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How to Make Your Bedroom a Romantic Hideaway
Ready for a romantic interlude? Your bedroom can be your sacred place to rendezvous.

Courtesty of Creations of Love www.creationsofloveinc.com
Some candles, some flower petals and a bottle of bubbly can be a quick start to a romantic weekend in bed.

The bedroom is the one space that’s uniquely yours as a couple. It should be a safe place to unwind; a relaxing retreat and quiet hideaway for married couples to lie down and feel at home with one another. Yet, for many married couples, this isn’t the case.

"Many couples are going, going, going everyday," says Mary Chatman, romantic decorating specialist and founder of Creations of Love, a decorating service for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. "They’re not taking the time to spend alone, and that can start to affect the marriage."

Creations of Love helps recreate that peace and intimacy you once felt in the bedroom together. Couples that use its services rekindle their love and reconnect through a sensuous atmosphere. But bringing sexy back into your bedroom doesn’t take a lot of money. The key to achieving intimacy is indulging the five senses: think soft shades, satin sheets and scented candles. These simple elements not only create the mood for a special occasion, but also remind you of the love you share, night after night.

To start, choose a mood-enhancing color for your bedroom walls. If you want a relaxing room, Chatman recommends painting the walls with earth tones—eggshell white, honeysuckle and shades of green. A more exciting and playful atmosphere could mean passion-filled red or a softer pomegranate. For the erotically charged, black and white balanced with racy pops of color follows the Feng Shui philosophy, maximizing the flow of positive chi and balancing the masculine and feminine elements of the room.

Once the walls are painted, remove all your bedroom clutter. Nothing kills romance faster than dirty piles of laundry or unfinished business. Take out all the distractions. Cover the TV or put it in another room. Unplug the phone and stow it in a drawer. Eliminate the office desk, and fill the room with reminders of your relationship. Chatman recommends hanging black and white photography, collages or even a quote you both like that’s blown up and framed. Romantic paintings and sexy boudoir photos summon an intimate space with personality and tasteful eroticism.

Next, hang up heavy curtains both for privacy and to mask the sound of traffic outside. By cutting the external noise, you have space to listen to and focus on each another. You can, however, keep a stereo around to play some soft, relaxing music in the background.

The bed, of course, is the focal point of the room. Build an airy canopy or use luxurious bedding to draw attention to the bed. Thrill the senses with satin or silk sheets, and use lots of cushy pillows. Most importantly, use a soft mattress—one in which you and your spouse can sink into. On the special night, Chatman always sprinkles a trail of rose petals leading up to the bed, as well as some in the bathtub.

For the finishing touches, dim the lights and light candles around the room. Sex and aromas go hand in hand, so fire up your desires with libido-boosting scents. Chatman recommends using lavender and jasmine to keep the room relaxed and comfortable. If you want more seductive smells, try well-known aphrodisiacs like vanilla, pumpkin pie, rose or geranium. Alternatively, pheromone candles, which release mood-enhancing hormones, (www.simply4lovers.com) come in categories like Foreplay and Burning Desire.

Scented oils and creams on the nightstand can come in handy for a late-night sensual massage. For a final round of self-indulgence, keep a tray of dark chocolate truffles or a bowl of strawberries with chocolate dip and cream on a nearby dresser. Other romantic recipes include vanilla ice cream crepes with strawberry sauce (www.theromantic.com/recipes/crepes.htm) or pecan love tarts (www.theromantic.com/recipes/crepes.htm). Don’t forget to pair the romantic treats with wine or champagne.

They key is to make the bedroom about relaxing with your spouse and reverencing each other. "If you improve the environment around you," Chatsman says, "you’ll feel less stressed. And if you’re less stressed, you’re going to be in a better mood, feel more safe and more romantic."

A Romantic Bedroom Makeover

For less than $700, you can transform your room into a romantic hideaway for your loved one.

$400 Wall paint and primer
$40 Bedroom drapes
$80 Queen-size satin sheets
$40 Satin pillows
$70 Black-and-white photos, blown up and framed
$30 Scented candles
$20 Strawberries and champagne
$4 Fresh rose petals

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Over 1 million couples turn to Hitched for expert marital advice every year. Sign up now for our newsletter & get exclusive weekly content that will entertain, educate and inspire your marriage.

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