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Connected with a spouse who's emotionally distant can be a challenge, but not impossible.

A widespread problem that is difficult to understand is when one mate has difficulty showing emotions and affection, which then leaves the other family members to exist in a world of loneliness, disappointment and disrespect. Living with someone that is emotionally unavailable is a very common, yet subtle, form of disrespect. This disrespect is often misunderstood and is a destructive problem of major proportions that can be hard for couples to identify or resolve. However, many emotional mates struggle in these relationships blaming themselves when they are not able to fix the relationship. Without knowing the truth, the lack of emotion can destroy the ability to have a heartfelt love connection and creates bitterness as the emotional mate can lose their own heart, mind, identity, and soul in the process of trying to make it work.


There's no exact formula for a happy marriage, but these foundations are tried and true.

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Having good intentions doesn't mean we aren't causing harm. Try these more thoughtful phrases.

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