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Lingerie vs. Candy on Valentine's Day
The safe play is candy, while lingerie takes serious thought and consideration.

Their are a few rules to follow when picking the right lingerie for your wife.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, most husbands go into a tailspin trying to decide on the best choice of gifts for their wives. Candy, cards and flowers are some of the most common items purchased by men. Certainly it is easy for guys to walk into a store and purchase a box of chocolates or a card. The lazy guy can call a florist and have it delivered. Most men enjoy sexy lingerie, but few dare enter a store to purchase these lustful stimulating under things. Men know that purchasing lingerie can be risky. Here are some things to consider when deciding between lingerie, candy or even both.

Choosing Candy
Candy is a personal preference. First remember that you're purchasing this candy for your wife. If she doesn't like nuts, don't buy a box of chocolates where half the container is filled with them. Candy is certainly a gift that you can both share, but the thought during the time of purchase should always be for your spouse first.

Valentine's Day is also when you should consider shopping for candy outside of the local grocery or convenience store. Find a local specialty candy shop or chocolatier near you. There, you can find many unique and specialized goodies, such as Champagne chocolate truffles. Don't be discouraged by the price of some of these either. Two or three high quality, personally selected pieces of candy or chocolate says much more than a box of pre-packaged no-thought chocolate. Having just a few items will also force you to savor and enjoy each bite and the moment.

Lastly, don't forget that presentation matters. Most specialty shops will be able to place your candy in an esthetically pleasing container, if not, go out and find one. To earn bonus points, you can create your own special box—perhaps wrapped with pictures of you can your wife—and place the candy inside. Many husbands might choose candy because of the convenience of grabbing a box and checking out. You can be exceptional this year by hand selecting a few special pieces of sugary goodness and adding a bottle a bottle of Champagne or wine to wash things down.

Choosing Lingerie
Choosing the right lingerie can make quite a difference in your loved one's perception of them self. This is why you need to know what styles of lingerie are preferred. The last thing you want is a disappointed recipient; it certainly changes the mood of the gift-giving moment. For example, someone may prefer thong underwear as opposed to a fully covered bottom. Thus, a little research is required as to the style of lingerie your wife prefers.

The color theme of Valentine’s Day is usually red; red signifies love, passion and emotion. With this in mind, the color choice becomes easy—choose red! If you intend to give a collection of undergarments then consider other color options. When considering colors it is best to buy undergarments in pastels rather than bright bold colors. Bright bold colors such as dark red and black will call attention to flaws including cellulite, scars, blemishes, dimples and uneven skin tone, but the upside to dark colors is that it will give a slim appearance. On the other hand, lingerie in pastel colors will actually diminish the appearances of these blemishes.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the elastic, which traverses across the buttock to keep the bottoms in place. Elastic is cosmetically unappealing and produces the dreaded panty lines. Not only are panty lines appalling, but the elastic will contribute to the production of dimples in the buttocks. You certainly do not want to contribute to this condition. For someone who likes the traditional bikini-style underwear, consider a garment that has lace across the buttock and groin instead of elastic.

There are certain other rules to consider with lingerie:
1. NO elastic across the groin as it will cause boggy, flabby inner thighs
2. Elastic is ok at the waist
3. Best to wear G-Strings and thongs
4. Stocking/pantyhose is beneficial as they provide uniform and gradient leg compression.
5. Don’t wear underwear and pantyhose at the same time.

While looking for a great lingerie gift for Valentine’s Day consider the aforementioned guidelines and give a gift that is fun and shows how much thought went into making your selection. Your loved one will be pleased with the thoughtfulness and consideration that went into your gift selection, not to mention what its going to do for your love life!

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Over 1 million couples turn to Hitched for expert marital advice every year. Sign up now for our newsletter & get exclusive weekly content that will entertain, educate and inspire your marriage.

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