We might think that we don't have a choice in loving our spouse, but we do. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how we choose to love our spouse and how that can improve your marriage.

Episode 331: How to Deal With the Silent Treatment?
What should you do if your spouse gives you the silent treatment after a fight? What does it mean and where does this reaction come from? Dr. Karen Sherman explains.

Episode 330: Turning Around a Sexless Marriage
What can you do if you're in a sexless marriage and want to turn things around? Dr. Karen Sherman talks through various scenarios and provides solutions.

Episode 329: Fierce Arguing Is Literally Bad For Your Health
New research identifies how couples who argue not only are causing damage to their health, but they actually die earlier. Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses this new research and more.

Episode 328: Can Your Marriage Succeed Without Trust?
How important is trust in a marriage? Can you love someone where trust is difficult? Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 327: Love Blindness
Being delusional about your partner with those rose tinted glasses is a good thing, according to a new study. Dr. Noelle Nelson digs into what this means and how it can apply to you.

Episode 326: How Do You Motivate Your Spouse?
When you are wanting to acheive higher goals as a couple, how can you motivate and encourage your spouse to step up their game? Dr. Karen Sherman explains.

Episode 325: The Difference In How Men and Women Tackle a Problem
We know that men and women are biologically different, but we're also wired different, mentally. There are many lessons that have been learned through evolution and Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how they apply today.

Episode 324: Hold Me Tight
Dr. Michelle Gannon and Dr. Sam Jinich, leaders of Hold Me Tight Workshops in San Francisco and in the Bay Area, discuss what couples can expect at the workshops, what they're all about, how they began and more.

Episode 323: Interview with Warren and Betsy Talbot, authors of Married With Luggage (Part 2)
Warren and Betsy were facing a rocky marriage when they decided they would commit to each other, sell everything, and then travel the world. This week they tell us about a border bribe, losing an enormous amount of weight and a glimpse of their emotional journey.
By the Book! Married With Luggage: What We Learned About Love by Traveling the World

Episode 322: Interview with Warren and Betsy Talbot, authors of Married With Luggage (Part 1)
Warren and Betsy were facing a rocky marriage when they decided they would commit to each other, sell everything, and then travel the world. They have now turned their story into a book and share some of their stories.
By the Book! Married With Luggage: What We Learned About Love by Traveling the World

Episode 321: The 5 Things You Should Say to Your Spouse Every Single Day
Good marriages are made up of many great habits. Dr. Karen Sherman explains what things are important to say all the time.

Episode 320: How to Have a Fruitful Discussion Instead of a Fight
How to avoid situations where a discussion breaks into a fight and what the ground rules are to have a construction conversation.

Episode 319: What to Do If You're Feeling Smothered By Your Spouse
While many couples struggle to stay close, there are some who smother their spouse and it can actually drive a wedge in the marriage. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 318: Decision-Making Differences of Men and Women
Learn how men and women differ, psychologically, when making decision. This understanding can obviously offer a deeper knowledge within your marriage.

Episode 317: Accepting Your Spouse's Faults
Nobody is perfect and over the years your spouse's imperfection may begin to annoy you. Dr. Karen Sherman shares tips on how to handle and imperfect spouse.

Episode 316: How to Deal With Past Wounds
Can you simply brush your past troubles under the rug or do they need to be addressed? Dr. Karen Sherman has the answers.

Episode 315: The Flawed Apology
What is a flawed apology and how can couples work through them? Dr. Noelle Nelson offers advice.

Episode 314: How to Deal With a Hot Tempered Spouse?
Dealing with a spouse that has a hot temper can be very damaging to your relationship. Dr. Karen Sherman provides advice on how to deal with this scenario.

Episode 313: A Happy Marriage Equals a Healthy Heart, Literally
New research of over 3 million Americans revealed that married couples had healthier hearts than those who were single or even divorced.

Episode 312: What To Do When Accused of Lying
If your spouse is constantly accusing you of lying, Dr. Karen Sherman explains why that may be and what you can do about it.

Episode 311: How to Handle Good News... Yes, Good News
There's a lot of advice on how to deal with bad news, but how do you deal with good news? Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how to handle a spouse that worries the good times aren't going to last.

Episode 310: The Pressure of Getting Pregnant
Many couples have difficulty getting pregnant and it can cause strain on a marriage. Dr. Karen Sherman discusses tactics on how to make the baby-making process easier.

Episode 309: How Do You Reconnect After A Fight
Believe it or not, but conflict in a marriage can be a good thing. Dr. Karen Sherman explains and tells how couples can reconnect after a fight.

Episode 308: Turn That Frown Upside Down With Gratitude
Research has shown that just expressing gratitude can make you happier. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains the research and explores how this can help with your marriage.

Episode 307: Marriage Myth or Marriage Fact?
This week Dr. Karen Sherman and Hitched editor, Steve Cooper, play a little game of Marriage Myth or Marriage Fact. Listen and play along.

Episode 306: Marijuana and Marriage
As marijuana gains legalized status in more parts of the country, Dr. Karen Sherman shares a few tips on how to avoid arguing about green herb within your marriage.

Episode 305: Are You Hearing Or Just Listening To Your Spouse?
It's tough to excel in your marriage communication if you're only listening to your spouse and not hearing them. Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses new research and shares some tips on how you can hear better in your marriage.

Episode 304: What Makes a Good Marriage
We can probably all identify what makes a bad marriage, but what makes a good marriage? Dr. Karen Sherman describes the qualities of a successful and happy marriage and how happy couples move past obstacles.

Episode 303: Esther Boykin Talks About Her New Book, 'The Date Deck'
We know the it's important that married couples continue to carve out time to nurture their relationship. This week, marriage and family therapist, Esther Boykin, discusses her new book, 'The Date Deck.'

Episode 302: It's Not Twitter's Fault
New research suggests that Twitter is dangerous for your marriage, but Dr. Noelle Nelson and Hitched Editor, Steve Cooper, have a few nits to pick with this data and explain why it's okay to tweet.

Episode 301: Social Contagion: Is Divorce Contagious?
Research has shown that being friends with someone who is divorced means that you're more likely to be divorced as well. So what are the risks of social contagion and how can couples build their marital immune system.

Episode 300: Navigating Marriage While Attending Graduate School
Going to grad school while married can require some additional learning. Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips on how couples can navigate the balance of higher education and marriage.

Episode 299: How Taking Care of a Sick Parent or In-Law Can Impact a Marriage
Nobody's immortal and dealing with sick parents or in-laws can have a very stressful impact on a marriage. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice on how to deal with this tough harsh reality of life.

Episode 298: What Makes a Marriage Last?
Marriage can actually be pretty easy if you know what you're doing. Dr. Karen Sherman offers her tips on what makes a marriages last.

Episode 297: Research Shows Wife's Cool Down Period Impacts Marriage
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains new research that shows that the length it takes a wife to cool down after a disagreement effects the happiness of marriage, whereas the husband cool down peroid does not have the same impact.

Episode 296: Interview with Dean Olsher, Host of TRBQ, About Love
Dean Olsher is the Host of The Really Big Questions (TRBQ), a project exploring the questions that make us human. Hitched Editor, Steve Cooper, asks Olsher what he has learned about love from the project.

Episode 295: Tips On Setting Relationship Goals
It's easy to let life get in the way of your relationship, but now is the perfect time to re-establish some relationsihp goals. Dr. Karen Sherman offers her expert advice.

Episode 294: How to Stop a Divorce
What do you do if your spouse informs you they would like a divorce? Or that they love you, but they're just not in love with you? Dr. Karen Sherman offers her expert advice.

Episode 293: The Impact of Grit on Your Marriage
Grit can predict the retention rate of teachers, the most successful sales person and who and who will not divorce. The more grit people have the less likely they are to divorce. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how, why and what this means for couples. Watch Angela Lee Duckworth's Ted Talk

Episode 292: How A Husband Can Impress His Wife
A lot of husbands are looking to bring back that sparkle to their wife's eye. Dr. Karen Sherman offers multiple strategies on how husbands can impress their wives.
Also be sure to sign-up for Karen's new program "Make Your Marriage Work Now

Episode 291: What Is So Wrong About Being Right?
Telling your spouse that you're right may not be the best thing to move things forward. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how being right will stop your conversation.

Episode 290: Instead of Cheering Your Spouse Up Try Empathizing First
Nobody likes to watch their spouse in a state of upset, so it's only natural that we'll want to try and cheer them up. Unfortunately, you might be doing the wrong thing, according to Dr. Noelle Nelson. Listen why.

Episode 289: Part 2 - My Spouse Cheated, What Do I Do?
In continuing our chat from last week, Dr. Karen Sherman explains what couples should look for when seeking therapy and the steps to take to move the marriage foward into healing.

