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We often think of sacrifices as something we lose, but sometimes the things we lose are ultimately gains.

When you deliberately focus on joy and gratitude you'll be rewarded.

The best thing about the gift of hope is that it's free and boundless.

Even if you feel divided from those around you, it's within you to see the similarities and humanity.

Eliminate the, "Iím right, your wrong" arguments in your marriage with these 2 simple tips.

Why well-thought-out decisions can increase your chances for a better marriageóand better life!

Learning to set limits with your spouse and friends will help you gain respect from those you love most and therefore allow you to be a gracious giver.

Take responsibility, avoid the victim roll, and watch your marriage grow.

Learn how to state your needs and wants with this simple method.

Why itís important to match and balance your behaviors with your words to show how you truly feel towards one another.

Wanting a closer relationship and achieving one can leave a lot of couples in a lurch. Don't let indecision suffocate your happiness, here's how.

Making friends with the new couple in town can be a great way to refresh your marriage. But, itís important to know who these people are. Hereís how.

What better present could you give your beloved this Valentineís Day, than such loving patience? Used well, patience will serve you and your spouse magnificently.

Stand on solid ground and feel the safety and stability of your marriage with these four tips.

Negativity can be a killer if you donít know how to properly channel its effects. Instead, use the negativity you feel as a catalyst for change and watch your marriage grow.

Feeling like your relationship needs are not being met? See how you can change that with one simple step.

Have a dream, but your spouse isnít really feeling it? Why itís important to keep them in the equation, but at a distance that pleases you both.

With such intimate knowledge of your partner, it's easy to say hurtful things. These tips will help keep their good qualities top-of-mind.

Taking your anger and understanding the motivation behind it will help you see both sides and can lead to a happier marriage down the road.

Lifeóand your marriageóis more fun when it has meaning! Hereís how to make it happen.

Donít taint your marriage with negatives and "what-ifs." Use this guide as a way to help restore personal control and move forward.

Drop the self-righteous attitude and get back into the love you want with your spouse!

Itís time to stop apologizing for things you canít control and start finding solutions to what you can.

It doesnít require a lot, but itís imperative to use both your heart and your head when searching for the path to enlightenment. Hereís how!

Things donít always go to plan, but that doesnít mean your date night needs to be scrapped. Lighten up and turn a downer date night something special!

In marriage, passionate nature shouldnít include one-sided outbursts. Use these tips to deal with a quick-tempered spouse.

Learning to speak out and deal with lifeís irritations will help you create a better mind and body balancing act.

Just because you are a character, doesnít mean you have character. Use these tips to help strengthen, develop and build character in your marriage.

Life is full of unexpected hardships, but itís possible to pull through with your marriage intact. Hereís how!

Letting go of the past, no matter what it may be, will help you and your spouse move forward in a positive direction.

Why saying or comparing your marriage to OK isnít really OK.

Trying to control every situation and event in your life and marriage will only cause more havoc. Use these 3 tips to let go and take the situation for what it is.

Itís easy to point the finger, but thatís not going to solve the problem. Here's why and how itís best to work out tough situations together.

4 ways to tell if your new friend is a "seducer" (not what you think) or genuine.

Instead of acting on impulses and making quick decisions, take your time to think about the impact it will have on you and your marriage.

Finding a balance between nice and assertive in your marriage is possible. Hereís how.

Spouse got you frustrated? 4 tips to stay focused on the good stuff!

Are things becoming stale in your marriage? Use these tips to bring new light and get excited about your marriage again!

Whatís the difference between one who helps versus one who enables? Here are some quick tips on how you can put an end to your spouseís bad behavior by helping, not enabling.

Don't confuse approval with the love in your marriage. Dr. Nelson explains the difference and how that understanding will improve your marriage.

Is the fear of loving yourself and those around you ruining your life. See why you might be afraid to look on the bright side of things.

Learn how mental rehearsal can help you and your spouse communicate more effectively.

Sometimes it feels like youíre doing everything, while your spouse does nothing. Use these tips to talk less and get more of what you want.

Don't let life's "stuff" muck up your marriage. Read on to help put the negative behind you.

When you have a gut instinct about something, what's an appropriate response?

Self-pity is a seductive drug. Make it a point to squash it in 2011.

How you can stop pointing the finger at yourself and your spouse and start resolving the issues at hand.

Why itís important to be yourself and do what makes you happy in order to have a stronger marriage.

Use these 3 tips to help you or your spouse keep their composure if they become unemployed

How negative events can translate into positive avenues of progress and help you explore deeper issues in your marriage.

Donít let lulls in your marriage dictate its future. Stay positive and use these tips to avoid the temptation of an extra marital affair.

4 ways to help end misplaced anger and say the right things without reacting negatively.

How you can keep anxiety in check before it ruins your relationship.

Sometimes your spouseís perfectionist quarks can drive you up the wall. Here are a few ways to accept them as a positive.

Dr. Nelson offers some advice on how to take your stress levels and flip them to increase the amount of joy in your life.

Why fear (particularly from a job loss) should never dictate the positive forces in your marriage.

Listening isn't the easiest thing to do, but it can if you follow a few simple steps.

How to take an objective look at yourself and change the things you don't like.

Relieve stress this holiday season with a few simple phrases.

Your body language says more than you might think. Don't send mixed messages to your spouse by saying one thing with your mouth and another with your body.

How to deal with anger without losing your head or your spouse.

Understanding your spouse comes by understanding their point of view.

Talking poorly about your spouse with your friends may be fun, but it can damage your marriage.

Don't let worry become a habit in your marriage or your life. Here's how.

The answer on how to receive appreciation for all that you do in your marriage may surprise you.

Take a step back and use some problem solving skills to deter unwanted stress.

How being enthusiastic in your marriage can lead to a brighter future.

How appreciating your partner is the best way to rekindle the magic of your early years.

Rediscover the prince in your man this Valentineís Day.

9 Ways to make '09 the best year yet!

3 ways to accept your spouse's differences.

Whether you're in a good or bad relationship, familiarity is comfort. Learn to value your good marriage.

Acceptance and appreciation go hand-in-hand. When loving, it's important to not just focus on the negatives.

Itís time to own up and be responsible for yourself and your actions. Here's how.

You donít have to be a clone to your spouse. Acknowledging your differences is a healthy way to bridge many gaps.

Building the courage to get things off your chest is the hardest part.

Using control as a means of getting what you want isnít the way to go if you want something done.

Does your relationship seem unbalanced to you? Dr. Nelson examines your frustrations and gives some simple steps to balance the playing field.

The perfect gift doesnít have a price tag. Itís the little things that mean the most.

Start the new year off by taking a look at the world and your spouse with fresh eyes.

Find out how interacting with your spouse and friends differently during the holidays can seriously cut down on the drama.

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