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Knowing what you and your spouse like seems like a simple question, but many can't answer even the basics. Setting up boundaries can help.

If someone close to you asked you to describe your ideal sexual experience, what kind of encounter would you describe? How would it begin? What would be involved? Where would it take place? Most importantly, how would it feel?

For some, the answers to these questions may be easy to articulate. For others, not so much. Being able to voice our deepest personal needs and desires is not always an easy thing to do—especially when it comes to sex. Most will agree though, that identifying and expressing exactly what we want (and don’t want) in a sexual relationship with an intimate partner is crucial in establishing a healthy and fulfilling sex life—namely one characterized by consent and equal pleasure.

Maintaining a thriving sex life over decades during marriage requires attention. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid.

Keeping the romance alive can happen through small, simple gestures like these…

Accepting love sounds like a natural, simple proposition. Unfortunately, many of us find it to be a struggle.

There's an art to foreplay that is benefited by a thoughtful slowing down and intention.

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