Episode 288: My Spouse Cheated, What Do I Do?
If you find out your spouse has cheated, what do you do? Dr. Karen Sherman lays out the steps for a person to take when confronting this crisis situation.

Episode 287: The Lure of the Ex
Recent research shows that when you're having trouble in your current marriage, you're more likely to fanticize abougt your last love. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how couples can fight back the urge of the ex.

Episode 286: How to Save Your Marriage When Your Spouse Doesn't Want To
Author and relationship coach, Liam Naden, offers advice on what a husband or wife can do if they want to save their marriage, but their spouse is ready to walk away. Get more information at LiamNaden.com

Episode 285: How to Deal With a Controlling Wife
Guys have been searching the site looking for answers on how to handle a controlling wife. Dr. Karen Sherman shares insight on how husbands can balance out the marriage.

Episode 284: Are You Parenting Your Spouse?
There's a difference between caring for your spouse and parenting your spouse. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains the difference and how couples can rev their marriage by knowing the difference.

Episode 283: How to Handle Holiday Stress
You know that the holidays are going to be stressful and Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips on how you can manage that stress.

Episode 282: Improve Your Marriage With Sleep
There's nothing ordinary about a good night sleep and new research shows that just a single night of good sleep can improve your marriage. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains.

Episode 281: Husband Criticizes Wife on Parenting Skills
A wife wants to know how she can approach her husband who is constantly criticizing her parenting style. Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in on the this scenario.

Episode 280: Can Being Selfish Help Your Marriage?
Is there a positive to being selfish in your marriage? Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how understanding what's in it for you can actually be a positive.

Episode 279: How to Get Your Spouse to Pay More Attention to You
We dug through the search terms on the website to find out what types of problems people needed help with and getting your spouse to pay attention to you was a really popular one. Dr. Karen Sherman has some tips to grab their eye.

Episode 278: What Do Tears Mean for Men and Women?
What does it mean when your husband cries? What does it mean when your wife cries? Are they weak? Sensitive? Sad? Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how men and women respond to tears.

Episode 277: What Can a Husband Do to Get Closer to His In-Laws?
A wife writes in wondering what her husband can do to get closer to her family. Dr. Karen Sherman shares her thoughts on getting closer to the in-laws and how it can be accomplished.

Episode 276: Dealing With a Mother-In-Law Who Doesn't Respect Boundaries
A listener wrote in with a letter explaining how her mother-in-law respects no boundaries and it's tearing at her relationship. Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips on how to deal with such an in-law.

Episode 275: Don't Sell Your Spouse Short When Arguing
Arguments in marriage happen. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers several tips on how you can embrace all the good things about your spouse to find solutions.

Episode 274: Is It Normal to Fall Out of Love with Your Spouse?
We're never told what is normal when it comes to marriage; we only know what we have seen. Dr. Karen Sherman shares personal and professional experiences to help answer the question of 'Is it normal to fall out of love.'

Episode 273: Signs Your Marriage Is Failing
It's sometimes difficult to gauge where our relationship is because many of us don't even know what normal is. Dr. Karen Sherman offers many warning signs that your marriage could be in trouble.

Episode 272: Commit Random Acts of Love
Love is an action not just a feeling. Dr. Noelle Nelson helps explain why you need to take action today and begin to commit random acts of love toward your spouse.

Episode 271: How to Cheat-Proof Your Marriage
Do you know what causes cheating? Do you know how to stop it in your marriage? Did you spouse cheat on you back when you were just dating? Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips on how to cheat-proof your marriage.

Episode 270: Bringing Your Inner Mule to Relationship Conflicts… What?
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains what bringing your inner mule means, shares and old Native American legend about two wolves and editor, Steve Cooper, makes the connection with the NFL Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. What?

Episode 269: Dealing With An Unaffectionate Spouse
Is your spouse not showing you the affection you have come to expect? What if they were never affectionate, but you wish they were now? Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 268: I Fear My Husband Hates Me
A lot of wives have visited Hitched in search for answers, and specifically looking for help because they fear their husband hates them. Dr. Karen Sherman addresses the issue.

Episode 267: Mix Things Up, Have A Date Day
We know date nights are important, but there are some real benefits to going on a date day! Dr. Noelle Nelson shares reasons and tips on going on a date day.

Episode 266: Dealing With A Traveling Spouse
A husband is always on the road and the wife wants to know what she can do to keep their marriage strong. Dr. Karen Sherman responds.

Episode 265: Helping Your Spouse Deal With Grief
A husband has written in wondering how he can help his wife deal with the death of a parent. Dr. Karen Sherman shares tips to help the husband navigate the emotions.

Episode 264: How to Spark Romance With a Love Letter…Seriously, It Works
A wife wrote in wondering what to do about her husband's job, which puts him in some unsavory environments and makes her uncomfortable. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers solutions.

Episode 263: Husband Working in Unsavory Environment, Wife Not Happy
A wife wrote in wondering what to do about her husband's job, which puts him in some unsavory environments and makes her uncomfortable. Dr. Karen Sherman offers solutions.

Episode 262: Be a Kid Again, Infuse Imagination Into Your Marriage
Don't let the responsibilities of life put a damper on your dreams. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers tips on how to bring excitement back into your marriage.

Episode 261: What To Say When A Friend Says They're Getting A Divorce
It's an akward and emotional moment when your friend mentions they want to get a divorce. Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips on how you can respond if faced with this situation.

Episode 260: Your Constant Complaining Is Shutting Down Your Brain!
Dr. Noelle Nelson shares how not complaining about the small things will make a huge improvement in your marital happiness--it could take just 21 days! Get the details.

Episode 259: Should Wives Ever Withhold Sex to Exert Power?
For a long time women in society didn't have many options to hold power over men, with the exception of sex. Is withholding sex within marriage today still a good way to punish? Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in.

Episode 258: Taking a Business Management Approach To Your Marriage
Business management is all about setting goals and then accomplishing them. Seems like a pretty good formula for a marriage, right? Dr. Noelle Nelson spells out a plan to make it work for your marriage.

Episode 257: Ex-wife Doesn't Trust New Wife With Kids
A wife is struggling to deal with her husband's ex-wife. The ex doesn't trust the new wife with her kids and our reader wants to know how to handle the situation. Dr. Karen Sherman responds.

Episode 256: The Benefits of a Conscious No
It's often good to say "no" in your marriage, particularly when you put a little thought behind your resonse. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains why it's important and how to do it right.

Episode 255: How to Respond When People Ask About Conceiving Trouble
A reader is having trouble responding when friends and family ask about their trouble getting pregnant. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice on how this couple can respond and react.

Episode 254: The Etiquette of Being a Wedding Guest
Whether you've been to one wedding or 100, there are always new protocols guests should adhere to. Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, helps prep wedding guests on everything from when you can leave a reception to posting pictures on Facebook.

Episode 253: Deciding Between Career and Kids
A very common question couples face, particularly women, is making the choice between their career and kids. Dr. Karen Sherman offers some advice and how to weigh the decision.
Also, be sure to check out Dr. Sherman's latest tools to help couples From Fight to Foreplay.

Episode 252: Wife Wants to Move Out of In-Laws Home
A lot of couples moved in with parents or in-laws during the economic downturn. Now, a wife wants to move out of her in-laws home and Dr. Karen Sherman provides advice on how to make a graceful exit.
Also, be sure to check out Dr. Sherman's latest tools to help couples From Fight to Foreplay.

Episode 251: When Your Marriage Is Out of Control, Go With It!
We know that things will not always go as planned in marriage and life. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains why you should just go with it.

Episode 250: Welcoming A New Neighbor
Should you bring your new neighbor a basket of goodies, give them a spare key to your home, tell them their dog barks too much? Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, offers tips.

Episode 249: Variety is the Spice of Marriage
What have you done differently to grow as a person? Dr. Noelle Nelson encourages all couples to seek variety in their marriage through self improvement. Listen how!

Episode 248: The Key to a Happy Marriage? Don't Take it Personally!
Just because your spouse is in a bad mood doesn't mean that it's your fault. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains and shares many tips on keeping your relationship happy.

Episode 247: A New Study Explores the Work/Life Balance of Parents
Hitched Editor-in-Chief, Steve Cooper, goes through some of the findings from a new Pew Research Center study on Modern Parenthood and particularly work/life balance.

Episode 246: Let's Talk Money... Or Is That Okay?
Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, helps us navigate the murky topic of talking money, cash, moola, taxes. What's appropriate, who can we talk to, what can we ask and much more.

Episode 245: Would You Want to be Married to You?
Relationship expert, Dr. Noelle Nelson, has us ask ourselves if we would want to be married to ourselves, then provides many tips if that answer is no.

Episode 244: Last Minute Valentine's Day Tips
Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman joins Hitched editor, Steve Cooper, to discuss last minute Valentine's Day tips and recommendations to make the day special.

