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Hitched Launches Services and Products Directory

The number one trusted name in marriage, Hitched (hitchedmag.com), is proud to introduce The Hitched Directory, a free, comprehensive, nationwide services and products directory that allows the thousands of hitchedmag.com readers access to counselors, therapists, experts, plus product specialists in the U.S. and Canada. The Hitched Directory is ease-to-use with state-by-state and category searching and featured listings right at your fingertips.

Any person who has ever had to thumb through the phone book in search of a marriage therapist or expert advice will often find an unorganized and confusing block of people grouped together in one listing, "Therapists" and just a name and number. And products, well forget it.

With The Hitched Directory, people will enter a realm of organized search in which anyone can find the help or product they are searching for easy, with comprehensive bios--to quickly determine if the expert or product fits their needs--e-mail addresses, phone numbers and website.

"Our readers genuinely care about their marriage," says Co-Founder Gabriel Lefrancois. "Together, [Co-Founder] Steve Cooper and I are always working on ways to not only help couples better their marriage, but also provide them with easy-to-use, resource- oriented outlets and possibilities. Together, we feel that with our vast array of content and the addition of The Hitched Directory we will give our readers the all-in-one marriage resource that is synonymous with the Hitched brand--The Hitched Directory is more than listings, it's a new resource from a trusted content provider."

The Hitched Directory can be reached directly at www.hitchedmag.com/directory/directory.php.

Hitchedmag.com features content in four areas: Threshold, Life, Money and Sex. The site also includes a blog, podcast, newsletters, events calendar and more. Says Cooper, "Our main goal has always been to entertain, educate and inspire an audience of married couples by providing them relevant content and tools. This new directory will catapult our services to an entirely new level and will vastly improve the lives of everyone who uses it."

For expert or product inquiries please contact:

Steve Cooper
Hitched Media, Inc.
(888) 462-3210 ext. 1

Gabriel Lefrancois
Hitched Media, Inc.  
(888) 462-3210 ext. 2

Josh Roberts
Hitched Media, Inc.
(888) 462-3210 ext. 3

Dao Roberts
Hitched Media, Inc.
(888) 462-3210 ext. 4

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