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The death of a family pet is never easy, especially when you throw children in the mix. This first-hand account can help you and your spouse explain, help and move forward with your child.

A job loss brings on many negative emotions and can be debilitating to oneís health. Use these tips to stay positive and remain healthy.

7 must-use tips that will give your kids a positive experience in sports.

When photos in print media are manipulated to look better, they project an unrealistic image that many attempt to achieve and ultimately harm themselves.

Are you your childís first bully? How certain parenting techniques can make a difference.

9 tips that will help you and your spouse understand your kids when someone close passes away.

Dr. E presents a list of items couples should consider before they allow their child to begin blogging.

How you and your spouse can help pinpoint and resolve conflicts that will become a healthy example for your children.

Dr. E explains several aspects of speech and what to change in order to have better communication in your marriage and with your children.

Dr. E. offers tips on how to pinpoint and solve a number of issues when it comes to childcare.

Why society is teaching young girls to be bullies and what you can do as a parent to help stop it.

Teach your children the importance of donating their time and reap the rewards of a closer family.

Dr. E. explains what parents need to know about sexting and how to stop it.

There are many lessons couples can learn from watching their child play a sport, and winning isnít one of them.

How use these hard financial times to grow as a family.

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