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2010 Gift Guide
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Lytro Camera

Imagine a camera that lets you shoot your pictures then focus later! That's exactly what the Lytro Camera can do. If that weren't enough, you can also change the point of view from where you shot the picture. That means if you wish you had moved a little to the left before taking that picture, you can now do that after the fact. A new feature to the Lytro Camera are living filters. These nine interactive filters change on the fly as you click and adjust specific perspectives within a photo.


Nintendo Wii U

The next generation of the Nintendo Wii has arrived. The Wii U incorporates the new GamePad controller, which adds a whole new dimension to gameplay. This second screen gives you a new window into the game you're playing, whether it's a different perspective, added information or taking the game off the main TV and playing it right on the GamePad controller. The screen is 6.2 inches with an LCD screen, motion sensors, a front-facing camera and more. The console is also new with more power for better graphics and greater storage.


Modernist Cuisine at Home
By Dr. Nathan Myhrvold

A new standard in home cookbooks has just been established. This 456-page volume explores all the techniques of modern cuisine. This book explores not just what and how to cook, but the why. You know you're getting a scientific approach when you realize the main author, Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, was the first chief technology officer at Microsoft where he established Microsoft Research. Dr. Myhrvold has taken that same scientific approach to cooking and it tastes delicious.


Apple iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is small enough to go everywhere and big enough to do everything. At 7.9 inches the iPad Mini is ready for you to download from the thousands of apps available. It also has iSight cameras and is ready for FaceTime. This small package delivers 10-hours of battery life too so you'll be able to grab the iPad Mini in the morning and not worry about having to charge it all day.


Satarii, Inc.

Don't you wish you could record yourself without needing others to hold your camera phone? The Swivl can do that and much more. A wireless remote lets you control the camera, plus technology using a wireless marker allows the Swivl to automatically follow you horizontally and vertically as you record that anniversary speech. You can use it with the iPhone, iPod touch, or tripod-enabled pocket cams.



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