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One reader wonders how she can help stabilize her husband’s emotional distress over the loss of his father.

What some see as sinister others my say is no big deal. Dr. K. examines human emotion and one reader’s ultimatum to remove an old photo of an ex.

One reader seeks advice on how she can come to terms with a rock n’ roll husband who is becoming more and more distant.

One reader feels her husband’s interaction with his ex wife is too intimate. Dr. K. weighs in.

Stay-at-home and working parents both need some "me time." Here are 5 tips to help achieve the time you need.

A husband asks for advice on what he can do to help his wife, who has trouble opening up, as she tends to her father’s last days.

A wife worries about that her husband will miss their child growing up while he's away.

After his wife cheats and gets pregnant, this reader give his wife a second chance and needs help making it work.

A reader puts her foot down when the in-laws say she's not family. Dr. K. steps in with advice.

A reader walks on eggshells while her husband contemplates leaving the marriage. Dr. K. weighs in and gives advice on what to do.

One reader is crestfallen over her husband’s inability to completely break it off with his ex wife.

A mother-in-law seeks respect from her daughter-in-law to no avail. Dr. K. steps in with some suggestions on what she can do to help mend the wall between them.

Telling your parents to back off can be difficult, but as one reader will find out, it may be necessary to help maintain a well-functioning marriage.

A husband checked his wife's e-mail and she feels her privacy has been breached. Dr. Karen explores the mistrust and discusses the privacy boundaries in marriage.

Dr. K. explains why separation without help will only put distance between you and your spouse.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your spouse is to give them space, as Dr. K. suggests to one reader.

Dr. K. explains to a wife how she can get the affection she wants and deserves.

A husband is jealous of his wife's pictures of an ex-boyfriend. Does he have a right to be?

Silence in any marriage can be deadly. Dr. Karen Sherman offers tips on how to approach your spouse with a problem.

A newly married wife says she's acting irrationally jealous. Dr. Karen Sherman offers advice.

A husband asks for help as his wife wants him to quit his career that has long and odd hours. Dr. Karen Sherman answers.

An estranged family leaves one reader wondering how she can turn things around or simply move on.

A wife has asked her husband for space while she contemplates divorce. See what Dr. Sherman recommends to the husband.

Putting the pieces back together isn't as difficult as it seems, start by following these tips.

We all make mistakes, but a simple solution will help both of you move past the nagging issue.

You've recognized that your marriage could use some professional help, here's how to get your spouse on board.

In the third and final installment, Dr. Sherman offers 5 ways to use emotions to bring positive returns.

In part two of three, Dr. Karen Sherman shares how empathy can bring richness to your marriage.

Part one of this three part series focuses on increasing the emotional connection with your spouse.

Getting there is one thing… making it happen is another. Use these tips to help make your marriage stronger than ever.

Dr. Sherman unravels the conflict about conflicts and addresses the issue of going to bed angry.

Doing things together and not doing things together may be the perfect balance.

In part two, Dr. Sherman explores the reasons attachment issues may stem from childhood and how they effect your current relationship.

In part one, of a two part series, Dr. Sherman explores attachment issues and why you should be open with your experiences.

It’s always the simple things that count. Here are 10 rituals to get you started.

Dr. K. helps a wife who's husband hangs out with friends who cheat on their wives.

One readers asks for help to get that loving feeling back into her relationship.

Getting the affection you want requires and open mind.

Respect between you and your spouse is bigger than a presidential election.

Is forgetfulness a sign of an uncaring spouse? You might be surprised.

Exclusive to Hitchedmag.com, Dr. Karen Sherman gives you a peek into her new book, "Mindfulness and The Art of Choice: Transform Your Life."

One reader asks, "When my husband helps with housework, it just turns into more work for me. Our versions of ‘straightening up’ differs highly. Is there a way I can get him on the same page?"

Look deeper into the situation before you overreact.

The lack of respect from a spouse could be the first sign of major trouble ahead.

Pot is a common problem in marriage and one that shouldn't be ignored.

Don’t automatically assume the worst if your spouse is spending time with a person of the opposite sex.

If your spouse wants to vacation with friends—without you—should that raise a flag?

Address the issues up front and don’t "hope" they will just change.

