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Intuition and Infidelity
7 ways to tell if your intuition is telling you the truth.

Gabriel Lefrancois
Your instincts and intuition are very powerful, don't ignore them.

You wake up in a cold sweat from a dream that your partner is cheating on you. Or there is an empty anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach when your spouse calls and tells you they will be late again. You fear that your spouse is getting ready to end the relationship, but how do you know for sure? Can you trust your intuition?

We are always receiving intuitive information about the people who we are in relationships with even when we are unaware that we are doing this. These simple steps can help you to better discern if your intuition is accurate.

Handling Intuitive Information
1. Listen to and write down your dreams, gut feelings and other intuitive impressions. Do not discount or ignore them.

2. Do not jump to conclusions. Your intuition may be telling you that your lover is being dishonest or it may be giving you important information about your own insecurities and areas that you may need to heal. It may be you unconsciously fearing that you will be abandoned or that you are worthy enough to have a good relationship.

3. Be honest with yourself. Spend time in quiet reflection and journaling. Be willing to explore your fears. What might your intuitive impressions be trying to tell you about you?

4. Be honest with your spouse. Communicate openly with them about your fear of their infidelity. Listen to their response and check in with your body and gut feelings. Do you feel more relaxed after talking with them or does the pit of your stomach still churn with stress and uneasiness.

5. Pay attention to outer cues that reinforce your intuitive impressions.

6. Is there a change in your partner’s appearance? Have they traded in their faded worn shirts for stylish and trendy clothing? Are they paying more attention to their diet—or have they recently joined a gym to lose weight?

7. Pay attention to other telling potential signals of infidelity. Are there unexplained phone or text messages and does your partner hide the phone bill or close the computer screen when you enter the room? Is your partner absent for long periods of time with no explanation? Does he or she run to the store for milk and come back a few hours later?

Your intuition can help you to more effectively deal with either your fears or your partner’s actual infidelity. Our intuition can provide us with guidance as to how to better take care of ourselves, as well as how to negotiate the tumultuous ups and downs of relationship issues. It can also help us to become more loving toward ourselves.

Sherrie Dillard is a pastoral counselor, clairvoyant-medium, author and teacher. She has been featured on television and radio for her work as a psychic detective and medium. Sherrie teaches intuition development at Duke University and is the author of "Discover Your Psychic Type" (Lleweyllen Worldwide, 2008), and a soon to be published book on intuition and relationships. She has produced several healing and visualization CD’s. She has a M.Div degree in spiritual psychology. For more information visit www.sherriedillard.com.

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Over 1 million couples turn to Hitched for expert marital advice every year. Sign up now for our newsletter & get exclusive weekly content that will entertain, educate and inspire your marriage.

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