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2010 Gift Guide
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Love Letters of Great Men
Tribeca Books

Sometimes you just don't have the words to express how much you love your spouse. Thankfully, there are some legendary authors who can provide you with assistance. These two books carry of some of the greatest love letters of all time, from the likes of Lord Byron, John Keats, Robert Burns, Robert Frost, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Jack London, James Joyce, F. Scott Fitzgerald and many more. For the week of your anniversary, copy and handwrite a new letter every day for your spouse. A guaranteed winner!

Kind Notes Love Notes
Kind Notes

Check out these ready-made love notes that you can stash around the house. Kind Notes is a jar with 31, already-written messages that you can share with your sweetie. If you're really bold, you can even write your own notes and have them printed. Each note comes with its own individual envelope. This collection includes messages of love with simple things like, "I love you with all my heart," and "I want to travel the world with you."


Apple iPad 2

Wait, this doesn't look like paper? You're right, but we thougth we'd have a little fun with this. The Apple iPad2 is the equivelant of paper for the next generation. Browse your favorite newspapers and magazines, download your spouse's favorite book in iBooks or just snuggle up together and watch a movie in bed. Prices vary depending on the storage capacity and connectivity options.


Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle DX is the ultimate e-reader. It's features a 9.7" e-ink display that is ideal for reading your favorite books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Because it can connect to the internet you can download new books anytime, anywhere. The DX also comes with free 3G connectivity. Lastly, when books are purchased on your Kindle, you can also read them on other devices that have a Kindle reader, such as your smartphone.


Malden I Do Photo Album

It's been a year since you got married, why aren't your wedding pictures in an album yet? Surprise and delight your spouse by getting your favorite wedding pictures printed and then arrange them in the "I Do" Photo Album. It's a nice surprise that they won't see coming, but will greatly appreciate. Plus, it provides an opportunity to relive that special day and have all those wonderful feelings rush back.


DownTown Natural Cotton Reversible Blanket and Throw

This reversable blanket is imported from Portugal and made with "natural" cotton, meaning the cotton was grown and processed without any chemicals or pesticides. The result is a ridiculously soft blanket that you and your spouse can snuggle up with when the nights start to cool down. The reversible colors are a natural cream and brown.


Nostalgia Electronics Retro Seires Cotton Candy Machine
Nostalgia Electrics

Yeah, probably not the kind of cotton you were excpecting, but that's what makes this so fun and why it'll be a nice surprise for your spouse. A gift like the RCM-605 Retro Series Cotton-Candy Machine will give you both an excuse to be kids again. This machine can be the catalyst for you to relive an old date at the local fair. The cotton candy machine measures nearly a foot squared and includes two reusable plastic cones and a packet of cotton-candy mix.


Vanity Fair Women's My Favorite Illumination String Bikini
Vanity Fair

We know there's such a thing as your "good" underwear and "bad." Get your wife some sexy new drawers that you'll both enjoy on your anniversary and into the future. The great thing is that there are a variety of colors you can choose from, including pink, navy, chocolate, black, tan, violet and more. Have we mentioned that these are also super comfortable?


Calvin Klein Men's Flexible Fit Boxer Brief
Calvin Klein

If men can get their wife some sexy lingerie or underwear, why not do the same for the husband. These Calvin Kleins pack style, functionality and comfort. The undies are 94% cotton and the wasteband is a soft microfiber. These come in white, black and the smokey blue. Let's be honest, this is a great gift because if you don't buy him underwear he'll probably be wearing the same holey ones next year.


Castaway Hammocks Cotton Rope Hammock and Brown Stand
Castaway Hammocks

When you fantacize about the ultimate relaxation stint, it usually involves a hammock. This cotton roped hammock from Castaway Hammocks can be set up right in your backyard to make your own private oasis. Surprise your spouse by setting this up with the rest of the ambiance of candles, musics and their favorite drink. It'll be a gift and memory that they won't soon forget.

Jessica Simpson Women's Landy Platform Pump
Jessica Simpson

A safe bet with leather is to get your wife something just about all women love: shoes! These new Landy platform pumps by Jessica Simpson are stylish with a nearly 5-inch heel to make the leg look like it goes on for miles and it come in a variety of colors, including golden yellow, tawny blush (brown), black, blue and more.


Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Brown Leather Reversible Belt
Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole's Reaction belt is good for just about all occassions and pant choices. On one side you have a brown belt, flip it over and you can strut your stuff in a classic black. Yes, the belt is leather and it has a satin nickel swivel tongue buckle. You'll also notice from the picture that there's a saddle stitch going around the entire belt. Whether your husband needs something to wear to the office or something to hold up his pants when he's lounging around, this belt provides the perfect balance.


RFID Blocking Passport and Doc Leather Holder

If you haven't renewed or applied for a passport recently, you may not know that they all now have an RFID chip embedded in them. These chips send out a readable signal that some criminals steal for nefarious deeds. This passport blocks that signal from going out into the ether. You can give you spouse this holder, but the real surprise may be the country that will be stamping it with the surprise anniversary trip you take them on. Where? You decide.


