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This proven trick will put a positive spin on your bedtime routine.

Did you know that the time before bed is notorious for piquing people’s anxiety? That’s when you think about things you should have said during the day, when you start wondering about logistics, a big presentation for tomorrow, or if your kid is coming down with the flu.

Therapists know it’s a notorious time for anxiety. Plus, if you’re sleeping with your smartphone, or watching media at the end of the night, let’s hope there are lots of positive images or else all that negativity stresses your conscious and subconscious and can sent you straight to nightmares (literally).


A reason many people might not feel pumped about the holidays is something called Childhood Emotional Neglect. Here's what that means.

Creating boundaries in your marriage provide a safe structure for both partners to flourish.

Even if you feel divided from those around you, it's within you to see the similarities and humanity.

Making intentional choices about your marriage will open up new possibilities for your happiness.

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