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While the causality is uncertain, sex isn't happening as much as it used to and for some groups more than others.

If you think your sex life isnít what it once was, youíre not alone. People in the U.S. are having less sex today than they did generations ago, and a new study suggests that marriage may be part of the problem.

Married people typically had sex 73 times a year in 1990, researchers report in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. But by 2014 married couples were having sex just 55 times a year, trailing single people who had sex 59 times a year.


The legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S. has allowed couples to take advantage of spousal benefits previously afforded only to heterosexual couples and new reports provide insight.

New research is showing more women experience side-effects than major benefits when taking flibanserin.

Why a hack of a popular cheating site has made honesty and transparency more important than ever in your marriage.

Books, books and more books. We get a lot of books in the mail. Here are a few to help boost some business in the bedroom.

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