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Itís time to be upfront and just ask when you think there may be a problem in your marriage. Hereís how.

Having your needs met begins with you. Use these 7 components to help have a happier, healthier marriage.

Donít let the lack of an apology hurt your marriage. Instead, learn to discern what deserves an apology and how to move on from the small stuff with these 3 tips.

In the heat of an argument, things like divorce may enter your head. Here are three ways to help leave the "D" word at the door.

Nearly every argument is an attempt to be heard or understood. Learn why a few simple words can end an argument and allow you and your spouse to move on.

Tensions can run extremely high with everything the holidays bring. In case you hit maximum capacity with your spouse in the anger department, use these 3 tips.

The holiday season is around the corner. Donít put your spouse on the back burner. Use these best practices to improve your marriage.

Just because you donít agree with your spouse 100 percent of the time doesnít mean you canít find common ground. Here are five major issues to consider that can help each party move forward.

After years of marriage, it can become increasingly easy to tune out your spouse. Donít let it happen. Instead, use these examples and tips to help one another be a better partner.

In marriage, lines of communication get crossed and a simple conversation quickly turns to an argument. Sound familiar?

Thereís no need to blame, shame or to be right. Here's how to avoid these three common tactics that will put a major wedge between you and your spouse.

Your ruler-of-the-household approach may be wearing thin with your spouse. Here are 3 tips to help come together as a team.

Want to have a deeper sense of love and trust in your marriage? Then, itís time you and your spouse become best friends. Hereís how.

A home improvement project can drive a major wedge between you and your spouse. Donít let it happen. Make sure you have the right relationship tools for the job.

By taking what youíve learned over the yearsógood and badóyou can make this holiday season shine.

Are the ghosts from your past haunting your marriage? Try these 3 tips to put the dead to rest.

When a couple lets apathy enter their marriage, it will suffer. Use these 7 simple tips to stoke interest in one another and live boredom free!

7 surefire ways that will help you and your spouse to a better understanding of one another.

Five tools that will help you set a foundation for a solid marriage.

Get started early and make your holiday season a smooth one with these great tips.

Why taking credit for your spouse can lead to anger and resentment. 5 tips to give credit where credit is due.

Therapist Sharon Rivkin has created a "Affair Danger Levels" concept to help weight the likelihood of an affair in your marriage.

Sharon offers 3 ways give your spouse the benefit of the doubt when it comes to simple arguments.

Use these tips to create a strong and prosperous marriage.

Donít let this Hallmark holiday get you down. Use these tips to have a day both you and your spouse will enjoy.

5 ways to get a jumpstart on a fight-free holiday season.

Marriage requires attention and effort. Apply yourself and watch it flourish.

One-by-one, past hurts can be healed if you put in some quality time.

Leave the stress of Valentineís Day at the door with these simple tips.

Don't jump to conclusions on how your holiday visits will unfold. It's a new year and you can take the following steps to make it a great, loving holiday season.

Avoid stress this holiday season by using these tips to curb your hassles.

An affair is simply the toughest obstacle for couples, but overcoming an affair is possible.

A look into oneís core issues may help you understand why an argument has lasted a lifetime.

When is it time to say, "My relationship is in trouble, and we need help?" How do you know when that time is?

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