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There are no simple answers when considering to blow up your marital bond, but this one thing could help.

When faced with major life decisions, it’s natural to take time to ensure the right one is made. Weighing the pros and cons, making lists, asking other’s opinions, doing extensive research, reading online reviews—all part of the process.

What do we do when we’re struggling with the life-changing decision of whether or not to leave our marriages?

This decision isn’t made with research and reviews. This one involves your heart more than your head. To make matters even more complicated, it also involves not only your future, but the future and the happiness of others


Actions speak louder than words. Here are three ways you can show your kids how to grow even as you age.

Here are 7 benefits of a post-nuptial agreement that can help keep your marriage on course.

Just as our sight changes as we age allowing us to see differently, so can your perspective on life.

Negative self-talk is a powerful voice, but one you can control and turn into a cheerleader.

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