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  6 Romantic 4th of July Date Ideas
Discover a new way to celebrate Independence Day with these six romantic—and fun—ideas.

With all the parades and whatnot, don't forget to celebrate America's independence.

Find a rooftop or a mountaintop view overlooking the city and snuggle under the stars as you wait for the big show.”
Skip the same old routine this year by discovering a new way—or rediscovering an old way—to celebrate the Fourth of July. From pancake breakfasts to town water fights, here are six ways to make this holiday a memorable one for you and your spouse.

Enjoy the Free Festivities
From a pancake breakfast in Huntington Beach, California, to a soapbox derby in Sunnyside, Washington, every town has something different—and fun—for you to enjoy. Check out Festivals.com to find out what sort of local festivals and activities your town has planned for the Fourth of July.

Fun on Parade
Be a kid again as you take in the sights of your local parade. Most towns set up activities near the parade route, such as street fairs, live music, BBQs, and even decorating contests. Grab an ice cream or snow cone and walk hand-in-hand through the crowd, exploring the festivities.

Water Balloon Fights
From Nantucket, Massachusettes to Breckenridge, Colorado, lots of towns hold an annual water fight that’s often more fun for the adults than it is for the kids. Get wet and cool off together as you team up and fire water balloons into the crowd.

Outdoor Concerts
Take advantage of the free music offered on the Fourth. Grab a spot in the grass or at a nearby café table and enjoy a band you’ve never heard before together. There’s more than just music too. Many cities throughout the country also have comedy concerts.

Late-Night Picnic
Grab a blanket, some sandwiches and a dessert of your choice and have an early-evening picnic at the spot you’ve chosen to watch the fireworks. As the sun starts to go down, open a bottle of wine or champagne and settle in for the best part of the night.

The Big Finale
No Fourth of July celebration would be complete without watching the fireworks. This year, though, try something different. Find out where your town’s show is being held, and scout out a spot away from the crowds. Find a rooftop or a mountaintop view overlooking the city and snuggle under the stars as you wait for the big show. If the fireworks are over or near a lake, rent a paddleboat and float underneath the falling sparks. Near the beach? Lots of beach towns have firework displays near the pier. Stake out a spot on the beach with a fire pit and enjoy the festivities fireside.

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