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Learn to Feel: 3 Ways to Save Your Sex Life
Learning to feel gets easier the more you practice and it can save your sex life from years of pain and suffering.

"Let everything happen to you: beauty and terrorÖ Just keep going. No feeling is final." ~ Rainier Maria Rilke

We canít choose which feelings we want to experience.†What most people donít realize in their selective attention to their feelings is that as we block our ability to feel any particular emotion, it actually impacts all of our emotional capacityónot just the things we are trying to avoid.†This is the conundrum that chokes most peopleís sexual drive because libido and emotion are so closely tied, and not only in our brainís processing mechanism. ...Read More

Sex Q&A: Husband Uninterested in Sex and Fading Romance
A wife asks Dr. Read why her husband has stopped wanting sex and what it might mean.
The 4 Best Benefits of Masturbation
Donít be fooled. Masturbation may help in areas youíve never imagined.
Men Need Sex and Women Need More
Get real. Men and women have two different sets of desires. Learn why and find out how to meet the requirements.

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