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Considerations for Picking a Health Plan for the Kids
New laws and benefits offered by businesses continue to make health insurance a tough game to understand.
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Easy upfront investments in your family's health can pay huge dividends in the immediate and future. Here's how.
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Belonging to Your Erotic Self
Sometimes spontaneity requires planning, like the effort needed to dig up and reclaim a favorite song buried in your soul.
5 Tips to Bring Fun Back to the Bedroom
Sex should be fun! Try these simple tips to make sex a smiling activity.
Sex Q&A: Husband's Sex Drive Took a Dive, Why?
Dr. Read answers questions on male sex drive; talking dirty; men that refuse to give oral, and cheating dreams.
6 Things Sports Can Teach You (from a Teen Perspective)
Sports provide an amazing experience for personal growth. Here's what teens say they have gotten out of sport.
How to Get Your Wife to Watch Sports
If you’ve ever wondered how to get your spouse involved in the sports you watch, huddle-up around these tips.
How Choice Can Change Your Future
How to connect the pieces in your life to give it optimal freedom.
Unwrap the Love: 5 Gifts She'll Adore
5 unique gifts that are sure to put a smile on her face.
The First Jobs of 3 Famous Couples
From a soda jerk and circus roadie to an ice cream scooper and secretary; three celebrity couples share their memorable first-job stories.
What Is Wrong With Millennial Credit Scores?
New study shows that Millennials are ditching credit cards, but face uphill battle when seeking credit scores.
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