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What We Buy and Why: The Product or the Brand
The advertising and marketing of products may play a bigger role in your product purchasing than you think. Mr. Jacobs explains why itís time to stop and see the big

"Anythin fo' half-price is a bargain, irregardless o' what ya pay fo' it." ~ Mammy Yokum

A person's possessions speak volumes on what that individual regards as important. The advertising industry, devoted to identifying what the citizen considers significant, manipulates the market to create those choices. With massive sums to be spent, the competition is as fierce as it is grotesque.

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17 Things You (Unknowingly) Do at Work That Say, 'I Donít Care'
Most of us care about doing our jobs well, and about the relationships we have with clients and co-workers; although our actions might be sending the opposite messag
Younger Wives Are More Passive In Money Decisions
A new study shows that Gen X and Y women are less likely to make household financial decisions than current older generations.
5 Tips On Purchasing Your First Home
When buying your first home, there's more to consider than just the price.

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