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The art of surprise begins with understanding the way we are biologically.

3 ways to settle disputes when kids are in the middle.

Why do I make sarcastic remarks to my spouse?

Always blaming your spouse when things go wrong. It might be time to take a look in the mirror.

In a relationship, trying to be perfect can cause you to fail to appreciate the positives. Consider ways of accepting yourself and your marriage as perfectly human.

Whether it’s you or your spouse, a worrying mind may affect your relationship more than you think. Follow a few simple steps and put the worries to rest.

Finding the right balance between your family and job can be difficult. Follow these steps to learn how.

How can you start connecting again with the person you were once were crazy about?

If you’ve been surprised and hurt by a cheating partner in the past, it can be tough to trust your current spouse.

Are you or your spouse refusing to go to a doctor? Dr. Fiore offers three tips to help you or your spouse overcome their resistance to getting medical care.

Do you constantly push your spouse to do things they don’t want to do? Dr. Fiore explains why you should be happy with what you have.

Do you love to throw parties, but find the stress of making it perfect too stressful?

Do you tell your spouse how he or she should drive, get things done or respond to your relatives? Learn how to be comfortable when not in control.

Being with someone who suffers anxiety attacks can be frustrating when they dismiss your help. Here are some tips that will keep you out of hot water and may actually help your spouse.

If you become anxious when things are not in their proper place, it could become a burden on your spouse. There is help through understanding what’s going on in your mind and how to calm yourself.

If you've ever wondered why you sometimes feel bad, guilty, or depressed? Keep reading. Deep-rooted reasons may shed light on your feelings.

Are you a perfectionist? Do you drive your spouse crazy because of it? Dr. Fiore explores the possible causes of perfectionism and offers ways to not drive your spouse crazy.

Arguing with your spouse is one of the most frustrating issues in a relationship. Dr. Fiore explores some reasons why couples get into fights over the small stuff.

Fear of flying is more common than you might imagine. Yet most of us find ways to continue to fly for business and vacations. Dr. Fiore explores the possible causes of the fear of flying and ways that many have learned to overcome it.

Have you ever regretted telling your spouse something about your past experiences or past relationships? Dr. Fiore explains the dangers and benefits of revealing and not revealing your past to your spouse.

Your spouse has been raving about The Secret, but you have a hard time matching their enthusiasm. The book is about thinking positive, so why does it make you think negative?

If you've ever celebrated Chinese New Year, Octoberfest or St. Patrick's Day even though you're not Chinese, German or Irish, Dr. Fiore helps explain why.

As we approach the ritual of the Super Bowl, many men find that everything else––including their beloved families––take a back seat. Dr. Fiore explains why modern human males become Neanderthals during the Super Bowl.

How many times have you made a New Year's resolution to exercise more, stop smoking, or write your book and then broken your resolution by February? Dr. Fiore explains why we fail at keeping resolutions and how to improve your odds of succeeding.

It’s that time of year again when you ask yourself—why do I break the holiday budget every year? Dr. Fiore explains why love matters more than money.

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