CaseCrown Bold Standby case for iPad 2

If your spouse already has an iPad you can surprise them by jazzing it up with a new case. What's really cool about this CaseCrown stand is that it includes the magnetic Smart Cover that automatically wakes and puts to sleep the iPad when you open and close the case. The one above is a brown leather, but it also comes in other colors, including blue and fuchsia.


Shaper Corset Victorian Vintage Black Leather Overbust Authentic Boning Corset
Shaper Corset

We're not naive, we know what goes down on anniversaries. This corest is the perfect accessory. Not only can you use it when you celebrate your anniversary, but it's also modest enough that you can find other occassions where you can fashionably pull off wearing it. This corset from Sharper Corset is made of goat leather and is fully lined with 100% cotton for comfort. It also has 14 steel bones to help achieve that hour glass figure and includes detachable garters. Happy anniversary to you both.


Prodyne Fruit Infusion 93-Ounce Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher

If your anniversary takes place in the summer then you'll appreciate this gift since you know it will get used. The pitcher is made of BPA-free acrylic and has a removable hollow rod in the middle that can be filled with fruits, citrus wedges, herbs, or delicious choices. It doesn't hurt that it looks cool too. This special pitcher does require a hand wash though. Surprise your spouse by making a special concoction just for them, maybe even name the drink after them.


FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Food Sealer

Don't you wish you could seal your love this tightly? The FoodSaver Vacuum Food Sealer is a very practical gift, but one that will be greatly appreciated. When the berries are bountiful in the summer you can seal them up and store them for use later in the year. This sealer offers two vacuum speeds, two seal levels, a canister mode and a marinade mode for marinating in minutes--so he'll love it too when you tell him it will improve his barbecuing skills.


Gaiam Flower Power 5mm Premium Yoga Mat

This is the year of the flower for your anniversary so why not provide your spouse with a little flower power. If they do yoga or have talked about getting started, this mat is a great gift they'll appreciate. This premium yoga mat is twice as thick as a standard mat for ultimate comfort and has a latex-free rubber textured, non-slip surface.


20 Purple Dendrobium Orchids with Vase
Just Orchids

We'll admit it, this one's a bit on the nose, but there's no better year to surprise your wife with flowers than the year of the flower. These orchids are a gorgeous display that will brighten any room they reside in, and are guaranteed to last at least seven days. Since these are fresh, their availability is off and on. So if you see them available, you should lock them up. If not, we still think flowers are a nice idea.

Creed Spring Flower, 2.50-Ounce

If you're not into getting flowers, you might instead consider getting something with a floral scent. This fragrance by Creed was first introduced in the 1980s and has stuck around because it's a timeless favorite. The smell is a mix of soft florals with a blend of peach, melon, apple, roses and jasmine. As you can tell by the price that it's a bit expensive so it'll likely become her "special occassion perfume." We think four years together is worth celebrating.


Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker
Bradley Smoker

Now we're cooking. There are so many things you can do with wood. One of our favorites is to smoke it to add flavor to our favorite dishes. If you have a cook in your house, they'll appreciate this half gadget, half cooking equipment gift. This Bradley Smoker provides full digital control for temperature, time, and smoke. It has four racks and can cool smoke or heat smoke up to a controlled 320 degrees F for 8 hours. It's about the size of a mini-fridge and can use a huge variety of wood bisquettes that will provide their own unique flavor.


John Louis Home Standard Closet Shelving System, Red Mahogany
John Louis Home

Admit it, surprising your spouse with a new closet would be awesome! This shelving system from John Louis Home provides up to 24 feet of shelf space and 18 feet of hanging space in a red mahogany finish. The solid wood closet shelving system comes in multiple configuration options with an easy to follow installation manual. You can finally give her the space she's always wanted for her shoes!


Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor
Taylor Guitars

The first thing you should know about this guitar is that it's not for beginners. Well, you could get it for a beginner, but this is really a guitar for someone who already plays and will appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of this Big Baby. This is slightly smaller than the full size Baby Taylor, making it a perfect travel companion without compromising quality or sound. Rock on!


Callaway Diablo Octane Black Limited Edition Tour Driver

Okay, so this isn't made from wood, but in golf parlance, this driver is considered a "wood." Just as five years together is special, so is this limited edition Diablo Octane driver from Callaway. The crown of the clubhead features forged composite material that is lighter and stronger than titanium, giving it a performance boost over other titanium drivers. With this anniversary gift, he'll never be able to blame his poor golf game on the clubs.


Winsome Wood Wine Cabinet with Drawer and Glass Holder, Walnut
Winsome Wood

When you're first married you likely need to buy the necessary furniture to live day-to-day--not that a wine cabinet isn't a necessity. Now that you are five years into your marriage, now's the time to begin adding the fun furniture to your home. This walnut cabinet can hold 20 wine bottles, all the wine glasses you'll need, and has a drawer for your wine accessories like your fancy stoppers and opener.



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