It’s easy to let yourself go when you become comfortable in your marriage, but addressing the situation may prove a tougher challenge.

Does your significant other have an "Office Spouse?" Don't worry, it might be good for your marriage.

How do you handle a holiday that you believe is nothing more than a way for card companies to sell more cardboard?

Dr. Karen Sherman sets the record straight with some good advice regarding "harmless relationships" with the opposite sex.

A husband's family holds a big family dinner every Sunday. The wife doesn't want to go. What to do?

Everyone's got an opinion. Some you're able to shrug off and move on with your day. Some come from your in-laws and require professional help.

As if the holiday stress weren’t enough, what do you do when your spouse doesn’t want to help?

Deciding where and with who you'll spend the holidays with can bring up many disputes. Dr. K. gives you tips on how to compromise.

Where will you celebrate Thanksgiving this year? At your parents or your spouse’s?

My wife constantly gets on my case for not checking in. It makes me feel like a little kid. Is there any way I can drop the cell phone and hangout with my friends?

Debating on the proper time to let Junior go trick-or-treating alone? Dr. Sherman breaks it down.

Is the honeymoon over? Is the spark gone? Dr. K. tells you how to bring back that lovin' feelin'.

If you're having a hard time deciding on what's for dinner, the food or restaurant may not be the issue.

You’ve made the choice to have a child, but how will you discipline them?

Does your spouse treat your older kids like little kids? Here's how to deal with the situation.

Wondering if you should have a child? Dr. K. weighs in on what you should consider before taking the next step.

If something happened to you and your spouse, who would take care of your child(ren)? Dr. Karen Sherman gives you some pointers on this difficult, yet often overlooked subject.

This week, Dr. K. discusses disputes about the cable bill, what gets watched and the good old-fashioned battle for the remote.

Even the greatest of relationships need some space from time to time. Dr. K. gives both genders some tips on turning the cling factor around.

Hopped up on the junk food? Dr. K. gives you some pointers on getting your kids on the right track to healthy.

Having trouble with a spouse who says one thing and does another? Dr. K. gives you some pointers on how to combat the flip-flop spouse.

Ever tried setting the right expectations for a vacation with your spouse. It’s not exactly a walk in the park. Dr. K. gives you 7 easy tips to think about before taking off.

You think you and your spouse have the same views on safety? Think again!

Still can’t let go of those skies from the '70s. Dr. K. fills you in on how to compromise the spring cleaning mess.

Do you think your child is getting too old for certain activities and your spouse doesn’t? Dr. K. lets you in on some ways to be a good egg about things.

Dr. K examines a study done by BYU that says materialistic spouses—rich and poor—are more likely to have marriage problems. Is this you?

Every tax season many Americans receive a refund from the government. But the dispute always remains on how to spend the money. Dr. Sherman gives you tips on how to come to an agreement on you tax refund.

Having a gun in the house is a big decision. When one spouse is opposed to it, you might need to strap on the Kevlar to protect against the tongue-lashing. Dr. K. helps with the conversation.

My spouse is obsessed with the internet. What can I do?

Are you anticipating Super Sunday between the Colts and Bears as much as your husband? Probably not, but Dr. K has some tips on how you can survive Sunday and both walk away happy.

Dr. K answers a couple's inquiry on how to start the new year right by avoiding confrontation during the year's first party.

Wonder what the best way to combine the family traditions of you and your spouse? So are we. Dr. K. fills us all in on how to find agreement.

How do you and your spouse keep your sanity with overstaying relatives?

It’s that time of year again and you can feel it in your veins; the inevitable blood pressure boil over. Relax, because Dr. K’s got some tips to beat the Holiday stress.

At odds with your spouse over the hours you work? Let Dr. K show you how to overcome the grind for a little more personal time.

Moving for any reason brings about stress. Our expert offers recommendations on things to think about and ways to make the move easier.

What do you do if your wife is addicted to MySpace—spending more time with her top eight friends while you struggle, losing your best friend.

Waiting for your wife to get ready so the two of you can enjoy a night on the town can drive a sane man crazy… especially when she’s finally ready and is dressed like a ho.

My spouse reveals some embarrassing information about me that was supposed to stay between us.

Before you reject your wife's metro man request, consider the perks.

How do you handle alcohol-fueled fights with your spouse?

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