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Help! Husband Has Penis Pain During Sex
A wifeís concerned with the pain her husband feels during sex. Patty offers a few suggestions to bring back the magic.

My husband and I had not been intimate for a few weeks. When we finally decided to have sex, his penis hurt from me being on top. Could the pain be from not having sex for some time or could it be caused by something else? Any help is appreciated.

There are a variety of different reasons why a man would be experiencing pain during intimacy and, as a general rule, anytime any sort of pain is experienced whether man or woman, we recommend that you see a health care provider right away. The last thing anyone needs is to allow a possible injury to worsen because you didnít think it was that big of a deal. Plus, youíll sleep better at night knowing whether or not itís a serious issue that youíre dealing with.

With that said, there may be some basic reasons that a man may feel some discomfort while having intercourse. Not having sex for sometime should not necessarily cause a man to experience pain, though you should ask him to think back and see if he remembers experiencing any kind of injury during the time that you werenít being intimate.

If his pain is from actually inserting his penis, you may want to try using a lubricant, which will make your intimacy more comfortable and pleasurable for the both of you. A lack of lubrication can pull the skin of the penis in uncomfortable ways during sexual activity. If youíve never used a lubricant before, I recommend trying a water-based one that is pH balanced; these typically donít contain any irritants and are designed to feel like a womanís natural moisture.

If itís a pain that he is only feeling while youíre on top, you might also want to try a new position in which he is on top or behind. This will allow him to have more control of the depth and angle of his penisóeither of those might have been causing him discomfort previously.

Again, the doctor is your best friend in this particular situation. I know weíve all had times in which we have known someone (or been that someone) who hasnít wanted to go to the doctor for one reason or another, but be sure to emphasize with your spouse that this is for the sake of his own health.

Be sure he is equipped with a full description of his level and the location of his pain and remind him of how thankful youíll both be when you can get back to being intimate without any discomfort!

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