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Study: Parents Catch a Lot of Errors in Hospitals


One Manís Quest To Walk Again: Confronting the Accident
A firsthand account of an elite wheelchair athlete after suffering a catastrophic spinal injury and who finally walked again 25 years after his accident.
2-Day Tour: An Amador County Itinerary
Check out the jam-packed two-day itinerary of Amador County, a place rich in history and taste, from the editor-in-chief of Touring & Tasting magazine.
Can Caffeinated Drinks for Men Increase Miscarriage?
Caffeine consumption has been on the radar for mothers-to-be, but a new study looked at the effects of male consumption.
Unplug: Simple Tips to Tune In to Your Marriage
Tune in to one another and tune out from the tech with these easy-to-follow tips.
The Sexless Marriage: Why Sexual Intimacy Fades
In the second installment of her series on sexless marriages, Dr. Carla Manly explains the importance of reconnecting by understanding the root causes of detachment.
10 Tips for Better Sex
Reenergize your sex life with these 10 basic tips.
How to Talk About Problems In Your Relationship
Real-world solutions for approaching, discussing and working through the little and big problems couples face.
The Argument for the Stay-At-Home Dad
Are dads capable while moms are away? Of course, here are six benefits of dads tackling the majority of domestic duties.
How to Recall the Kindness Around You
4 super-simple steps to make life and your relationships kind.
3 Reasons Bad Credit Can Bungle Even the Best Relationships
Donít let bad credit affect your marriage. Use these tips to find the root of your credit problems.
Last Chance Tax Deductions for 2015
These simple tips can help keep more money in your pocket rather than giving it to Uncle Sam.
8 Must-Have Gifts for Your Teen
From beauty queen to skater girl, here are eight unique gifts for your teenage daughter.
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