Episode 243: Guns in the Home
There's an important conversation about gun control taking place in our society right now, but Dr. Noelle Nelson is going to help couples navigate the conversation of guns in the home and more.

Episode 242: You Get What You Expect
If you're expecting to hear something negative out of your husband or wife's mouth, that's what you'll get. Conversely, if you would rather hear something positive, expect that. Dr. Noelle Nelson explores this issue with several tips on how to make this happen within your marriage.

Episode 241: Author Deborah L. Price Talks About Her New Book, "The Heart of Money"
Money is still a taboo subject in society and a point of contention for many marriages. Money coach and author, Deborah L. Price, discusses some history of money and how we treat it in our society and how it influences the dynamic within our relationships. Price also offers several tips from her book and more.

Episode 240: How You Can Combat Boredom In Your Marriage
Boredom can spell serious danger for your marriage, but it's not difficult to overcome. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers a bunch of information on how to stimulate your marriage…and it doesn't start from within your relationship!

Episode 239: How You Can Kindly Air Grevances To Your Spouse
Over the years, we're all going to have complaints that we need to get off of our chest and air toward our spouse. Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, shares her tips on how we can do this kindly.

Episode 238: What's New with the DSM 5, Sex Addiction is Out, Hoarding is In
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains what the DSM is, why it matters and what has made it into the latest version. Sex addiction did not get classified as a disorder, however bereavement and hoardering did. Dr. Nelson weighs in on these issues and more.

Episode 237: How to Break Free from Holiday Traditions of the Past and Start New Ones With Your Family
When kids grow up it can be difficult to break free from the traditions that their parents have grown accustomed to, but at a certain point couples would like to begin their own. Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, offers terrific advice on how to break from from old traditions and how couples can start new holiday traditions of their own.

Episode 236: Making Sense of the Petraeus Scandal & the Modern Workforce
Dr. Noelle Nelson read an article explaining how the Petraeus affair is a product of the new gender-equal workforce and we should expect more of the same to come in the future unless policies change. What?! Dr. Nelson goes through several points and explains what this scandal means, and what couples can do in their own workplace.

Episode 235: First Thanksgiving Etiquette
If this is your first Thanksgiving together as a couple or the first that you're sharing with your new in-laws, etiquette expert Diane Gottsman has many tips to help make this Thanksgiving run so smoothly you'll actually be thankful. In this episode we also discuss her new Thanksgiving Unplugged campaign.

Episode 234: Attraction of Your Opposite Sex Friend
A new study came out asking men and women if they were attracted to their opposite sex friend. The results revealed that the men were overwhelmingly attracted, while their female friends were not. So what does this mean for couples who have friends of the opposite sex? Sexpert, Dr. Trina Read, weighs in.

Episode 233: Do You Suffer from Assume-itis?
First, we all agree that the cheater is wrong, but does the non-cheating spouse have something to do with the infidelity? Dr. Noelle Nelson explains what could lead to the cheating, how to prevent it, and the roles husbands and wives play in this situation.

Episode 232: 13 Romantic Fall Date Ideas
Hitched editor, Steve Cooper, goes through a list of 13 date ideas that you and your spouse can enjoy during the fall season while the leaves are changing and the weather is still nice enough to go outdoors and be active. Most of these ideas can be done on the cheap and take little effort to execute.

Read: 13 Romantic Tips For the Fall Season

Episode 231: Do You Play a Role In Your Spouse's Infidelity?
First, we all agree that the cheater is wrong, but does the non-cheating spouse have something to do with the infidelity? Dr. Noelle Nelson explains what could lead to the cheating, how to prevent it, and the roles husbands and wives play in this situation.

Episode 230: Sex Tips for Your Married Life
Pulled from the sexpert advice found on the website, editor-in-chief, Steve Cooper, has pulled together a round-up of sex tips for married couples to implement and get it on.

Episode 229: Respecting Your Spouse's Ego
We usually think of ego in a negative connotation, however, it's not a bad thing. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how understanding your spouse's ego and respecting it can improve your marriage. Oh, and don't call your spouse "The old ball and chain…" we'll explain.

Episode 228: Talk Politics With Your Spouse Without Destroying Your Marriage
Few conversations can get as heated and charged as a political one. If you and your spouse have political disagreements, this podcast is stuffed with information and tips on how you can have a respectful and cordial discussion that could actually improve your marriage. Editor-in-Chief, Steve Cooper, tells you how.

Episode 227: Get Your Date Nights Going
Dr. Noelle Nelson has a message for all those couples out there who find it difficult to enjoy regular date nights: just start! In this episode Dr. Nelson provides several tips and annecdotes, plus we discuss how other couples may be able to pitch in.

Episode 226: The Difference Between Chatting Versus Cheating Online
Dr. Trina Read discusses the boundaries of appropriate behavior and flirting online and how couples can navigate the new issues created from the ease of connectiions made through social media and mobile technology. Dr. Read even shares a story of how she connected with an ex-boyfriend and explains how it became a positive experience in her marriage.

Episode 225: How to Succeed in Work Without Sacrificing Your Marriage
Nearly 50 percent of all married couples are dual-income households. Unfortunately, many couples begin to take their marriage for granted as they both work to pay the bills. Dr. Noelle Nelson provides many tips on what couples can do to get a proper balance at work and within their marriage without sacrificing either.

Episode 224: "Fifty Shades" is Old News, Really
Nearly every generation has their own "Fifty Shades of Grey". Dr. Noelle Nelson explains why the themes of this mega-blockbuster continue to pop up and what it all means in this fascinating and enligthening podcast.

Episode 223: What is EQ and How Does it Impact Marriage
Emotional Intelligence, also known as EQ, plays a very important role in our day-to-day lives. Like most personal things, it usually impacts those we care about most, such as our spouse. Dr. Richard Mendelson explains what EQ is and how our understanding of it can help improve our marriages.

Episode 222: Getting Your Husband to Help With Chores Around the House
In the extremely rare situation where your husband doesn't help you with chores around the house, Dr. Noelle Nelson has a few tips on changing his mind. Okay, so this might be somewhat common, which is why Dr. Nelson has also added a few tips for husbands too.

Episode 221: Facebook Etiquette
If you're active on the internet, you likely have a Facebook account. And if you have a Facebook account, we're sure you've seen posts that make you wonder how you're supposed to respond or whether or not you should click the 'like' button. Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, breaks down many different Facebook etiquette situations with answers on what's an appropriate response.

Episode 220: When Good In-Laws Induce Bad Guilt
Even the best intentioned in-laws can often lay on the guilt trip (even unintentionally). This happens particularly when you do a lot of errands and chores for them. That's not to say you always mind helping out, but it can become overbearing. Dr. Noelle Nelson shares three big tips on getting rid of the guilt and improving your relationship.

Episode 219: The Etiquette of Gassing Up for Summer
Don't scream at the driver in front of you as you wait in the hot summer heat to fill up your gas tank. Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman offers several tips that will help cool you down while your car fills up.

Episode 218: Growing Apart--Feeling Disconnected
You and your spouse may be doing just fine, but somewhere in the recesses of your brain you feel like you and your husband or wife just aren't connected like you used to be. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers many ideas on why this may be, and more importantly what you and your spouse can do about it.

Episode 217: Road Trip Etiquette
Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, and Hitched editor, Steve Cooper, discuss the etiquette of traveling with your family. From working the radio, to the temperature, to planning proper snacks and stops. If you're taking a trip be sure to download this episode and give it a listen before the rubber hits the road.

Episode 216: A Round-up of Family-Friendly Sightings at E3 (Video Game Tradeshow)
Editor-in-Chief Steve Cooper talks about what he saw at this year's video game tradeshow and what parents and couples should pay attention to now and this upcoming holiday season. He talks the Ninendo Wii U, Microsoft's Smartglass, Sony's Wonderbook, plus lots of games.

Episode 215: Dealing With An Ex Who Constantly Calls and Texts
When you marry someone who has an ex, they may be separated, but that doesn't mean the communication has stopped. What do you do when the ex continues to call and/or text even when you have asked them to stop. What about a spouse who begins to hide the communications because they don't want to upset you? Dr. Noelle Nelson offers many tips….plus there's some big news at the end!

Episode 214: How to Deal With a Complaining Spouse
Do you feel like all you hear from your spouse is complaints? Does your spouse yell constantly, just as a way they express themselves? Are you having trouble being heard and understanding your spouse's needs? Dr. Noelle Nelson offers some great advice on how to handle a spouse who complains all the time (or seemingly so).

Episode 213: How To Work at Home with Your Spouse Without Killing Them
We got a letter from a wife who works from home and her husband recently started working from home, as well, and she now feels smothered. Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, offers a lot of really great tips on working from home, establishing boundaries and much, much more.

