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Will a mom ever want sex again after having a baby? How should a wife bring up and act out a fantasy? Dr. Read has answers.

Do vaginal creams really work? How can you have a better orgasm? Dr. Trina Read weighs in.

Two wives struggle with their husband's performance. Dr. Read has advice for how to address both.

This week, Dr. Read gives advice on whether or not to tell your spouse you cheated, and how a possible vibrator addiction can take away from the real thing.

This week, Dr. Read shares stats from the Kinsey Institute and helps a parent communicate with their son about their sexuality.

The importance of defining what is acceptable in your relationship online, and tips to feel great naked.

A wife asks Dr. Read why her husband has stopped wanting sex and what it might mean.

This week, Dr. Read discusses the right amount of time to have sex and super sperm.

Dr. Read suggests a few ways to undo boring sex and offers insight on vaginal surgery.

Test your knowledge against these 17 questions and learn how knowing what you donít understand will help you become more sexually savvy.

Dr. Read shares vagina exercises (really!), and addresses exhaustion as an excuse for lack of sex.

Dr. Read answers questions on bad breath in the bedroom and how to revive romantic feelings after a miscarriage.

Dr. Read answers questions on male sex drive; talking dirty; men that refuse to give oral, and cheating dreams.

FDA advisers have offered their endorsement of a new sexual enhancement drug for women, here's how it works.

To get ready for bikini season, it might be more about getting your mind right than your body.

The fantasy of having sex in the water is tantalizing, but is it safe? Dr. Trina gives her advice on what to expect from the beach to the hotel pool.

A wife wants to learn a new sex position that will get her aroused. Dr. Trina Read teaches her the CAT.

The habit of faking an orgasm has become easier than achieving one. Also, why do we have pubic hair?

Wife thinks her single friends are having better sex than her. Also, do aphrodisiacs work; and does circumcision impact sensation and satisfaction?

Wife worries about her husband's fantasy to bring another woman into the bedroom. Also, a wife worries about her husband's porn use and more.

Is there a biological reason women feel sexy at certain times of the month? Plus, a husband doesn't like the guy pals her wife hangs with.

A husband doesn't like to cuddle after sex, and the wife's not happy. Another couple is dealing with herpes and one guy is having problems keeping an erection.

Is there anything wrong with scheduling sex? One reader's husband wants her to make noises in bed, but she doesn't feel comfortable. Dr. Trina Read has answers.

What can you do if you antidepressant medication is messing with your sex life? Did you know in addition to the G-spot there's an A-spot and U-spot? Dr. Trina Read has answers.

We all have annoying ticks and habits that could be hard to live with. Learn to outfit your marriage with the skills to overcome the warning label on your spouse.

Having children can bring a couple tremendous happiness, so can living a life without kids. Unfortunately, the decision for either is judged by society.

A divorce can test your friendship and have you take a closer look at your own marriage. Here are a few tips to navigate the splintered relationships.

Our bodies are packed with chemicals that respond to other humansÖ and not always just our spouse. Here's how to deal with the feelings of an extramarital crush.

When it comes to sexual desire, it's complicated. Dr. Trina Read explains why drug companies may be educating the public on a problem that can't be cured with a pill.

It's simple to dismiss Valentine's Day as a phony holiday. Instead, let the love and romance around you nudge your marriage back on track.

Compliments are one of the easiest and simplest ways to make your marriage strong. Use these gender-specific tips to build on your happiness together.

Should you tell if you cheat? Is honesty better or worse once you have cheated? What are the long term effects either way? Dr. Trina Read has researched some answers.

When does talking to someone online cross the whatís-acceptable-to-your relationship line? Read on to find out.

5 tips that will get you and your spouse back on the right track.

Incorporating fantasy can be tricky. Use these tips to see if you should try it or simply leave it alone.

Itís not rocket science, but couples often need to be reminded of a few basic points to keep the bedroom flare alive.

Creating a positive sexual vibe is possible, but it will take time.

Why parents need to stop being paranoid and begin to educate their kids about sex.

