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It's difficult to prepare for the unknown, but having early conversations can help if or when the time arises.

Youíve been successful managing most aspects of your complicated life and are proud of the relationships youíve nurtured and maintained through it all. Whether youíre a baby boomer, a millennial or somewhere in between, research tells us that your odds of becoming a caregiver to a loved one through illness or age are quite high.

Much has been written about whether taking on a caregiving role strengthens or shatters the relationship you share with your significant other. I think the unfulfilling answer is, it depends.


Adding to your family can be tumultuous, but here are a few things that can help.

It's your life and you get to set the boundaries that make you comfortable. Here's how.

Making your marriage work can be as simple has finding the right frame of mind to approach the ongoing challenges.

A troubled child can tear at the fabric of a family, but these tips will help make that family stronger and more understanding.

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