Episode 212: How to Avoid Passive Aggressive Put-Downs During Fights
When it comes to passive aggressive arguments, you wouldn't understand. See, that's exactly what you shouldn't say. Dr. Noelle Nelson will explain how this specific language plays into arguments and how you and your spouse can constructively disagree.

Episode 211: Finding Freedom Within Your Marriage
When we get married, we might feel like we've lost some of our independent freedoms, such as spending money when we please. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains why a spouse might seek shopping therapy, and how that freedom to shop when you feel like it can be negotiated within the marriage. Also discussed is how couples can achieve their own independence within the marriage.

Episode 210: Episode 210: Lighten Up, Strengthen Your Marriage
Life can throw some pretty tough situations in our way and it's not going to do us any good to put on a fake happy face. Dr. Noelle Nelson, explains why this doesn't help and what an individual and what couples can do to get out of our funk and to live in the moment--and why doing so is important for our marriage and health.

Episode 209: What's the Big Deal About "Fifty Shades of Grey" and BDSM?
Sex expert, Dr. Trina Read, explains what erotica is, gives a brief description of "Fifty Shades of Grey" by E.L. James, and goes into deeper detail about what BDSM is and how this popular book is bringing it into mainstream conversations and stirring a controvery.

Episode 208: Dealing with In-Laws Who Regularly Argue
What should you do if your in-laws come over and argue. Constantly. Every time! Dr. Noelle Nelson offers several tips on how to handle this situation and how to keep the toxic in-law relationship from creating a wedge in your own marriage.

Episode 207: Your Spouse Isn't a Mind Reader and "I'm Fine" Doesn't Cut It
Husbands and wives are close, but they can't read minds. So saying something like, "I'm fine, dear" when there is something wrong won't have a positive effect on a marriage. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers tips on how couples can break through this communication barrier.

Episode 206: 10 Tips for Your Next Trip to the Gym
Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, share 10 tips that all gym patrons should follow when they are trying to get in shape. From what to wear to how you act, Diane's tips will make your exercise experience more enjoy for you, as well as those hard bodies around you.
Read: "10 Gym Etiquette Tips"

Episode 205: When Unexpected Additions to Your Family Rock Your Marriage
No, we're not talking about a surprise pregnancy. We're talking about a child from a previous marriage now moving in with you and your spouse. When you and your spouse got married, this might never have been discusses since the ex lived across the country, but now it's happening. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how a couple can handle this situation and instead of having it tear the marriage apart, finding ways for it to enhance the marriage.

Episode 204: Keeping Your Love Strong When You Have Kids
Dr. Noelle Nelson offers many tips on how couples can keep their love alive, particular for modern couples where more men are staying at home and chipping in on the housework and childcare duties--yes, even diaper duty.

Episode 203: The 14 Days of Valentine's
Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, offers 14 Valentine's Day tips for men that can be implemented each day in February leading up to the holiday of romance. Regardless, these tips require little effort and time and should be implemented in day-to-day life.

Episode 202: Valentine's Day Thoughts from Dr. Trina Read
Do couples enjoy Valentine's Day? Is it worth the time and anguish? Should a husband or wife expect sex on Valentine's Day? Sex expert, Dr. Trina Read shares her thoughts and ideas on this special holiday celebrating romance.

Episode 201: Interview with Author, Elizabeth Weil
Elizabeth Weil just released her new book, "No Cheating, No Dying: I had a good marriage. Then I tried to make it better," and spoke with editor, Steve Cooper, about the process of writing the book, what she learned, what surprised her and much more.
Elizabeth's Twitter: @LizWeil
Read The Candid 7 Interview with Elizabeth Weil
Buy the book, "No Cheating, No Dying: I had a good marriage. Then I tried to make it better"

Episode 200: Super Bowl Party Etiquette
The Super Bowl is here. It's the most watched event in our nation, which means family and friends gather together and we understand that some might not want to be there. Our etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, provides many tips on how to act and what's not appropriate when your team is on the tube or if you're lucky enough to grab a ticket to the big game. (These tips also apply to other sporting events--so give it a listen).

Episode 199: Married With Opposite-Sex Friends
Does your husband not like that work friend of the opposite sex? Are they jealous that you have so many friends of the opposite gender on Facebook? There are many spouses out there who are uncomfortable with their husband or wife's opposite-sex friends. Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses this issue and provides many tips on how your spouse can become more comfortable with your friends, even if they are of the opposite gender.

Episode 198: How to Engage in Polite Political Conversation
The political season is heating up and our etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, shares her tips on how to get into politcal conversations, how to discuss politics with your spouse, how to keep the conversation civil, how to call people out on lies and how to politely exit a conversation that isn't going anywhere…plus much more.

Episode 197: Overcome the Feeling That You're Too Busy and Have No Life
We all have friends that seem like they have their act together and are living a life that we envy, while we're stuck running around too busy to do anything. Instead of being jealous of these couples, Dr. Noelle Nelson offers several tips on how couples can turn those green eyes into a gaze of inspiration to make your own dreams comes true.

Episode 196: Tips to Add Fun & Adventure to Your New Year
A new year is upon us and etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, offers 13 tips that will help grow and expand your marriage while delivering fun and excitement.

Episode 195: The Grass is Greener Phenomenon
It can be an easy trap to fall into; looking at the marriage of a friend from outside and envy how attentive and nice it seems. Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses the issue of how the grass is always greener phenomenon may not always be the case, along with what couples can do about it.

Episode 194: Breaking Down the Sex Addiction Myth
Sex expert, Dr. Trina Read, explains her thoughts on sex addiction, why so many people are misinformed, and what steps people should take if they feel they have a problem.

Episode 193: Don't Let Marital Drama Turn to Trauma
We all have things that go wrong in our marriages, things that can be hurtful or even damaging. Dr. Noelle Nelson addresses the issue of what to do after those insensitive or hurtful things have been said or done.

Episode 192: Don't Let Aging Ruin Your Marriage
We're all getting older. Unfortunately, some become a slave to trying to maintain their youth, which can cause serious damage to the marriage. This applies to women and men; and all ages, from 20-year-olds to 40-year-olds and beyond. Moreover, when you begin to look at yourself in a critical light, many will also look at their spouse through the same lense.

Episode 191: Things To Keep from Your Husband
Are there things that are better off not sharing with your husband (or wife)? Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, says "yes" there are. Diane also discusses the automatically assumed loop hole in sharing secrets with your spouse. Diane explains these circumstances and more in this week's episode.

Episode 190: Constructive Criticism--An Oxymoron
Is there such a thing as constructive criticism? Dr. Noelle Nelson suggests you have to make a choice to either criticize or be constructive. Don't try to do both. Noelle explains how to walk this delicate line with a few examples and the reasoning behind it.

Episode 189: An Interview with Andrea Syrtash, Author of the New Book "Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband)"
Andrea Syrtash, author of the new book "Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband)" took a few minutes to speak about the process of writing, dating your spouse and crushing on someone who isn't your husband or wife.
Andrea's Twitter: @AndreaSyrtash
Read The Candid 7 Interview with Andrea Syrtash

Episode 188: The Dangers of Constantly Shooting Down Your Spouse
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how constantly shooting down your spouse when they attempt to express themselve, whether trying to discuss their day or express a concern in the relationship, is not to be taken lightly. Fortunately, Noelle offers some great advice.

Episode 187: Halloween Tips for Parents (and Kids)
Halloween is fun for the whole family. To make sure it stays that way etiquette expert Diane Gottsman offers tips for parents to follow and a few reminders that apply to kids.

Episode 186: How to Handle a Job Loss
Losing a job can have an enormous effect on a marriage. Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, shares several tips on how couples can deal with a job loss and move forward.

Episode 185: Tips for Dealing with Stepkids
Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman provides 10 simple tips to help when dealing with stepkids; from what to expect in the relationship to what's appropriate conversation about the ex.

Episode 184: The Dinner Connection
When everything is going good in your marriage Dr. Noelle Nelson shares some tips on how good marriages can get even better with a few rules to follow during dinner time.

Episode 183: Dealing With the Loss of a Job
In a terrible economy, like the one we're in right now, a spouse losing a job is, unfortunately, not that uncommon. Dr. Noelle Nelson tackles this issue and pays particular focus on the emotional repercussions of a spouse losing their job.

Episode 182: Considerations When Friending the Opposite Sex
Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, goes through a list of considerations both husbands and wives need to mull when dealing with friends of the opposite sex.

Episode 181: Does a Traveling Spouse Spell Marital Disaster?
When one spouse has a job that requires a lot of traveling, it can cause troubles in the marriage if both the traveling and stay-at-home spouse don't follow a few simple rules. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains what those rules are and how couples can thrive in this situation.

Episode 180: Treat Your Spouse Like Your Pet
It seems disrespectful to say, but sometimes couples will treat their pet better than their spouse. Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, explains this statement and delivers tips on how you can treat your spouse like your favorite pet and in doing so improve your marriage.

