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5 Common Obstacles Newlyweds Face


The Best Tool for Tracking Weight Loss Progress
How to use a tape measure to track your weight loss—and why those numbers are a better representation of your progress than what the scale says.
Quench Your Thirst In Yakima Valley
The agriculture, weather and a curious culture begets a beverage crafting explosion in Yakima Valley.
The Wedding Present That Turned Into a Vineyard
When the Sullivans got hitched, they received a gift that would change the course of their family's future.
Sex Q&A: What Position Will Make Her Purr?
A wife wants to learn a new sex position that will get her aroused. Dr. Trina Read teaches her the CAT.
Moving Past Obligation Sex
Make the intimacy you share with your spouse meaningful by moving beyond boring routine sex. Here’s how!
Finding the Truth in Sexual Freedom
Allow your sexual curiosity to wake up and blaze new ground in the bedroom by discovering the freedom and courage you hold deep within.
The Difference Between Hearing and Listening
There is a big difference between hearing someone and listening to them. Understand what effective listening means.
Shedding New Light On Dark Wounds
Spring is a time for change and, as this writer found out, a time that would come to define her marriage.
Communication Is Oxygen in Marriage
A book excerpt from chapter two of "Marriage in Modern Life: Why It Works, When it Works" discussing communication in relationships and how it often goes wrong.
How Couples Can Stop Fighting About Money
5 tips to stay on top of your financials and reduce the stress as a couple.
Coupling Your Money: 3 Financial Tips for a Happy Union
Simple tips newlyweds can use to help ease the sometimes difficult discussion regarding money.
Help! I Hate My Boss
Here are three ways to shift your perspective in the workplace to create opportunities at work and home.
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