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A Vibrators Guide for Couples: How to Pick the Perfect Toy
A complete guide for understanding the variety of vibrators on the market and what's right for you and your spouse.

Couples can crank up the fun in the bedroom by bring a few toys to play with.

Protecting and pleasuring your bodies is important and worth the money.”
Whether you are new to the world of sex toys or just looking for more information on buying a sex toy that is right for you, it can be hard to find truthful and reliable sources that help you find the best vibrators for couples.

Sex shops or online stores can make every toy seem like the best toy you will ever own, or coax you into buying the most expensive and elaborate toy even when you just want something simple.

We want you to make an informed decision that feels right for your needs, your budget, and your taste, so that you can buy the perfect sex toy for you and your spouse.

The Best Vibrators For Couples

One of the first decisions you need to make when picking a sex toy is if you would like a vibrator or not. Vibrators are often one of the first toys people invest in. Whether you tried it out solo or bought it as a couple, vibrators can be very versatile.

Vibrating toys come in all shapes and sizes. They can also come in a variety of materials. Specifically, you'll want to be aware of products made with Pthalates. Read this article to understand what you should know about them. Check out this other article, "Vibrator 101" for more buying tips.

Bullets and Eggs

Bullets and eggs are small, usually smooth, and mainly used for external clitoral, scrotal, or penile stimulation. They are shaped, as you would guess, like bullets and eggs.

They can also be used internally for g-spot or anal stimulation, but if this is your plan be sure to buy one with a tail for easy and safe removal.

They come in a variety of materials but for optimal vibration, hard plastic and aluminum are best. They are surprisingly strong for their size so donít think small means weak. They are easy to conceal, fun to travel with, and can be great for a little fun with your partner in the great outdoors.

They are usually very simple to use with one button for either a single speed or multiple speeds. Some even come with remotes or are equipped with bluetooth so that your partner can control them from a distance.

Bullets and eggs range greatly in price depending on brand, material, vibration strength, durability, and battery type, with bullets usually the cheaper option.

Pocket Rockets/ Clitoral Vibrators

These vibrators are definitely less talked about, but can be a great option if youíre looking for something specific. Still on the small side, they are easy to travel with but bigger than bullets or eggs, which can make them easier to handle and manipulate.

Often times these vibrators are made specifically for clitoral stimulation so their shapes arenít great for internal use. They can still be pretty good for external stimulation for men though.

Being slightly bigger than bullets also means they have bigger motors, and larger batteries, making them more powerful.

Clitoral vibrators come in every shape and size so it might be hard knowing what will work for you until you try it. Luckily, they arenít overly expensive and may be a good option before investing in a full sized vibrator.

They also come in a variety of materials so remember, the softer the material the gentler the vibration. Take into consideration that soft materials donít last as long, but if you are looking at this toy as a starter a short life span might not be an issue.

The Classic Vibrator

The classic vibrator is what many of us, including myself, started withósimply because it seemed like the least scary option. These vibrators†are often shaped like a penis to varying degrees in length and width. The wonderful thing about the classic vibrator is that there are a million to choose from, but that can also be overwhelming for someone new to the sex toy game.

First, they come in every material imaginable. We have switched from jelly, to hard plastic, to aluminum, throughout the years to match our budget, our needs, and our growing knowledge.

Vibration power, speeds, and modes can all be different selling points for you. You can keep it simple with a single speed or pick a vibrator that has a million fun little settings to try out on your spouse.

Some vibrators are smooth while others have bumps, ridges, swirls and any other texture imaginable to increase sensation. If you want to turn the vibrator off sometimes and use it more like a dildo, getting one with texture can feel more pleasing. It can also be nice to run across your partnerís skin or use while giving a massage.

Classic vibrators are great for external and internal use both vaginally and rectally. Depending on the material it is important to use condoms over the vibrator and to clean well between uses.

While they can be very inexpensive, they can also costs hundreds of dollars. If you want to invest in a skin safe material that is easy to sterilize, waterproof, and will last for years to come, then donít be afraid to spend the money.

Protecting and pleasuring your bodies is important and worth the money. On the other hand, if you are just looking to try something new and donít know what you like yet, donít go overboard and waste your money on something you may not enjoy.

Wand/Massage Vibrators

If you are looking for a powerful multi purpose vibrator, these are for you. Originally marketed for actual body massages, it wasnít long before everyone started using them for a very specific reason.

Wand and massage vibrators are very powerful and quite large. You can now find wireless rechargeable or battery operated ones making them a little bit less clunky.

These are great for couples looking to start their night off with an nice massage before getting a little kinkier.

They are usually quite durable and since they are not usually for internal use, can last for a long time if well cared for.

Massage vibrator prices are on the more expensive side, but you are getting a powerful, durable, multi-purpose tool that you and your partner can both enjoy.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators arenít always a first time buyers choice, but they can be a great addition to your toy box once you start knowing what you like. Rabbits have the added bonus of a clitoral stimulator along with the classic dildo vibrator for simultaneous internal and external pleasure.

For some people internal stimulation feels nice but doesnít quite do the trick so the added clitoral stimulation really gets the job done. For others, too much clitoral stimulation can be uncomfortable and overwhelming.

Take your body into consideration when buying a rabbit. We are not all created equal so sometimes rabbit vibrators will not be shaped for your body.

These vibrators do come in all shapes and sizes though, so donít be discouraged if it takes a few purchases to find the perfect fit. They also sell rabbits that have different vibrations, rotations, and movements to ensure they will hit the spot. The rabbit vibrator is generally used as a masturbation tool since it really does remove the need for a partner. If you are looking for something you can use on each other, this may not be the toy for you. On the other hand, having one partner watch can be a great way to start the evening or keep a long distance relationship steamy over webcam.

Ergonomic Vibrators

The name isnít the most exciting, but the feeling might be. The vibrator industry is trying to make the best fitting, most comfortable, super pleasurable sex toy, and this may be it.

Made with a womanís body in mind, ergonomic vibrators are meant to hit all the right places. They are often beautifully shaped, made of high quality materials, and can be quite expensive. Many of them are rechargeable, though, so you will save money on batteries.

They are made for clitoral and g-spot stimulation and can often be worn during intercourse to increase pleasure for both partners. If they do fit well, they stay in place by themselves, freeing up your hands for other fun activities.

Once again you have to keep in mind that all bodies are shaped differently, so even if you do shell out the money it may not fit the way you want it to.

Because of the higher price, ergonomic vibrators may not be a great option for first time buyers. However, if you are looking to upgrade these vibrators may be exactly what you and your partner are looking for.

Keep your Vibrator Clean, Safe & Fun

Sex toys are meant to be a fun way to add spice to your sex lives. They let you get creative, enhance your experiences, and are just down right hilarious sometimes. Unfortunately, sex toy maintenance†is often overlooked. Check out our post on sex toy storage to keep your vibrator safe and long lasting.

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Over 1 million couples turn to Hitched for expert marital advice every year. Sign up now for our newsletter & get exclusive weekly content that will entertain, educate and inspire your marriage.

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