Read: 12 Reasons to Treat Your Spouse Like Your Beloved Pet

Episode 179: Raising a Child With an Irresponsible Ex
If you have an ex with whom you have a child with, it may cause new problems if that person is irresponsible. Dr. Noelle Nelson describes how a person can deal with that ex, help the child when dissapointment arrises, and keep the current marriage healthy and strong.

Episode 178: Why Do Wives Have to Offer Reminders to Get Things Done
It doesn't take an elaborate study to understand that many, many men need constant reminders from their wives to take action. Dr. Noelle Nelson jumps on the podcast to explain this marriage dynamic and how couples can deal with it and move forward. Men, pay attention!

Episode 177: The Art of Accepting an Apology
We think delivering an apology can be difficult, but graciously receiving an apology, particularly when you've been offended, can equally as difficult. Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman explores this issue and provides several tips on how you can accept an apology to help your relationship move forward.

Episode 176: Listening: A Marriage Saving Skill
We think because we have ears that we know how to listen. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers many tips to make sure that statement holds true since so many arguments within marriage happen because we hear our spouse, but we just don't know how to listen to what they're saying.

Episode 175: What "Not" to Say to Military Spouses
While most people have the best intentions, many don't think about the things they say, particularly to military spouses. Our etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, shares some tips for things not to say when having having a conversation with military family and friends and how we can take their feelings into consideration. For military family members, Diane also shares some responses when some say innappropriate or inconsiderate things.
Also, be sure to read "What to Say to a Military Spouse."

Episode 174: The Etiquette of Dealing with a Friend's Divorce
It's a tough situation to watch friends get divorced, and how you respond is equally difficult. Our etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman goes through the common situations of a friend seperating from their spouse and provides details on the appropriate way to respond, from how you should react to things not to say.

Episode 173: Combatting the "It's All Your Fault" Cycle
Your spouse is, without a doubt, going to have an impact on your life--so don't start the blame game when unexpected issues arise that you didn't anticipate. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains the common situations where this happens and provides advice on how couples can stop the cycle of blaming in a knee-jerk reaction.

Episode 172: The Etiquette of Delivering an Apology
We all make mistakes, that's a given, but not all of us own up to those mistakes and offer a heartfelt and appropriate apology. Hitched's etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, goes through the do's and don't's of delivering an a proper apology--something every married person should know how to do.

Episode 171: How to Handle the "Should' Monster
When your spouse wants to offer advice, they might say something like, "you should do it like this..." We inevitably will get stuck on the word "should" instead of listening to what our spouse is actually suggesting. Dr. Noelle Nelson provides a few scenarios and some advice on how couples can slay the "should" monster.

Episode 170: The Etiquette of Being a House Guest
While on vacation or a quick weekend before an out-of-town conference, being a house guest requires a certain amount of decorum. Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, shares some common courtesies all house guests should exercise when bunking in someone else's home.

Episode 169: How to Handle the "I'm Not Ready" Excuse
There are a lot of major decisions to be made in a relationship, from deciding to have children to purchasing a home. As a result, the converstaion often devolves into someone saying, "I'm not ready." Well, Dr. Noelle Nelson can help explain this response and provides advice on how couples can move forward. Are you ready?

Episode 168: A Quick Guide to Graduation Etiquette
Whether it's you, your child, a friend or a relative that's graduating--whether from high school, college or even some special program--nationally recognized etiquette expert Diane Gottsman provides tips for everyone involved. From what is an appropriate gift to the etiquette of expressing "thanks" via Facebook, Gottsman delivers the answers.

Episode 167: Meshing Personalities of a Square Peg and Round Hole
Sometimes couples get comfortable going against what they're comfortable with because they want to please their spouse. Eventually they realize that certain things don't work for them--they're a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains this phenomenon and offers examples on how couples can work through it.

Episode 166: Does Your Marriage Need a Boost?
Dr. Michelle Gannon discusses the launch of her new Marriage Boost 101 one-day seminar. Michelle discusses what it is, who should go and what couples can expect if they decide to attend. More details can be found at www.marriageboost101.com.

Episode 165: Avoid Fights by Learning Better Decision-Making Skills
How many times have you gotten to a store and argued about the purchase because you couldn't make a decision. Good decision-making skills will help alleviate fights and Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how to boost these skills.

Episode 164: The Etiquette of Tipping
From hotels to restaurants to the coffee shop, our etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, explains the rules and etiquette of tipping. If you'd like to tip us, we accept five-star ratings and word-of-mouth recommendations to your friends.

Episode 163: Addressing the Sexual Side Effects of Antidepressants
It's estimated that 37 percent of Americans on antidepressant drugs experience sexual dysfunction as a side effect. Sex expert, Dr. Trina Read, addresses the issues and discusses the ways a couple can deal with this dip in libido.

Episode 162: Getting Your Spouse to Leave the Nest
There's real comfort in a home cooked meal from Mom. However, at some point that same comfort needs to be found in your current home with your spouse. Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman provides terrific advice on the conversation a couple needs to have when one partner is not yet ready to cut the apron ties from their parents.

Episode 161: Bonus Episode - Interview with Marlo Gottfurcht, Author of "Love, Marriage...and Facebook"
Hitched Editor-in-Chief, Steve Cooper, interviews Marlo Gottfurcht, author of "Love, Marriage...and Facebook" to discuss her new book and much more on how Facebook and marriage intersect.

Episode 160: Bringing Your Spouse to a Business Function
Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman offers many tips on how to handle the numerous interactions while attending a business function or event with your spouse.

Episode 159: How to Avoid Being Cranky When Under Stress
Life brings a lot of responsibilities along with it. Dr. Noelle Nelson provides many tips on how you can reduce your stress and even laugh about it. So relax and listen as we help you turn that frown upside down.

Episode 158: Mastering Dining Etiquette
Etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman explains how to impress your spouse on your next date night with solid dining etiquette protocol, starting from the time you make reservations until the time you leave the restaurant. There's even a few surprises!

Episode 157: Getting Off the I'm-Gonna-Explode Treadmill
When life can load up the responsibilities and stresses, you don't need to succumb to the building pressure and explode. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers several tips on how you can relieve this cycle of stress that can drive a wedge between you and your spouse.

Episode 156: In-Law Etiquette
For the first time we welcome nationally recognized etiquette expert Diane Gottsman on the podcast. Diane discusses common etiquette queries while dealing with in-laws.

Episode 155: Getting Close Again in Your Marriage
Sometimes life gets in the way of being as close as we once were with our husbands and wives. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how this happens, what it means and how couples can form new bonds that will propel your marriage and regain the closeness you have lost.

Episode 154: A Husband Snoops on His Wife's E-mail
A husband admits to snooping on his wife's e-mail and feels terrible about it. The wife feels her privacy has been invaded. Dr. Karen Sherman addresses this issue and discuss.

Episode 153: How to Handle Your Husband Talking Mean to You
Communication seems like such a simple device that humans should easily master, but as we know it's often the root of our relationship problems. Dr. Noelle Nelson presents some tools to help squash tempers and improve your social interactions.

Episode 152: Are Trial Separations a Good Idea?
A wife and husband give a trial separation a try and are struggling to reconnect. Dr. Karen Sherman replies with help for this couple and general thoughts on separations.

Episode 151: When Opposites Attract Isn't So Attractive
It's common for opposite personality types to attract. Sometimes, however, those things that attracted a couple in a beginning can drive them apart later. Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how these personality differences can be better understood.

Episode 150: Dealing with In-Law Criticisms
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how your choices and compromises can be worked into a dealing with new family members, particularly in-laws and step-children.

Episode 149: A Conversation with Wendy Strgar, Author of "Love That Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy"
Wendy Strgar, founder of Good Clean Love (and long time Hitched contributor) makes her first podcast appearance to talk about her new book, "Love That Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy."

Episode 148: The Marriage Blahs – Death Knell of The Relationship?
If you're feeling the blahs in your marriage, are you having a lack of enthusiasm in your marriage or your life? Dr. Noelle Nelson weights in and offers some terrific advice, as usual.

Episode 147: New Stepchild, A Recipe for Marital Disaster?
Blended families are becoming the norm and sometimes stepkids can have a great effect on the marriage. Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses how couples can handle a situation where a stepchild suddenly enters the family and effects the marriage dynamic.

Episode 146: What To Do When Parents Caught Having Sex?
Dr. Trina Read responds to a parent who wrote in concerned that her teenage daughter has heard her and her husband having sex--not once, not twice, but three times!

Episode 145: When Mother-in-Laws Disrespect Your Time
Mother-in-laws aren't always evil people out to ruin our lives. Sometimes they just want to be a part of our live and we fail to set appropriate boundries. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers words of wisdom.

