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Study: Dearth of Doctors with Well-Educated Spouses in Rural Areas
A new study shows doctors more likely to marry other highly-educated people and are less likely to work in rural America.
3 Classic Indian Dishes Anyone Can Cook
Open your palate to a vibrant world of spices and flavors with these simple Indian dishes.
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Research is piling up on the benefits of good sleep. These seven simple tips explain how and why good sleep is advantageous.
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These simple and effective tips will get you feeling sexy again!
FDA-Approved 'Female Viagra' Arousing More Concern Than Women
New research is showing more women experience side-effects than major benefits when taking flibanserin.
Unplug: Simple Tips to Tune In to Your Marriage
Tune in to one another and tune out from the tech with these easy-to-follow tips.
7 Ways to Get Out of A SlumpóAnd One Reason Why Not To
Why itís time to call the slumps you experience in life your own.
How to Talk About Problems In Your Relationship
Real-world solutions for approaching, discussing and working through the little and big problems couples face.
The Argument for the Stay-At-Home Dad
Are dads capable while moms are away? Of course, here are six benefits of dads tackling the majority of domestic duties.
4 Big Purchases: Considerations for Newlyweds
From the big purchases to the small ones, use these tips to make better buying decisions.
Are You Setting Realistic Retirement Plans?
Are your financial goals for retirement set? According to a new study, you might think you are but the data suggest something else.
3 Reasons Bad Credit Can Bungle Even the Best Relationships
Donít let bad credit affect your marriage. Use these tips to find the root of your credit problems.
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