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Life is perpetual motion and nothing stays the same. Here's how to prepare and thrive for the change in your life.

Rest doesn't subtract from your day, it makes your day more productive.

It's through enlightenment not suppression that we're able to understand and control the sexual within.

Vaginal dryness might be an unintended side effect of birth control. Here's an explanation.

Maintaining a thriving sex life over decades during marriage requires attention. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid.

Just as our sight changes as we age allowing us to see differently, so can your perspective on life.

Technology is pervasive, which has made it easier than ever to disconnect from in-person bonds while we're connected. Here are a few questions to ask.

Accepting love sounds like a natural, simple proposition. Unfortunately, many of us find it to be a struggle.

There's an art to foreplay that is benefited by a thoughtful slowing down and intention.

Summer is the perfect time to rejuvenate the fun in your marriage.

Through the process of writing her new book, Wendy Strgar found a deeper knowledge of her herself.

Masturbation shouldn't be shamed, but embraced for its potential. Here's why.

Welcome spring with a kiss and embrace the power, science and history behind it.

A recent documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio has shaken its audience.

If you want to arouse your spouse, turn on their brain. Here's how.

Good sex seems to stop time. By putting in a little time for thought and preparation you can get back to this magical space.

Consider theses keys to boost your next engagement for ultimate enjoyment and connection.

The importance of stepping back and finding new possibilities to the old and sometimes painful past can be done with this technique.

A baby obviously needs an enormous amount of attention, but it can only be served best if the surrounding environment is taken care of.

One of the most powerful emotions we can feel is loss. By embracing this emotion we can tap into an appreciation that might seem out of reach.

The most precious thing we have in this life is time, which makes attention the most important currency.

Like fast food, quick sex has its moments. However, there's no replacement for a slow, long, memorable encounter.

Let the changing leaves of the fall season be the inspiration you need to help reconnect and find your normal.

Itís time to count the ways why self love is more important to your relationship than everóyes, for those in a relationship.

Thereís pleasure in nearly everything around us. Hereís three ways on how to find it.

Marriage provides a unique safe space to explore your sexual self and to grow.

When we aren't feeling well, it can effect all other interactions in our life.

Learning to feel gets easier the more you practice and it can save your sex life from years of pain and suffering.

Donít be fooled. Masturbation may help in areas youíve never imagined.

How mutual masturbation can work wonders in your marriage.

Want to find what youíre looking for? Try letting it go.

4 super-simple steps to make life and your relationships kind.

Donít let the little, often-negative idiosyncrasies of your spouse disrupt the good things you share as a whole.

Let go of the tension in your body and connect with the moment each and every day.

What is keeping you from cutting the chains of your emotional habits?

How finding gratitude in lifeís heartbreak can lead to appreciating the things you do have rather than what you donít.

The breast literally holds the toxins of our environmentóand we need to talk about it.

Consider what you're putting into your marriage and consider if it's helping to generate the performance and reach the goals you want.

Sometimes spontaneity requires planning, like the effort needed to dig up and reclaim a favorite song buried in your soul.

Use these 3 simples steps to receive love and joy.

Lean how opening up your senses will make you a better lover in more ways than one.

Can sex really be the cure for what ails your marriage? 3 tips to use sex as tool and not a reward.

A not so revolutionary approach to confronting the bombardment of opinions.

How you and your spouse can bring bedroom activities to another level.

Spring is a time for change and, as this writer found out, a time that would come to define her marriage.

4 surefire ways to bring love into your life and to those around you.

Unlock your sexual fantasies to traverse new areas in the bedroom.

Allow your sexual curiosity to wake up and blaze new ground in the bedroom by discovering the freedom and courage you hold deep within.

Learn to evolve by exposing the hidden and open up to your spouse to help cure all sexual dysfunction in your marriage.

Sharing sexual pleasure is the most potent glue of human relationships.

Not all personal lubricants are created equal. In fact, many of the top brands may be harmful. Educate yourself about the dangers of applying certain chemicals to your body.

The power to love lives within us all. However, itís sustaining the love coming at you that can be lost.

Beginning the harvest of sexual love starts with the fingertips. Learn why touch is so important in creating sensuality.

In order to feel better about yourself, itís time you felt whatís inside and express it. Hereís how!

Growing older can often times spell harsher criticisms of yourself. Itís time to rewind to a simpler time and come back to who you once were.

Creating a life worthy of love isnít as hard as you may think. Ask yourself these three simple questions to help grow and make your relationships stronger by the day.

Emotions can often turn into a whirlwind of the unknown and the fallout will affect you and those around immensely.

Understanding the struggle to master the energy of a fantasy or crush and apply it to your marriage.

Donít let the doldrums of married sex get you down. Use these five tips to reignite the passion.

Your body is a living record of your pastóboth good and badóand in order to move forward you must transform to sustain and build your relationships.