Episode 144: Expressing Gratitude in Your Marriage
Dr. Michelle Gannon explains the importance of sharing gratitude in your marriage and offers a few simple steps to get things rolling.

Episode 143: How to Respond if Your Kid Says They're Gay
Dr. Trina Read discusses the response of parents when they're first told their son or daughter is gay. She also talks about how to handle outside family members and the conversations parents need to have. Here are some of the links mentioned in this podcast episode: www.itgetsbetterproject.com and www.pflag.org

Episode 142: Surviving Marriage Blow Ups
Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses how couples can and should respond to those emotional blow ups, where the reaction is out of proportion to the event or comment.

Episode 141: Can Being Friends With Your Ex Damage Your Marriage?
Where's the line between being cordial and friends with your ex? And can being friends be harmful to your current marriage? Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses.

Episode 140: Do Harsh Words During Fight Mean Anything?
A wife writes about the lashing out from her husband who says she should find someone else. Dr. Karen Sherman responds with how this situation should be handled and whether or not the lashing out words should be taken seriously.

Episode 139: Have Herpes, Trying to Get Pregnant
Dr. Trina Read explains the risks and complications that a couple has to deal with when one (or both) have herpes and are trying to get pregnant and/or are pregnant.

Episode 138: Transform Your Sex Life According to Her Cycle
Dr. Joni Frater and Esther Lastique discuss the ebbs and flows of a woman's libido according to her cycle, as well as providing tips on how couples can take advantage of the various times of month.

Episode 137: How to Prevent Your Fight from Becoming Armageddon
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how couples can diffuse fights that grow or are repeating arguments that seem to escalate to an unsettling point. Dr. Nelson also provides tips on how to handle arguments when they do get to that red alert level.

Episode 136: Have Sex After Kids
Dr. Trina Read returns to tell us about her new website www.HaveSexAfterKids.com, launching September 20th, and why she decided to create the website along with many tips you can expect to find there.

Episode 135: Going from Singlehood to Couplehood
Dr. Noelle Nelson offers many suggestions on how to ease the transition from being single to finding space in your new relationship and shared life.

Episode 134: Tips to Overcome a Sexless Marriage
New guests and trained sexologists Dr. Joni Frater and Esther Lastique answer a husband's question about how he can rejuvinate his sexless marriage.

Episode 133: How a Put Down Becomes a Put Off
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how passing judgement and expressing opinions on your spouse's interests can ultimately effect your relationship.

Episode 132: One Size Does Not Fit All
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains why you should take a critical look at all the relationship information that you hear.

Episode 131: What Babies Can Teach Us About Relationships
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how babies have an enormous amount to teach us about having great relationships.

Episode 130: Does Being Happily Married Mean I Have to Give Up Me?
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how couples can retain their individuality and uniqueness while still offering understanding to the shared relationship.

Episode 129: Dealing With an Unaffectionate Husband
Dr. Karen Sherman follows up on an article she wrote that answered a wife's questions about her unaffectionate husband. In the follow-up, Dr. Sherman replies to readers who have questions of their own. Read the article, "5 Ways to Fix an Unaffectionate Spouse"

Episode 128: Too Tired for Sex
Dr. Michelle Gannon breaks down the reason people say they're too tired for sex and offers numerous ideas to help couples break that cycle to achieve happy and healthy sex lives.

Episode 127: How to Overcome Your Husband's Reluctance to Help With Toddlers
Dr. Noelle Nelson explores the reasons that husbands and men in general aren't typically the first person in the room to jump at the opportunity to take care of a crying or needing child. Dr. Nelson also explains what drives women and how couples can accomplish better agreement.

Episode 126: What to Do With a Baseball Fanatic Spouse?
Dr. Noelle Nelson helps baseball (and other sports) widows navigate the season without feeling abandoned or any less loved than their spouse's favorite team.

Episode 125: 10 Unusual Facts About a Man's Body
Sexologist Dr. Trina Read offers an early Father's Day gift with information about a man's intimate parts--we guarantee women and men will learn something.

Episode 124: Lessons from the Longest Running Study of Marriage in North America
Dr. Terri Orbuch, director of the longest running study of marriage in North America, the Early Years Marriage Project, shares what she's learned from following married couples for more than 20 years, including secrets to happy and successful relationships.
Article: "5 Happiness and Health Lessons for Couples."
Book: "5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great"

Episode 123: Secrets to Having a Successful Date Night
Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses the Date Night movie with Tina Fey and Steve Carell and offers tips for listeners so they can achieve their own exciting date nights without getting held up by the mafia.

Episode 122: How to Fight Constructively
Dr. Noelle Nelson offers several tips on how a couple can fight where both can feel good about the outcome.

Episode 121: Overcoming Jealousy In Your Marriage
Dr. Karen Sherman responds to a wife's question about jealous feelings she has toward her husband going out--even though these feeling stem from previous relationships and not her current marriage.

Episode 120: Should You Quit a Lifelong Job to Save Marriage?
Dr. Karen Sherman addresses a wife's concerns that her husband's job with odd hours is tearing their marriage apart. Is it fair to ask him to quit even though she knew about the job before marriage? Dr. Sherman has answers.

Episode 119: How to Deal with Jealousy When Your Spouse is Out of Sight
Dr. Noelle Nelson offers tips for couples dealing with jealousy, particularly when one frequently goes out of town, is away serving in the military or other circumstance that keep you physically apart.

Episode 118: 5 Romantic Gestures for Her To Do for Him
In the second part of a two-episode podcast, Dr. Trina Read offers five romantic gestures for her to do for him. Dr. Read explains the differences between men and women in their idea of romance, which for men means five creative ideas that'll lead to sex.

Episode 117: 5 Romantic Gestures for Him To Do for Her
In a two-episode podcast, Dr. Trina Read offers five romantic gestures for him to do for her and for her to do for him. One reason for two episodes is that what men and women find romantic differs. Dr. Read explains.

Episode 116: What's Wrong With Always Being Right?
Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses the issue of one spouse always having to be right and how that can impact a relationship. It seems like a small thing, but Dr. Nelson explains how it needs to be addressed.

Episode 115: It's Time You Take a Marriage Vacation
New guest, Dr. Michelle Gannon, introduces the idea of marriage vacations, why they're important and how they can help improve your marriage--especially for couples with children.

Episode 114: Signs You're Not Showing Enough Respect to Your Spouse
Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses the difference between being critical of an action of your spouse and being disrespectful of your spouse. Dr. Nelson also offers several tips on how you can show more respect.

Episode 113: Getting Back to Sex After Baby
Dr. Trina Read discusses what she's learned four months into her six month sex challenge, including when to resume sex, how much sex is normal and what are some things couple need to consider after having a baby.

Episode 112: What is Sex Addiction and Is It Real?
Dr. Noelle Nelson dives into all your questions about sex addiction, what is it, what are the symptoms, is it real or is it just a bad label? All this and much more in this episode.

Episode 111: Dealing with Relatives Who Drive You Crazy
Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses the delicate issue of dealing with outside family members who pry into your marriage, are overbearing, and sometimes drive you crazy, in general.

Episode 110: Aphrodisiac Foods
Dr. Trina Read gets your appetite going about aphrodisiac foods: what are they, how did they come about, and are they even real. There's a lot to digest here.

Episode 109: Integrity and Commitment
Dr. Erik Fisher discusses integrity and commitment and offers several metaphors for how it effects not just marriage, but the rest of our lives.

Episode 108: Cheap Valentine's Ideas
Looking to woo your spouse this year, but don't have the usual scratch? Dr. Noelle Nelson offers many great ideas that express your love, offer a fun night, and won't hurt your wallet.

Episode 107: Do Date Nights Automatically Include Sex?
Dr. Trina Read discusses whether or not a date night implies sex for couples, particularly for couples with kids. You'll also learn of a new Japanese holiday.

Episode 106: What is the Currency of Your Love?
Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses your marriage economics, meaning when things get tough will your marriage be on the brink of bankruptcy or will you find the cooperation needed to move forward.

Episode 105: How to Start Fresh in Your Marriage
With a new year comes many new beginnings. To start this new decade Dr. Noelle Nelson offers some tips on kick-starting your marriage like it was brand new.

Episode 104: How to Keep the Holiday Spirit All Year Long
Once the new year begins "real life" hits and life can once again seem mundane. Dr. Noelle Nelson offers several tips on how to keep the good cheer and momentum going, and also why it's important to do so.

Episode 103: Preventing Holiday Drama with Spouse and Family
Dr. Noelle Nelson helps us cope with the inevitable tensions that arise during the holidays, whether with our spouses or family. These tips will help put the joy back in the season.

Episode 102: Does Your Marriage Need a Makeover?
There may not be cheating or anything too nefarious going on in your marriage, but is there room for improvement? Dr. Noelle Nelson offers advice on how you can accomplish your own marriage makeover.

