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4 Common Sex Myths Debunked
Bad sex myths can permeate your thoughts and actions. Reclaim the bedroom and put these common myths to sleep.

When is the last time you had really good sex? Not just "maintenance" sex (which is important for every relationship!), but memorable, toe-curling sex.

If you are like most people, you would probably say, "Itís been a while." We rarely prioritize our sexual pleasure and make time for our marriages, so it is no wonder when our intimacy becomes dull or uninspired.

To make matters worse, most of us suffer from a lack of education about our bodies and our sexual responses. Our culture is rife with myths about sex, and these distorted ideas about love-making can impact our pleasure and our connection with our spouse. ...Read More

5 Tips to Help Young People Avoid Having Bad Sex
Itís time to starting changing the way we think about sex in our relationship. Hereís how.
The Simon Says Sex Game
Married sex can and should be fun. Try this game to explore new things in the bedroom. Nobody will lose!
Sex Q&A: How To Approach My Son If I Think Heís Gay
This week, Dr. Read shares stats from the Kinsey Institute and helps a parent communicate with their son about their sexuality.

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