It time you and your spouse pull some weeds to have the lasting relationship you want.

Itís time for you and your spouse to let go and give the erotic side of sexuality a voice. Hereís how!

With spring in full swing, itís time you and your spouse get back in the grooveóand these simple-to-apply tips can help.

Why practicing positivity will allow you to find peace and refuge with yourself and those closest to you.

How approaching your arguments from a neutral perspective will help maintain the health and stability of your marriage for years to come.

Recognizing love within yourself, your marriage and those around you is easier said than done. Learn why existing as a whole is better than a half.

Holding things inside and a lack of communication can lead your marriage down a very dark path. Stop demonizing your fear and pain and recognize what matters most.

A look at the sexual environment in American culture and what it means to you and your marriage.

Love works both ways. Learn how you have to feel love before you can truly receive love in your marriage.

Learn how you can let go of the superficial and discover what truly matters in the bedroom.

Having the shared ability to bounce back takes practice, but will ultimately help you and your spouse build trust and overcome adversity.

Pleasure comes in many forms, but are you really allowing yourselves to experience it fully. Read on to find out.

Donít abandon yourself in a moment of need. Why itís more important than ever to heal yourself in order to heal your marriage.

Many coupleís have a one foot in, one foot out approach to their marriage. Sound familiar? Read how to change the dynamic.

By recognizing your marriage as a "conscious partnership," you will begin to see your partnership as a whole.

Learning to let go and feel pleasure will put you and your spouse on a whole new playing field.

How looking closely at your sexual self can lead to a deeper healing.

Use these tips to make this year, and future years, one of love and healing.

How practicing gratitude can lead to positive recognition and appreciation in your marriage.

How the past can transform your views and set you up for a loving future.

In week 4, our expert explains the importance of being open about your sexual self and how it will grow your relationship.

In week three, our expert expresses the need for both partners to step back, listen to one another and communicate.

In part 2, our expert explains why itís important to see both sides and work together for a better marriage.

In part 1, our expert will look into what makes couples fall out of love and what they can do to regain the passion they once shared.

Desire comes in many forms, but in order to truly want something in your marriage you must first choose to have it. Hereís how.

The reality of divorce is much darker and something that not only effects you and your kids, but friendships and much more.

Why itís more important than ever to slow down, relax and enjoy more momentsÖ together.

Learning to actively listen to your spouse will open up an entirely new window to love and living in the present.

The art of kissing can communicate many different things. Our sex expert explains the three important elements to a great kiss: the breath, the lips and the tongue.

Why sharing the housework can lead to better sex.

By embracing one anotherís flaws, you can have a better marriage.

Before your love can become sustainable you must first establish a solid foundation.

Why sticking to the issue and not hitting below the belt in disputes can actually help fuel passion for one another.

Focusing on what your marriage needs rather than its shortcomings can make all the difference.

Marriage can be a delicate eco system and, like a garden, it must be paid attention to in order to flourish.

If you're looking to get something for the guy who has everything, these products can add a little stimulation of eroticism into your marriage.

Verbal and non-verbal communication is essential in establishing a marriage based on understanding.

How couples can come to terms on what's ok in the bedroom.

Science has shown that positive thinking is required to be successful. Is your marriage set up for success?

Part 2: Take a step back, look at your relationship and put forgiveness first.

Part 1: Learning to forgive the past is the first step to a new you.

Treat yourself to an organic orgasm this Valentine's Day and see why organic is the way to go.

Take back the pleasure and reduce sex-related stressors with some unique furniture.

Spice up your holiday season with these pleasure-pleasing products.

Finding closure in oneís sexuality.

Experiencing orgasms regularly with one another is one way that can keep a marriage healthy, happy and strong.

In part 3, Wendy explores the different experiences one can use to achieve the big "O".

In part 2, Wendy uncovers the little things that can push you to your limits.

Finding the sweet spot begins with conversation.

When you're in a rut, good sex is just a few steps away.

Take a big deep breath and learn to express the inner you with your spouse.

Get in the mood this summer with a few great books.

In the launch of our new column, our products expert reveals some of her favorite pleasure objects from Lelo.

Green your bedroom and your love and see what youíve been missing.

Put down the gadget and make the human connection with your spouse.

Taking the time to make love a habit with your spouse may just be what the doctor ordered.

Achieve the plateau of sexual satisfaction you and your spouse have been searching for with Tantric sex practices.

Take a risk. Be confident and courageous and make this Valentineís Day something you will both remember.

Instead of having 5 degrees of separation, use the 5 percent rule to bring the ones you love closer.

This holiday season, make time for the one you love by giving yourself.

Here's what you need to know about sex books to help you build a library of intimacy together.

A couple's pleasure toys can mean the world, but do you and your spouse have the right kind?

Our regular product expert gives you some quick knowledge on lubrication.

Why itís essential that you and your spouse have the proper love products in the bedroom.

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