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Men Need Sex and Women Need More
Get real. Men and women have two different sets of desires. Learn why and find out how to meet the requirements.

"When a man gives up his freedom to get married, and forsake all others, he reasonably expects to get a ‘little thing’ on a regular basis." ~ Richard Hoad.

The obvious premise of the above quote is that men need "a little thing" or in other words sex, with the underlying implication that women are not always prepared to give it. The problem with this equation is that there is a built-in expectation of exchange. Men are purportedly giving up their "freedom," which means surrendering a "right" to sexual variety, in exchange for regular sex with one woman. Women, however, seldom define marriage in these exact terms. Sure, we know regular sex is involved in a committed relationship, but very often we want more. ...Read More

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