Episode 101: Why Do Really Successful People Cheat
As celebrities continue to make headlines for their indiscretions, Dr. Karen Sherman sheds light on the motivation behind cheating, the unique challenges of public figures and much more.

Episode 99: What to Do When Alienated from Family
A reader and spouse are feeling lonely. Neither have close relationships with their families. Dr. Karen Sherman offers several ideas for the couple on dealing with their family and how to fill the void of loneliness.

Episode 98: Get Your Marriage Out of the Fight Club
Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses how anger can inhibit your problem solving skills that keep you and your spouse fighting. Also, be sure to find out who won the Toad to Prince contest, Click here.

Episode 97: Safety Tips for Holiday Shopping
John Sileo offers several easy-to-follow safety tips for holiday shopping and identifies red flags to look for if something has gone awry.

Episode 96: Break the Vicious Cycle of Control in Marriage
Dr. Noelle Nelson talks about controlling spouses, why they control and what couples can do about it.

Episode 95: Dealing with Football Season
Brett Williams, Clinical Director of HelpTalking.com readdresses the issue of how football season disrupts relationships and what couples can do about it. He also responds to the many reactions of his written article.

Episode 94: What Couples Can Learn from David Letterman's Infidelity
Brett Williams, Clinical Director of HelpTalking.com, offers a few bits of advice to David Letterman, plus he explores why married people stray with fellow co-workers.

Episode 93: A Spouse is a Terrible Thing to Waste
You may love your spouse, but are you forgetting to show appreciation and interest in them? Dr. Noelle Nelson helps guide listeners through the issue of "wasting" your spouse.

Episode 92: Pulling the Plug on Infidelity
Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses what drives us toward infidelity--even when there's seemingly nothing wrong with the marriage--and what we can do to prevent it from happening.

Episode 91: Gender Perceptions of Genitalia
Men and women often carry different perceptions and comfort levels with their genitals. Dr. Trina Read explains why this is and what can be done about it.

Episode 90: Protect Yourself on Social Networks
Identity theft expert, John Sileo, discusses the privacy policies of Facebook and Twitter, plus offers tips on what we should all do when connecting with others online.

Episode 89: Exploring Sexual Fantasies
Dr. Trina Read breaks the taboos about sexual fantasies, explains how you can introduce fantasy into your sex life and offers tips to make your exploration a fun, exciting and healthy success.

Episode 88: Protect Your Marriage from a Stealth Attack
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains what a stealth attack is, where they happen and what you can do to stop an attack on your marriage. This is a warning to all who have a good spouse that's desirable to others!

Episode 87: The Dangers of Kids/Teens Sexting
Dr. Erik Fisher discusses the seriousness of kids and teens sexting and some of the dangers that it can pose even for the parents.

Episode 86: Fighting Childhood Obesity
Fitness expert and ex-pro football player Dave Hubbard tells his extrodinaire story, which includes a life-changing sky diving accident ultimately resulting in his 10-minute training program. He then goes on to offer tips on fighting childhood obesity.

Episode 85: How to Get Your Husband to Take Responsibility
Dr. Karen Sherman explains why men sometimes have a difficult time accepting responsibility and how husbands and wives can take on any issue--responsibly.

Episode 84: How to Get Your Spouse to See a Therapist
Dr. Karen Sherman breaks down the barriers that prevent some couples from getting professional help and offers tips to squash some common excuses.

Episode 83: Make Your Marriage Sustainable
Dr. Noelle Nelson offers advice on how to keep your marriage sustainable and green by being spontaneous, flirting and much more.

Episode 82: Sex After 50
Dr. Trina Read discusses sex for couples over the age of 50. Dr. Read explains how sex has to change because our bodies change and what we can do--hopefully to acheive "ferocious" sex.

Episode 81: Break the Marriage Slump
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains how and why marriages sometimes fall into a funk and how the marriage slump can be prevented-if you're already there, Dr. Nelson will tell you how to dig yourself out.

Episode 80: Date Nights--No Excuses
Brett Williams, executive director of OC Marriage offers advice on what a good date night is, why they're important and squashes your excuses for not going on regular date nights.

Episode 79: The Secrets of Happy Families (Part 2)
Dr. Scott Haltzman talks about his new book, "The Secrets of Happy Families" including his thoughts on the main reasons families struggle and succeed.

Episode 78: The Secrets of Happy Families (Part 1)
Dr. Scott Haltzman makes his first appearance on the Hitched Podcast to discuss his newest book, "The Secrets of Happy Families." In part 1, Dr. Haltzman discusses the process of putting his book together, the changing definition of happy families and more.

Episode 77: Happy Marriages--Waiting for the Shoe to Drop
Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses why little problems can lead to major arguments and how couples need to learn to accept and deal with a happy marriage.

Episode 76: Tools to Approach and Resolve Conflicts
Dr. Jackie Black discusses the process of conflicts and various tools and tactics couples can use to better connect and resolve their issues.

Episode 75: A Marriage Saving Breakthrough--Quit the Blame
Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses how blaming your spouse or yourself when problems arise will not lead to resolution. Instead, Dr. Nelson highlights several tips on what to do.

Episode74: Making a Good Marriage Even Better
Dr. Jackie Black discusses, among other things, why so many successful people have dismal marriages and ways to improve your marriage.

Episode 73: Spring Clean Your Marriage - Prevent a Relationship Meltdown
Dr. Noelle Nelson discusses how marriage can become stale and how couples can rekindle their marriage.

Episode 72: How to Keep from Driving Your Spouse Crazy
Dr. Noelle Nelson explores why we drive our spouse crazy and what we can do to prevent it.

Episode 71: Adventurous Places to Have Sex
Why is it that we have adventurous sex when single, but not married? Dr. Trina Read talks about the most adventurous place she's had sex, what adventurous sex can do for a marriage and more.

Episode 70: Increasing Emotional Attachments in Your Marriage
In part three of three, Dr. Karen Sherman explains the importance of emotional attachments in marriage and how really simple and small gestures can go a long way.

Episode 69: Male Contraception & Other Birth Control
Dr. Trina Read discusses male contraception, including the new injection available for men, as well as the long term effects of 'the pill' for women.

Episode 68: Connecting With Your Spouse Through Empathy
In the second of a three-part series, Dr. Karen Sherman helps couples connect through empathy, and explains how your childhood experiences can effect your emotional understanding as an adult.

Episode 67: Marriages Silent Killer - Boredom
Dr. Noelle Nelson explains why boredom has become a regular part of marriage, when it first starts to arrive and what you can do to stop it.

Episode 66: Building Emotional Connections with Your Spouse
Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice on how couples can build emotional connections in their marriage, often through their differences.

Episode 65: How Twitter Can Ruin or Enrich Your Marriage
Dr. Noelle Nelson explores how Twitter can effect your marriage, good and bad.

Episode 64: Reader Questions About Sex
Sex expert, Dr. Trina Read answers reader questions about sex.

Episode 63: Recession-proof Your Marriage
New guest, Dr. Noelle Nelson shares tips on how to prevent the current recession from ruining your marriage.

Episode 62: Is It Bad to Go to Bed Angry?
Find out if it's really bad for your relationship to go to bed angry. Dr. Karen Sherman explains this issue and offers some tips. Plus our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!
Dr. Sherman's "The 7 Tools to Manage Conflict Communication in Your Relationship"

Episode 61: Being an Individual Within Marriage
If you and your spouse have very few common interests, is that a bad thing for your marriage? Dr. Karen Sherman sets the record straight with some advice on staying connected while maintaining your individuality.

Episode 60: Attachment Issues
Attachment displayed as a child can be a great indicator of commitment issues as an adult. Dr. Karen Sherman explains why and how, plus what couples can do about commitment issues.

Episode 59: Too Tired for Sex?
Is "I'm too tired" the new "I have a headache" excuse for not having sex? Dr. Trina Read gives us an answer and explains the reasoning behind these excuses, plus offers solutions.

Episode 58: 5 Ways to Create Romance for Valentine's Day
Dr. Trina Read offers tips on how couples can use Valentine's Day to bring romance back into their relationship, even if couples think it's a Hallmark holiday.

Episode 57: Enhance Your Marriage Through Rituals
Dr. Karen Sherman explains the reasons rituals are so important and offers some new rituals that weren't mentioned in her aritcle.

Episode 56: Husband Has Cheating Friends
A husband hangs out with cheating friends and it makes his wife nervous. Dr. Karen Sherman answers these concerns and offers tips on how this couple can get through this issue.

Episode 55: Sex and the Holiday Season
Dr. Trina Read offers a little guidance to listeners on how husbands and wives can give their spouse the gift of sex and intimacy this holiday season.

