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It's common for couples to get into a sex rut. Here's how to reignite the excitement.

Sex and relationship expert, Dr. Trina Read, is ready to answer your questions.

My sex life has definitely hit a rut. What can I do to make it fun?

You have so many options the hard part will be choosing. The trick is you have to: (1) figure out new ideas; (2) be willing to break your sex routine and; (3) not take your sex so seriously.

Let’s look at the average couple’s bedroom sex scene. They have: very little to no talking, no changing up of the old and tired sex routine, certainly no laughing, no toys, no games, no nothing.


A wife is concerned with her husband's masturbation habit and he asks Trina to weigh in with her expert opinion.

Trina shares tips on how to introduce something new into the bedroom, plus she helps a husband who isn't confident about the size of his penis.

Will a mom ever want sex again after having a baby? How should a wife bring up and act out a fantasy? Dr. Read has answers.

Do vaginal creams really work? How can you have a better orgasm? Dr. Trina Read weighs in.

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