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Host of TLC's "One Week to Save Your Marriage," Dr. Robi Ludwig Opens Up About her Marriage

Hitchedmag.com interviews the host of TLC's "One Week to Save Your Marriage," Dr. Robi Ludwig. Dr. Ludwig offers practical marriage advice and reveals what part of her own marriage she still works on. Dr. Ludwig is a psychotherapist and has shared her insight on issues pertaining to lifestyle and love as a regular on NBC’s "The Today Show," Larry King Live, Nancy Grace and Court TV, where topics can get a little more grim when she’s explaining the criminal mind. Now she’s the host of her own show, TLC’s "One Week to Save Your Marriage."

In the interview, Dr. Ludwig answers the following questions and more:

"Seeing these couples on the brink of divorce, what has been the saving grace for most of them?"

"What has this show taught you about marriage that maybe you didn’t realize before?"

"What are some things you and your husband still have to remind yourselves to do or not do in your marriage?"

"If you could give one piece of advice for couples out there, what would you say?"

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