Dr. Read explains the truth behind sex surveys and why you shouldn't base your sex life according to them.

A woman's libido is very complex, making the promise of a one-size-fits-all pill equally as complex.

The term "sex addiction" is often used pretty loosely. See what Dr. Read considers normal and abnormal sexual behavior.

Is, "Iím too tired" the new, "Iíve got a headache?"

Create a memorable Valentineís Day this year by giving your partner the gift of you.

Dr. Trina Read gives you a first look into her new book, Til Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Marriage Sex Irresistible (Key Porter).

Is your sex life pre-determined by the stars? Dr. Trina Read interviewed an astrologer to find out.

Make February 14 a day for change in your relationship by overhauling the little things that have you and your spouse in a sexual rut.

The holiday season is a great time for taking mental snapshots of your intimate moments.

Dr. Read explains why couples need to take action before the cheating can occur.

Dr. Read rekindles the magic of your first kiss with your spouse.

When sharing walls with others, whether at a hotel or home, what level of sex noise is acceptable?

When sharing walls with others, whether at a hotel or home, what level of sex noise is acceptable?

Tired of making excuses on why you canít have sex. Dr. Read gives you some pointers on how to "just do it."

This week, Dr. Read explores the pros and cons of romance novels.

Last week Dr. Read discussed why men are so wrapped-up when it comes their junk. This week Dr. Read examines why women are so self-conscious when it comes to theirs.

This week Dr. Read examines why men are so wrapped-up when it comes to size. After this read, both you and your spouse will understand why itís all relative.

Can James Bond teach men how to seduce their lady? Dr. Read gives you the lowdown on the art of seduction and how to do it right.

Can flirting be good for your relationship? Dr. Read gives you the scoop on how a little flirting with someone else other than your spouse can surprisingly make your relationship stronger.

How quickly we forget. Touching your partner is so simple, yet means so much. Dr. Read tells you to "treat their entire body as if it is one big sex organ," and give the gift of touch.

Are your libidos affecting your sex life? Dr. Read identifies and examines 9 reasons how your libidos may be mismatched.

Is your sex-life starving for attention? Let Dr. Read show you how to make it healthy.

Donít focus on the "whatís wrong." Focus on the "whatís right".

Dr. Read makes up her own word for describing the sexual powers of springtime.

Itís been studied for more than a hundred years and yet science hasnít been able to decipher what kind of orgasm is better: vaginal or clitoral?

No more excuses! You spend time protecting the furniture in your home from kid-inflicted damage, why not baby-proof your sex life?

Is scent really what attracts us to one another? Dr. Read examines how your spouse's scent can change your perception.

Is the art of seduction right for you? Dr. Read offers reasons why seduction might not be worth the effort. You decide.

Dr. Read gives the low-down on how a two-minute drill can change your sex life forever.

Ever talk bluntly about sex with your spouse. Dr. Read explains why open communication about sex may lead to fewer arguments outside of the bedroom.

Listen up guys, because this could be the most important holiday sex advice you get. Dr. Read letís you know exactly how women need to be wooíed during the holiday season.

You barely have enough time to hang the mistletoe, let alone kiss under it. Dr. Read gives you advice on how to keep the bedroom hot during the holiday rush.

'Tis the season to do the nasty, fa la la la la, la la la la.

Do you and your spouse initiate sex equally? Would you like it to be more equal? Our Sexpert offers her simple plan.

Sure it's embarrassing, but premature ejaculation isn't something that should be ignored.

It's embarrassing if your kid hears you and your spouse having sex, but don't let it affect your sex life.

Sounds strange, but setting sex goals within your relationship can have a very positive impact. Dr. Trina Read explains how setting sex goals can muster up magic.

Is self-pleasuring considered cheating if you keep it a secret?

Don't let bad breath put a stink on your romantic time.

Do your sex life a favor, lighten up and laugh out loud in the bedroom

It's an interesting time in a couple's life when trying to conceive a baby. Our Sexpert explores what it takes to put a bun in the oven?

Are you afraid that you're not having enough sex? Our expert breaks down how much you should be having.

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