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Sex Q&A: Is There a Sexy Time of Month?
Is there a biological reason women feel sexy at certain times of the month? Plus, a husband doesn't like the guy pals her wife hangs with.

Sex and relationship expert, Dr. Trina Read, is ready to answer your questions.

Sometimes I just feel more sexy than other times. Is there a reason for this?

The next time you’re feeling "more sexy" take a look at your calendar and ask yourself whether you’re ovulating. Evolutionary psychologist would say you have reached peak fertility.

While ovulating, the female brain kicks into competition mode and is subconsciously driven to attract the best quality sexual partners. ...Read More

Sex Q&A: Cuddling After Sex, Herpes, Staying Up
A husband doesn't like to cuddle after sex, and the wife's not happy. Another couple is dealing with herpes and one guy is having problems keeping an erection.
10 Tips for a Sweet and Sexy Holiday Season
Get a little naughty and nice this holiday season by creating the moments that really matter.
Sex Q&A: Bedroom Noises, Boring Sex and Scheduling
Is there anything wrong with scheduling sex? One reader's husband wants her to make noises in bed, but she doesn't feel comfortable. Dr. Trina Read has answers.

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