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There are more ways than one to set aside money for the future you and your spouse should consider.

When it comes to retirement—and to passing on whatever wealth you’ve accumulated to a spouse or the next generation—you may think you’ve thought of everything. However, despite your careful planning it could be that Uncle Sam will be handing you a hefty tax bill while you’re living—or your beneficiaries one when you die.

Even people who have been great about saving for retirement don’t always realize the tax implications of what they’ve done. They may have created a significant tax problem for themselves, and they could be leaving behind a tax time bomb for their beneficiaries.


Renters looking to purchase a new home have more buying options than they realize.

It's no secret women traditionally live longer than men. The questions they need to consider is how well they'll be living if their husband passes earlier than they do.

Take a broad look at your retirement savings goals and then put them into action with these tips.

The following is an excerpt from "My First Home: A step-by-step guide to achieving the ultimate American Dream."

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