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Lifeís trajectory doesít necessarily need to be a straight line. Learn to move around and build a new path to help redefine yourself.

Sex is one of the few acts in marriage that distinguishes it from other relationships in your life. Here are 5 reasons why sex shouldn't be ignored.

Get real. Men and women have two different sets of desires. Learn why and find out how to meet the requirements.

Get a jump on your sexual resolutions this year with these 5 tips.

Sex should be fun! Try these simple tips to make sex a smiling activity.

Itís time to focus in on your partnerís needs in the bedroom. Try this experiment.

Make the intimacy you share with your spouse meaningful by moving beyond boring routine sex. Hereís how!

Submission in the bedroom isn't about abuse, it's about trust and explorationóand that might be what you're looking for.

Does your marriage need a relationship renewal? Learn to empower one another and make your marriage one of purpose.

There are a lot of beliefs of what's expected of men and their sexuality, making it difficult to openly address problems when they arise.

Why spending time and challenging your spouse to games and activities can lead to better, more energized sex in the bedroom.

Why itís important that both spouses to understand one anotherís sex drives.

Use these 4 tips to manage the secrets in your marriage that may be hindering the intimacy with your spouse.

Donít let the age factor creep into your bedroom. By applying new techniques, itís possible to revitalize and find new beginnings and appreciation.

It's not uncommon for men to actually refuse sex. No really, it's true. Here are some of the common reasons men turn down sex.

Nobody's perfect. Even when facing major mistakes, forgiveness is a choice. Here's how to forgive your spouse.

Bring your marriage back into focus with these 5 relationship building blocks.

Use these 5 tips to help redefine your love and break free from the ordinary.

Donít let the holidays become a wedge between the sheets. Use these four tips to help bring new life into your bedroom.

When falling in love you'll eventually hit the ground, whereas living in love can last a lifetime. Here are 5 tips to show you how.

5 great tips to end the boring and predictable sex in your marriage.

Four essential ways to help you and your spouse clarify one anotherís marital satisfaction.

Let go of the negative connotations associated with sexless marriage and see why these five reasons will have you wanting to celebrate the sex in your marriage, tonight.

Every relationship, no matter how perfect, deals with conflict. Use these concepts to allow conflict to benefit your marriage in the long-term.

Why using sex is often not a solution a couple should use to move forward in their marriage.

Donít let your let the act of lovemaking become robotic and contrived. Itís time to change it up! Hereís how.

Donít let the novelty of your marriage wear out over time. Use these tips to stay connected and ahead of the game.

Unsatisfied with the way you and your spouse approach sex? Use these tips to help spice things up and get the fire back.

How you and your spouse can make the proper adjustments to make your marriageís sexual temperature just right.

Fighting for your own marriage in the face of adulteryósometimes portrayed glamorously by the media.

The quickie may have gotten a bad rap over the years for lacking intimacy, but after reading this, youíll see how it can spice up your marriage.

After years of marriage, many couples forget where they started. Here are some simple ways to remember the early days of your budding relationship and reconnect with your spouse.

Bringing sexy back into the bedroom doesnít need to be a chore. Use these 5 tips to redefine your passion for one another.

Yes, there are some rules when it comes to sex, and negotiating is one of them.

A complete understanding of why and how you can safeguard your marriage from extramarital attractions.

Understanding where you've been sexually will help you move forward in your married sex life.

4 ways couples can become closer and provide good will to one another, as well as others.

Adapted from her new book, How To Have Mind-Blowing Sex Without Losing Your Brain! our expert explains how sexual integrity can combat your relationship challenges.

8 tips on what couples can do to make sex enjoyable for one another.

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