Episode 54: Putting Sex Back Into Your Marriage
Dr. Karen Sherman answers a reader's call for help in getting sex back into her marriage. Karen also addresses how the husband can handle this issue.

Episode 53: How Stress Affects Sex
With the current economy, just about everyone is feeling a little more stressed. Dr. Trina Read explains how stress affects the sex lives of couples and what they can do about it.

Episode 52: Online Porn Addiction
Dr. Trina Read addresses online porn addiction, the problems it can cause a marriage and what couples can do about it.

Episode 51: How to Negotiate Different Sex Drives
You're two different people and you most likely have two different sex drives. Dr. Trina Read answers a reader question about how to negotiate having different sex drives and ways to get on the same page.

Episode 50: Getting the Affection Back
The honeymoon phase will end eventually. Dr. Karen Sherman helps a reader who's husband no longer shows affection toward her.

Episode 49: Sex, What to Expect With Age
Couples have sex well into their 60s and beyond. Sex expert Dr. Trina Read explains what couples can expect and how they can keep a healthy sex life.

Episode 48: Talking Politics
Politics is one of those extremely passionate subjects that people love to argue about. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice on how to talk politics with your spouse.

Episode 47: Spouse Forgets Anniversary
One readers wants to know if her husband forgetting their 20th anniversary is a sign of uncaring, or even worse, infidelity. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 46: Mindfullness and the Art of Choice (author interview)
Dr. Karen Sherman talks about her new book "Mindfulness and the Art of Choice: Transform Your Life".

Episode 45: Why Women Like Bad Boys
Sex expert Dr. Trina Read explains why women like bad boys and how this relates to non-bad boy married men.

Episode 44: Cleaning Differences
Does your husband promise to clean the house and then he either never does it or he does a poor job and you have to do it yourself? Dr. Karen Sherman can help clean up the situation.

Episode 43: My Spouse Has Wandering Eyes
Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice to a husband who's wife stares at other men while they're out together, even though she knows it makes him feel uncomfortable.

Episode 42: Self-Respect Within Marriage
What can you do if you don't think you're getting the respect you deserve in your marriage? What do you do if you're trying to give your spouse respect, but your spouse doesn't acknowledge your efforts? Dr. Karen Sherman has answers.

Episode 41: Another Excuse for No Sex
A new study revealed that the more housework a husband did, the more sex he received from his wife. Does this mean women who do housework now have a good excuse for not wanting to have sex?

Episode 40: Help My Husband's a Pothead
Is pot effecting your marriage? Dr. Karen Sherman helps listeners navigate the smokey issue and address addiction.

Episode 39: Does Viagra for Women Exist?
Is there such a thing as Viagra for women? Dr. Trina Read sheds light on the subject, as well as offer alternatives.

Episode 38: Rumors About Your Spouse
Dr. Karen Sherman answers a reader question about dealing with rumors about her husband and another women.

Episode 37: Is Flirting Okay When Married?
Sex expert, Dr. Trina Read explains flirting, the benefits, the pitfalls and offers some guidelines to follow.

Episode 36: Spouse Vacation's Alone
Is it normal for your spouse to vacation by themselves? Find out the importance of vacations and also hear how our reader responded to the original article.

Episode 35: The G-Spot
Can all women have a G-spot orgasm, how to find it, and what are the best positions?

Episode 34: My Wife is Trying to Change Me
Address the issue up front and remember that you can't change anyone except the way that you react.

Episode 33: Is Your Wife Faking It?
Dr. Trina Read responds to a reader question from a husband who thinks his wife is faking having an orgasm.

Episode 32: Do Sex Toys Negatively Affect Sex Life?
Sex expert Dr. Trina Read exposes the truth about bringing sex toys into your relationship and if there's any reason to worry about using sex toys.

Episode 31: Spouse Gained Weight
Dr. Karen Sherman answers questions about how to approach a spouse who has gained weight.

Episode 30: Interview with "Here Come the Newlyweds" Host Pat Bullard
The host of the new reality show "Here Come the Newlyweds" Pat Bullard talks about his new show and also discusses his time as host of "Love Connection" and being a writer for "Roseanne."

Episode 29: Work Spouse
Today's modern marriages have new and unique challenges and issues, like dealing with a work spouse. Listen to Dr. Karen Sherman explain the warnings and benefits of having a work spouse.

Episode 28: Part 2 of 2 - Getting in the Mood
Too tired to have sex? Do you have kids, work opposite schedules or have other reasons why your sex life isn't what it should be? In a two-part podcast, Dr. Trina Read explains how to turn things around.

Episode 27: Part 1 of 2 - Getting in the Mood
Too tired to have sex? Do you have kids, work opposite schedules or have other reasons why your sex life isn't what it should be? In a two-part podcast, Dr. Trina Read explains how to turn things around.

Episode 26: Valentine's Special
How to initiate fun and play in your sex life this Valentine's Day.

Episode 25: Who Cares About Valentine's Day?
How do you handle a holiday that you believe is nothing more than a way for card companies to sell more cardboard?

Episode 24: Sunday Dinner
A husband's family holds a big family dinner every Sunday. The wife doesn't want to go. What to do?

Episode 23: E-mail Infidelity
Having an emotional affair through e-mail is a problem that's new and unique to today's married couples. Listen to Dr. Karen Sherman's advice for one of our readers.

Episode 22: Dealing With In-Law Criticism
Dealing with in-law criticism isn't easy. Thankfully, Dr. Karen Sherman has answers.

Episode 21: Secrets of Happily Married Women
Dr. Scott Haltzman discusses the release of his new book, "The Secrets of Happily Married Women: How to Get More Out of Your Relationship by Doing Less."

Episode 20: Getting Your Spouse To Do Maintenance
Dr. Karen Sherman answers a reader question about getting her husband to do the maintenance on the house that he promised. A friend says she should hire someone and leave the bill on the table for him to see. Find out what Dr. Sherman advises.

Episode 19: The Best Orgasm for Women
There are three different types of orgasms a woman can have. Is one of them the best kind to have? Dr. Trina Read explains.

Episode 18: Sex Toys
What couples need to know about buying and implementing sex toys into their relationship.

Episode 17: House-Hopping During the Holidays
Do you have to split time between your in-laws houses on Thanksgiving? Dr. Karen Sherman will help you navigate through this holiday season.

Episode 16: The Man's Right to Sex
What's a guy to do when he wants sex? How should he approach his significant other? Dr. Trina Read has these answers and more.

Episode 15: The Right Age for Trick-or-Treating
At what age should you let your kids go trick-or-treating without adult supervision? How do you discuss this issue with your spouse? Dr. Karen Sherman has the answers.

Episode 14: Single vs. Married Woman Sex
What happens to our sex life and mentality after we get married? Dr. Trina Read explains.

Episode 13: How Much Sex is Normal?
Dr. Trina Read joins the podcast for the first time to enlighten couples on how much sex is normal in long-term relationships.

Episode 12: Dinner Dilemma
If you're having a hard time deciding on what's for dinner, the food or restaurant may not be the issue.

Episode 11: Disciplining Kids
Are you and your spouse on the same page when it comes to disciplining your kids? Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

Episode 10: Baby Boy
Dr. Karen Sherman discusses the situation of one parent treating their young adult as a young child.

Episode 9: Want Children?
Dr. Karen Sherman explores the issue of kids. Specifically, when one spouse wants a child and the other doesn't and how to approach the subject. Dr. Sherman also touches on how to approach parents with the news of not having kids.

Episode 8: Selecting A Guardian
Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice for couples when discussing who should be the guardian of their children should anything unfortunate happen. It's a touchy topic, but Dr. Sherman offers some great advice.

Episode 7: Fighting Over the TV
Dr. Karen Sherman discusses why couples fight over TV, the remote control and even paying for cable. Dr. Sherman offers tips to prevent future arguments and reasoning as to why these issues may be more than what they appear.

Episode 6: I Need Space
Dr. Karen Sherman talks about the need for space. To understand space, however, Dr. Sherman explains gender differences between men and women and how each needs to be treated differently in regards to space.

Episode 5: Bad Eating Habits of Your Kids
Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice for parents who want to get their kids to eat healthier. Dr. Sherman also offers advice on getting kids to exercise.

Episode 4: Saying One Thing, Doing Another
Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice for couples where one partner says one thing, then does another.

Episode 3: Vacation Preparation
Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice on expectation differences leading up to a vacation. Couples argue about things from where to go to how much money is being spent. Dr. Sherman addresses all the issues.

Episode 2: Security
Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice on couples dealing with security issues. In particular, when one partner continually ignores requests to lock doors and/or keep window closed.

Episode 1: Spring Cleaning
Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice on spring cleaning and how husbands and wives deal with differences in their cleaning habits. Also included is advice on how to get rid of items when one is a pack rat and the other wants to eliminate junk. Enjoy!

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